What is the mixed astigmatism of both eyes and how to cure the disease?

1 The essence of the pathology

If the mixed type of astigmatism is affected by both eyes, then it is not possible for a person to clearly see the image both near and far. Everything looks very blurry and crooked. For ailment, the presence of simultaneous visual disturbance is characteristic. From one eye meridian, one can determine the long-sightedness, and on another - myopia. Such a disease is considered to be the most complex, with it is very noticeable rapid overwork of the eyes, which leads to the appearance of headaches.

Often mixed astigmatism is transmitted at the genetic level, that is, the probability of disease in the one whose parents suffered from this ailment is great. An important point is the early detection of pathology and referral to a specialist. Mixed astigmatism in children is often accompanied by strabismus. Because of fuzzy visual perception, the child can not properly view the objects, which leads to the belated development of this system. Strabism often causes ridicule on the part of peers, this worsens the child's nervous system.

Only the ophthalmologist can be diagnosed correctly. After carrying out some examinations, in particular computer, the patient is prescribed the required therapy. When performing all the medical recommendations, you can avoid the appearance of a large curvature of the lens and eyeball, which will prevent a deterioration in the quality of life.

Patients should be under medical supervision, especially in childhood, until the visual organs are fully developed. As an adjunct to the treatment, it is possible to prescribe physiotherapeutic procedures, conducted 3 times a year. These include exercises for eye training and electrophoresis, which helps in stimulating the areas of the retina that have the least activity.

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2 Treatment of

Disease Astigmatism of a mixed type is not just possible, but it must be acutely treated. Only thanks to timely therapeutic measures it becomes possible to prevent the occurrence of complications, for example strabismus or sharp decrease in visual acuity. The disease of both eyes is perfectly amenable to correction and therapy. Conservative and surgical methods of therapy are distinguished.

Treatment with conservative methods consists in the selection of vision-corrective agents. For this purpose, astigmatic or contact lenses are used. Relief of the pathology of both eyes can be achieved by using a cylindrical glass, which makes it possible to correct the ratio of refraction of the two fundamental meridians of the eyeball. If you select the right optical devices, you can achieve maximum visual acuity. However, lenses and glasses can be attributed only to the first stage of therapeutic measures, which correct the ability to see well for a certain period. To completely get rid of mixed astigmatism, treatment with surgical intervention is required. The operation can be carried out, starting from 20 years.

The procedure will be performed on the lens or cornea, since they are the fundamental components of the optic ocular system. Primarily, surgical intervention of a correlative type is performed. This choice is due to the greater availability of the cornea for exposure. The purpose of the surgery is to change the curvature of the optic ocular system, achieved by reducing the peripheral zone of the cornea or by applying notches on the shell on the eye axis.

Excimer laser exposure is a technique that is quite effective, despite its recent appearance in the treatment of mixed astigmatism. It combines lamellar keratoplasty and photorefractive keratotomy. If this technique is used, the cornea is cut while maintaining the integrity of the upper layer. The laser burns the required layers, which makes it possible to move the lens at a certain depth. Surgical intervention of this kind usually lasts an order of half an hour, and the eyeball undergoes minimal impact.


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