Causes and symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis

1 How does the disease manifest itself?

Under cerebral atherosclerosis, there is an ailment that can most often provoke a stroke. For a long time, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels can not make itself felt. Because of this, his diagnosis is carried out at later stages of development, when the disease is already started. Therefore, the elimination of the disease will be associated with difficulties.

The disease can provoke cerebral ischemia, disrupt the process of its work. Because of this, the following symptoms are typical:

  • memory impairment;
  • reduction in concentration;
  • probability of occurrence of psychic abnormalities;
  • impairment of mental abilities.

Initially, the onset of the disease may indicate a headache. This symptomatology is associated with the narrowing of atherosclerotic plaques in the lumens of the vessels. As a result of these processes, blood stagnation occurs, the brain is not fully supplied with oxygen.

Headaches with cerebral atherosclerosis are aching, blunt. In most cases, their occurrence is provoked by high mental loads, and after a while the pain sensations become permanent. At the patient the level of working capacity decreases, he quickly tires after mental or physical employment. At the same time, a healthy organism does not feel fatigue in a similar situation. Sleep disorders can occur: insomnia due to anxiety, heightened anxiety. In the daytime, people constantly want to sleep. Failures occur in the psychoemotional state. The mood changes often and without significant reasons.

As the disease develops, new symptoms come to light: the memory worsens, the patient begins to think slower, some have deviations in coordination, the gait becomes unstable. Other manifestations: excessive fussiness, the presence of noise in the ears, malfunctions in memorizing individual events, while individual, older moments in memory persist, there may be difficulties in fine motor skills, dizziness.

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Periodic occurrence of brain crises is not excluded. At them the patient feels a sharp headache, in the upper and lower extremities one of the sides feels weakness, there is a risk of deterioration of eyesight, speech disturbances appear. This symptomatology can last for 24-48 hours. Over time, the symptoms begin to develop again, which indicates a continuing violation of calls in the brain. When these manifestations do not pass after 2 days, the probability of a stroke of the brain is high. In this case, the patient should immediately apply to a medical institution, he will need the help of qualified doctors, hospitalization.

2 Etiology of the disease

Causes of cerebral arteriosclerosis are associated with lesions in the brain of the vascular walls with atherosclerotic plaques. According to recent medical studies, the development of the disease is a deviation in the process of the liver. It is about the ability of the body to carry out the synthesis of high density lipoproteins( good cholesterol).HDL-C has anti-sclerotic properties, due to them the walls of the vessels become more durable and elastic.

During the heat treatment of food, good cholesterol is destroyed, so the liver starts to synthesize HDL intensively. Initially, the body copes with its functions in full, so no deviations in the human body does not occur. When a malfunction occurs in the liver, the body starts building vascular cells from lipoproteins, which have a low density. Since such lipoproteins are relatively large, this negatively affects the condition of the walls of the vessels. They become denser, their elasticity decreases.

Cerebral atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels can be triggered by other factors. This is an improper diet, daily consumption in a large number of foods that contain a lot of animal fat, fried foods. Other reasons:


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  1. Abuse of alcoholic beverages.
  2. Smoking.
  3. Frequent stay of a person in a state of stress, prolonged depression.
  4. If the patient's close relatives suffered from this disease.

Together, the following factors are capable of provoking the appearance of the disease: daily hard work by a person, aging processes, an annual deterioration in the work of all organs and entire systems, and poor ecology.

3 Therapeutic effect on the body

Treatment should be comprehensive, based on the results of the survey. After diagnosing cerebral atherosclerosis, a patient is prescribed conservative therapy. Its goal is to confront the further development of the disease, the normalization of the processes of supplying the brain with blood, preventing the occurrence of negative consequences.

For the treatment to yield positive results, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that provoked the complications. We are talking about hypertension, high cholesterol in the blood, diabetes. The patient should get rid of bad habits, keep body weight under control, sleep enough hours a day, watch your own psycho-emotional state, do not worry. The fight against excess weight is carried out under the supervision of a doctor. In the process it is important not only to eat properly, but also to exercise on exercise machines, do exercises, run, etc.

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The definition of treatment features is associated with the stage of the disease. If it just appeared, drugs that normalize blood pressure and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood are suitable. At the same time, you must have a balanced diet, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and exercise in moderate amounts.

If cerebral atherosclerosis is detected during the stage of negative transformations in the vessels, more effective medications will be needed to relieve a person of the existing symptoms and normalize the general condition. Medicines are needed to improve hemodynamics, accelerate blood flow. Assign medications with antioxidant effect, drugs that make the blood more liquid, tablets containing iodine, lecithin.

Only conservative treatment is not enough, if a blood clot closes the lumen of the vessel more than half, or an initial stage of thrombus destruction is detected. Treatment will not do without surgical intervention. To do this, remove the thrombus and some area of ​​the damaged vessel. Further, its prosthesis is performed.

4 Compliance with the diet

To quickly eliminate atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, you must follow a special diet. Its goal is to strengthen the vascular walls and normalize fat metabolism. The whole complex of useful and irreplaceable microelements that enter the body together with foodstuffs should not allow cholesterol to accumulate on the walls of each vessel.

For a day in the body should not get more than 2500 calories. Therefore, when preparing the menu, you should choose not too high-calorie meals. It is important to give up too salty, fatty and fried foods. It is best not to use salt in the cooking process, you must slightly add the already ready-to-serve dish. Choosing fats for cooking, use herbal options( olive oil, sunflower, cedar, etc.).

In the diet should be present low-fat beef, chicken breast, rabbit, sea fish. Sour-milk products should not have a high percentage of fat. You should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Well, if the menu includes aubergines on the grill, beans. These products have a positive effect on the metabolism, contribute to the reduction of cholesterol.

It is useful to eat nuts, bran, flax seeds, in which there is a lot of lecithin. Within a week should be in any form is sea kale. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in vitamins E, A, and C. It can be citrus fruit, fresh any greens, black currant, dogrose.

It's best to eat steamed or cooked dishes. Every day, the body should receive enough water. The daily rate can vary individually for each person, which depends on the body weight. In general, the rate is approximately 1.5 liters. If you drink a specified amount of fluid, this will interfere with the processes of blood thickening.

5 Additional information

Each vascular disease can provoke serious consequences, after which there are violations of blood supply. Such processes threaten not only health, but also life. Expressed cerebral atherosclerosis is associated with a significant decrease in the lumen of the vessels. With it, there is a lack of oxygen in the tissues of the brain. If oxygen starvation lasts a very long time, a critical condition for the patient occurs when the incoming blood to a specific area of ​​the brain does not satisfy the cellular requirement for the amount of oxygen. If you do not take any action, ischemic stroke develops.

Absence of treatment leads to rupture of vessels that are affected by atherosclerotic plaques or thrombi. In such cases, the patient is diagnosed with hemorrhagic stroke, during which there is a hemorrhage inside the brain.

Chronic deviations in cerebral circulation are dangerous. They threaten the emergence of discirculatory encephalopathy. In this case, the patient's brain tissue changes.

To prevent the development of the disease, prevention is needed. It can be primary and secondary. Primary preventive measures are necessary to eliminate the factors that trigger the development of the disease. Secondary prophylaxis will help to avoid the severance of thrombus. With its help, it will be possible to prevent parietal formation of thrombi, progression of the disease, reduce the risk of serious complications, prevent recurrence of cerebral atherosclerosis.

For this, it is necessary to use effective drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor. In addition, you should walk outdoors daily, get enough sleep, alternate mental and physical work.

If you take care of your own health in a timely manner, you will be able to avoid the development of the ailment and its consequences. If there are negative deviations in the general condition, a person should immediately contact a medical institution for advice and a comprehensive survey. Timely initiation of therapy is the key to success.

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