Benzyl benzoate: price, analogs, indications for use, contraindications, reviews

Emulsion "Benzyl benzoate" is widely used in the treatment of scabies. Previously, this drug people used to treat pediculosis of various forms( pubic, head).Now experts do not recommend using this medication for this purpose.

Features of the drug

The full name of the drug in question is thus "Benzylii benzoas medicinalis". It is used in the treatment of scabies. The drug has a toxic( toxic) effect on ticks that trigger the development of scabies.

Composition of

In 100 grams of the preparation contains:

  • the main component is benzyl benzoate( 20 g);
  • auxiliary components - purified water, emulsifier №1.

Dosage forms and prices

The antiparasitic emulsion has a white color, has a slight specific odor. The product is produced in the form of an emulsion of 20 percent, which is intended for external use.

Also this medication can be produced in such forms:

  • gel;
  • ointment.

The cost of the drug is quite low. You can buy it for 17 - 27 rubles. The cost in pharmacies differs depending on the form of production, the pharmacy rating.

Pharmacological action

The medicine under consideration is prescribed for treatment of ectoparasitosis, scabies. Acaricidal effect on mites of different species( Acarus scabiei, Demodex) has been established. Also, the drug shows anti-pediculosis activity.


According to the conducted studies, the agent shows toxicity towards any of the species of lice. Parasites die after 2 to 5 hours after treatment, mites are killed much earlier - after only 7 - 32 minutes.


The active substance of the drug penetrates the chitinous cover of the parasite, accumulates in its body in a very large amount, which has a toxic effect. After treatment with the drug, the death of adult parasites, their larvae, is observed, but the eggs remain unscathed.


Use the medication most often against scabies( including nodular, Norwegian, typical, scabies of "cleanliness", pseudoraportosis).Also, a 20 percent emulsion is prescribed by specialists for the treatment of such diseases:

  • oily seborrhea;
  • redheads;
  • pityriasis lichen;
  • demodicosis;
  • localized cutaneous and anal itching;
  • pediculosis.

Instructions for use Benzyl benzoate

Use medication locally. The recommended dose for application at one time is about 10 - 15 grams. It is allowed to process all areas of the dermis, except for the face, the scalp.

If the agent is used in the treatment of scabies, before applying it, the patient should take a hot shower with soap. This will help remove the scales, crusts. After the shower, the soap is thoroughly washed off, the dermis is wiped dry with a towel. Then the cream is applied, carefully rubbed into the dermis.

It is recommended to treat the dermis before going to bed. In areas with a gentle dermis, the drug is applied very carefully, do not rub. Experts recommend that the body be treated in such a sequence:

  • hands;
  • trunk;
  • feet;
  • soles;
  • toes.

In this case:

  • After carrying out body treatment, it is not recommended to wash your hands for three hours. Depending on the form of production of the drug, it is recommended to apply a second layer an hour after the first treatment of the dermis.
  • After applying the medication you need to wear clean underwear. Bed linen needs to be changed before each treatment of the body. To wash off the cream, change the bed should be after 24 - 48 hours after the treatment of the dermis.
  • The course of therapy takes 2 weeks, for which it is necessary to make an interval of 3 to 4 days.
  • If scabies are treated in a child for 5 years, the medication should be diluted with warm boiled water( 1: 1) before application. Warm bath before processing is not necessary. Apply the product at an interval of 12 hours.
  • If you are treating Norwegian scabies, before applying "Benzylbenzoate" you should cleanse the derma from the crusts with keratolytic agents. The duration of the course usually depends on the dynamics of the cleansing of the dermis, the termination of the itching, the removal of the inflammatory process.
  • If the drug is used in therapy for pediculosis, it is treated with the scalp( the cream is rubbed into the skin), the head is put on a headscarf. The head is washed with running water 30 minutes after application. Then the hair is rinsed with a solution of vinegar 5%( the solution should be warm).After these procedures, the hair should be washed with soap, shampoo, combed with a scallop, which is used to remove nits.
  • In the treatment of pubic lice, the remedy is rubbed into the dermis of the inguinal folds, abdomen, pubis, inner thighs. If the effect was weak from the remedy, it should be applied again after a day.

The effectiveness and side effects of benzyl benzoate in children and adults are described in this video:


Among the contraindications to the use of medication, we note:

  • children's age( it is forbidden to use the drug in therapy for children under 3 years old);
  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug;
  • pregnancy;
  • damage to the dermis;
  • lactation period;
  • presence of abscesses of the dermis.

Side effects of

Sometimes after burning, burning may occur. In addition, if the dermis is very sensitive, there may be signs of a local skin reaction:

  • dryness;
  • itching;
  • allergy;
  • burning sensation.

In rare cases, a drug may provoke the development of contact dermatitis. Irritation of the dermis is due to the presence of propylene glycol in the medicine.

Special instructions

  1. When using, make sure that the medicine does not get into the eyes.
  2. During treatment, it is very important to disinfect the underwear( bedding, underwear), hats, clothes.
  3. To make the drug easier to penetrate into the dermis, you need to take a shower. Water treatment will not only remove mites that are on the dermis, but also loosen the surface layer of the epidermis.
  4. Hands should be treated after each wash.
  5. If irritation develops on the dermis, stop using the medication.
  6. It is recommended that the emulsion be shaken before application on the dermis.

Interaction with other drugs

In pharmacology, interactions with other drugs of the drug in question were not detected. Experts still do not recommend the use of Benzyl benzoate at the same time with different products for external use.


Many patients leave positive comments about this medication. They like low cost, efficiency, ease of use.

Among the deficiencies, patients usually indicate an unpleasant smell, a manifestation of allergy( sometimes).This remedy is also difficult to remove from bed linen.


The preparation also has analogues:

  • Spregal.
  • "Delacete" tincture.
  • Lindane.
  • "The Capricorn Water".
  • "Remov solution".
  • Hedring Lotion.

The analogue should be selected by a specialist.

Pro MediFox, Benzyl benzoate and other remedies for pediculosis will tell the video below:

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