Signs of right-sided stroke and how to treat the disease

1 How to recognize the right brain hemisphere

To distinguish right-sided stroke from another kind of this disease is simple enough, because it has its own specific signs:

  1. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the left part of the body, therefore, with right-sided stroke, the facial muscles work exactly from this side. In this case, there may also be a drop in the left corner of the lips and eyelids. Another sign is paralysis of the left eye.
  2. The work of almost all parts of the body on the left side is broken. At the same time, the work of bodies that are on the same side may be disrupted.
  3. The hearing may be disturbed mainly from the left side.
  4. Right-sided stroke leads to the fact that a person can not determine the size of the left arm or leg and even the distance from the subject to the limbs. In frequent cases, the patient feels discomfort in the left side of the body even after treatment.
  5. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for emotions, creative inclinations and abstract thinking. A person who has suffered this type of disease can be in a depressed state for a long time, absent-mindedness, disorientation, inexplicable aggression towards others are observed. Moreover, a person can commit rash and inadequate actions.
  6. Lack of tactile and sensory perception of the world, a violation of sensations of heat and cold.
  7. A very low pain threshold can be observed.

You also need to know that lefties do not all have the same symptoms, because their brain functions a little differently. A left-handed patient with a right-sided stroke will have a speech disorder.

2 Features of medical events

Patients rarely notice signs of the disease, this is because a person who suffers a right-sided stroke, speaks perfectly and does not see violations at all. Once a person has signs of this disease, it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance, because the consequences can be very difficult.

The doctor usually prescribes a comprehensive treatment - physical and psychological. A complex treatment is prescribed, which includes taking necessary preparations, as well as a number of procedures necessary for the patient to feel limbs again. Such procedures can be gymnastics, massage, physiotherapy procedures. Based on the examination of the patient's body, the doctor can prescribe kinesitherapy or electrical stimulation of the action of neurons.

But this is all possible only in the hospital. What you need to do before an ambulance arrives:

  • when calling a doctor, you need to explain to the dispatcher the whole point of the problem, because the patient needs a neurologist;
  • the head of the injured person should be raised 30 ° above the body level, something must be placed under the head;
  • patient needs air, so you need to unbutton his clothes, which prevents breathing, and open the windows in the room;
  • in case a person started vomiting - turn him on his side, and then clean and rinse his mouth in case he is unable to do it himself;
  • if possible, measure blood pressure and record the results.

A right-sided stroke is a very serious disorder, so at the first manifestations of symptoms, you should immediately seek help. Treatment takes a lot of time, but in most cases, the sensitivity of the left side of the body returns to the person. At the same time, relatives and relatives need to remember that the period of restoration of limb motility is very difficult in the moral sense, so the patient may experience depression and apathy, which only the closest people can help. Support at this time is extremely necessary.

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