Medication and folk remedies for migraine of rapid impact

1 Medications

Migraine is known to have a neurological origin. To eliminate it, pills are used that solve the following problems:

  1. Prevents the intensification of seizures.
  2. Treat migraines. This is a rather lengthy process associated with the use of appropriate medications.
  3. Prevent the disease. Medications of this kind are prescribed at the end of the treatment to fix the effect.

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When a patient complains of a headache of varying intensity, which expresses itself by attacks, the attending physician can prescribe several types of tablets at once. When migraine pains no more than 2 days, simple analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tablets, which include caffeine, will help to cope with migraine. In case the pain continues to be disturbed, and the above medicines are ineffective, it is recommended to take tablets with ergotamine and triptans. Triptans are called the "gold standard" in the fight against migraines. Already after a few hours after taking, the drug will begin to act actively. This medicine eliminates not only drowsiness quickly, but also acts in a complex way:

  1. The brain vessels are gradually narrowing, which eliminates the feeling of unpleasant pulsation.
  2. The trigeminal nerve reduces its pain activity.
  3. The inflammation subsides.

Struggle with acute pain during a migraine is necessary in advance.

Symptoms that indicate the onset of an attack: dizziness, thirst, mood change, weakness, drowsiness. For this it is necessary: ​​

  1. Take 2 Aspirin tablets. If you have nausea, you can drink an antiemetic drug. After 20 minutes, you can use a cup of sweet coffee. Caffeine is an important ingredient in the fight against pain.
  2. If after an hour the medication does not work, you need to drink a suitable tablet from the group of tryptane.

Quickly eliminate the pain will help Pahazol if the patient is disturbed by a migraine with an aura( the appearance of light flashes before the eyes, color spots, etc.).

Patients should remember that any migraine tablets have a fairly extensive range of contraindications. Any medicine can be prescribed only by a doctor on the basis of examination, complaints of the patient, assessment of the severity of the disease.

2 Folk methods

There are cases of addiction of the body to medicines, in this case it is necessary to increase their number, and to struggle with pains all more difficult. But how to cope with migraines? Folk medicine will help in this. There are several methods that can quickly eliminate pain. Will help:

  1. Contrast shower.
  2. Hot foot bath with mustard powder.
  3. Compress on head from cabbage leaf, burdock.
  4. Attached to the ear is a piece of cotton wool soaked in onion juice.
  5. In order to quickly migraine, you need to make a mixture of ammonia and camphor alcohol, breathe them in pairs.
  6. When the pain has only manifested itself, you need to break a raw egg, pour it with hot milk and drink this mixture.
  7. In addition, with the onset of an attack, you can drink half a cup of potato juice.
  8. Acute migraine will remove the fresh juice of black currant. You need to drink it a quarter of a glass several times a day.

Very often to fix the effect of treatment, and also on time, doctors recommend using traditional medicine, which have a more sparing effect on the body than the potent drugs from migraine. To treat seizures with folk remedies should not only at the time of their exacerbation. A much greater effect will be their warning. In this case, a variety of infusions, herbs of medicinal herbs will help. They can not quickly eliminate the pain, but after a few months of herbal treatment, migraine will become less troublesome, and soon disappear altogether.

Folk recipes:

  1. One st.l leaves of oregano, hops, St. John's wort, calendula, pour a glass of boiling water, to soak in a water bath for 15 minutes. Insist one hour, take a quarter cup several times a day.
  2. One st.l hop, lily of the valley, lemon balm, valerian, millennia mixed in one collection. A tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Take 0.5 glasses a day.


A simple but effective way to get rid of the Headache! The result will not be long in coming! Our readers have confirmed that they successfully use this method. After carefully studying it we decided to share it with you.

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It should be remembered that folk remedies also have contraindications. You can not use them without consulting a doctor.

3 Conclusion on the topic

Migraine is a disease that is known for its insidiousness. In some cases, it can trigger a stroke. It is necessary to approach with all responsibility to its treatment. There is no universal medicine for all patients who can quickly relieve pain. Take only those medicines prescribed by the doctor. Folk methods are also able to alleviate the condition, but they are worth using after consulting a specialist, because self-medication can do harm.

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