Signs of otitis media of the middle ear and treatment with folk medicine

1 Why does the disease occur

Otolaryngologists use the expression "swimmer's ear" for patients with otitis in the bathing season. The fact is that many water bodies are polluted, and when diving into the sensitive part of the ear can get harmful microorganisms. The external form of the disease is accompanied by visible changes, the ear turns red, an abscess or furuncle occurs. If you do not promptly take measures to eliminate the symptoms, the inflammation will move to the middle part of the auditory organ. In addition to direct entry into the ear, the infection spreads from the inside, from the throat. With angina, tonsillitis, rhinitis, cold, the probability of developing an infectious environment is high.

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The hearing loss in an adult can be caused by a variety of reasons. A certain anatomical feature of the structure is a provocative factor for frequent otitis. With weak immunity or long-term malnutrition, deprived of vitamins, the infection can cause inflammation in the ear. Complex forms of infectious diseases often cause problems with the ears in adults and children. Stresses have a negative effect on the entire body, including they can activate the chronic form of otitis media.

To understand how to cure otitis, you should determine its variety. To do this, you need to understand the structure of the hearing organs: they consist of the outer, middle and inner parts. The outer part is what we see from the outside, the auricle with the ear canal. The middle ear begins where the eardrum is located, it includes the tympanum, the Eustachian tube, and the mastoid process. The inner part of the ear includes a cochlea, semicircular canals and nerve cells. It is important to be able to distinguish the localization of the inflammatory process in order to understand how to cure otitis media.

The first signs of the beginning ear disease in an adult include shooting pain, accompanied by discomfort and stuffiness. Middle otitis with deformity of the tympanic membrane gives a flow from the ear of the fluid with particles of pus, elevated temperature, a violation of the auditory function. Isolation of pus can not always be noticed, since it occurs without pain, and only in the presence of other symptoms, such as a strong stuffy ear, the person understands that in this area, not everything is in order. Otitis of the inner ear is the most dangerous form of the disease, since in time a non-cured infection can spread to the brain, cause an abscess, meningitis, partial or complete hearing loss. For internal otitis characterized by dizziness, vomiting, unpleasant noise.

2 Where to start therapeutic activities of

If you experience at least one of the above symptoms, you need to visit a doctor-otolaryngologist. Self-treatment of otitis in adults at home is fraught with consequences. For the choice of medications it is important to know if there is pus behind the septum of the ear. The otolaryngologist uses special equipment to study the patient's condition, sometimes performs an X-ray study, takes the ear and blood for analysis. After clarifying the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a set of drugs and gives general advice on recovery.

First of all, otitis should be carried at home during bed rest. In most cases, treatment occurs with the participation of antibiotics, for example, Cefixime, Erythromycin, Amoxicillin, etc. Their main task is to destroy the causative agent of an infectious disease. Amoxicillin has the widest spectrum of action, since it destroys virtually all types of otitis pathogens and has fewer side effects. A good competitive price and low probability of an allergic reaction make this drug popular with the population. Antibiotics must be treated with a course, which is from 7 to 10 days, depending on the degree and stage of the disease. Even if after several applications the symptoms are gone, antibiotics must be taken to the end, this is the main rule of successful therapy.


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Along with antibiotics, the treatment package includes allergy medications and sulfonamides. As an external treatment for some types of otitis, warmers and warm compresses are allowed. The choice of drops from otitis depends on the presence or absence of purulent discharge. The fact is that it can not always be determined visually, since pus can accumulate behind the septum and be directed not outward, but inside, which is certainly worse. According to the doctor's test, the patients are treated with myringotomy, pierced by the ear cavity, so that excess fluid is released.

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Since all diseases of the nasopharyngeal region are interconnected, otitis media is prescribed drops with a vasoconstrictive effect for the nose. To treat otitis need complex, so that the infection does not remain in the area of ​​the head.

3 Recipes from the people of

For those patients who prefer folk remedies, it is possible to treat them with otitis in adults at home. But one should be extremely cautious and consult with a doctor, so as not to damage the sensitive organ of hearing.

In some situations, it is permitted to remove the symptoms of acute otitis with dry heat. To do this, take a large sea salt, burn it in a frying pan and wrap it in cotton cloth. Apply to the damaged ear for a few minutes. Watch the temperature of the compress, it should not burn the skin.

A popular folk remedy is onion juice. With his help, our grandmothers could cure any otitis. To prepare a famous medicine, take 2 small onions, peel them, chop in a blender. From the resulting gruel through the cheesecloth, wring out the juice and use it as ear drops in its pure form. Dosage - 2-3 drops in the affected ear at night. Thanks to the content of sulfur in onions and other useful elements, the juice of this vegetable is able to fight infection.

Well relieves inflammation and painful sensations of medicine on birch buds. To make a medicine, take 1 tbsp.l.fresh birch buds and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. The medicine should be infused for 2 weeks, stirring occasionally. Because of the long preparation process, it is better to make such a medicine in advance in the spring, store it in a dark dry place and use it if necessary. Use the tincture in this way: dipping a cotton swab or tightly rolled cotton wool in a liquid, place in the injured ear and leave for 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment is at least 14 days. The method is suitable for otitis with purulent discharge.

Treatment at home is common with tincture of marigold or mint. To make home-made medical drops from otitis take 2 tablespoons of dry grass, pour a glass of vodka and leave to infuse for 1 week in a dark dry place. The filtered solution drips into the ears 3 times a day for several drops.

With an inflammatory process helps to cope with lemon juice. By analogy with onion juice, lemon is buried in its pure form into the otitis-affected ear 3 times a day. Being a natural antiseptic, lemon eliminates inflammation, helps to get rid of pain and stuffiness. This method of treatment is suitable for prevention.

4 Antibiotics are needed

The cause of infectious otitis media of the middle ear can be incorrect treatment of acute rhinitis, especially if the patient regularly and wrongly blows his nose. In this case, the infection easily enters the middle part of the ear and develops there, provoking shooting pain, swelling, stuffiness and suppuration. With average otitis appoint Romazulan for rinsing. The extract of chamomile in the composition gently disinfects and removes inflammation.

Often, doctors oppose the use of antibiotics in otitis media, as bacteria eventually adapt to aggressive medication.

However, the side effects of strong antibiotics - not always justified risk, especially when treating children. Pediatricians try to limit themselves to anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, immunostimulants and topical sprays to relieve pain. If the prescription of an antibiotic is inevitable, try to choose a new generation of drugs, Augmentin or Cefazolin. To relieve pain Otypaks is well suited, in the absence of an allergic reaction to lidocaine, he will save from sleepless nights spent in agony from ear discomfort.

In the case of otitis media of the inner ear, one should not experiment with self-medication, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, since this is the most dangerous form of the disease. It can be recognized by the onset of dizziness accompanied by acute pain inside the ear.

Pregnant women with otitis treatment should follow special recommendations. Use antibiotics only if agreed with the doctor and if absolutely necessary, only if the likelihood of harm to the fetus from the development of the infection exceeds the harm of side effects of the drug. But this happens very rarely. Pregnant women do not recommend the use of vasoconstrictive drugs for the nasopharynx, as well as potent drugs. It is advisable to limit oneself to natural remedies, folk medicine or preparations, mainly with plant components. For washing, chamomile water is suitable, for the removal of inflammation - onion juice or Otypax.

5 How to treat an ailment in children

Otitis media of the middle ear in children does not differ from the disease in adults, the symptoms and treatment at home are similar. Because of the sensitivity of the child's organism to infections, it is necessary to contact the pediatrician to prescribe the right medicines. Many drops and sprays for adults are not suitable for children. To apply antibiotics or not, it is up to the parents and the doctor to decide together. Sometimes the use of such drugs is not justified, but experts write it out just in case.

In this situation, try to ask the doctor what he is guided by when issuing such a recipe. Otitis in children - a common phenomenon, if every time the symptoms are treated with aggressive means, it is simply dangerous for health. Sometimes you can do with anti-inflammatory drugs, natural treatment and compliance with home bed rest. After the disease is cured, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis.

Before starting treatment for otitis, you should always consult an otolaryngologist. This is due to the variety of forms and causes of the disease. In some cases, you can not heat your ear, in other situations, the infusion of chamomile will not help, but will only trigger the growth of the pathogenic environment. What helped one day your girlfriend or relatives, does not necessarily help in your case. Ear infections are extremely dangerous, you should not risk your health by trying various medicines yourself.

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