Nausea with gastroduodenitis, lump in throat, vomiting, heartburn and belching

Nausea with gastroduodenitis The inflammatory process, which takes place in the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, experts call gastroduodenitis. In this case, two main forms of the disease are distinguished: acute and chronic. As a rule, it is able to act as an independent disease, and also as a concomitant in diabetes mellitus, gout, intestinal damage by bacteria, inflammation of the gallbladder. That is why the disease manifests itself in completely different ways, depending on the cause that provoked its formation. However, among the main signs are: a sensation of a coma in the throat, heartburn, nausea and the urge to vomit. Heartburn with gastroduodenitis is almost the main symptom of the disease, signaling the onset of the organ damage process.

With a chronic form of the disease, nausea is considered a characteristic symptom that often occurs on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening after eating. This sign can be long and stubborn, and accompanied by vomiting and salivation. At

the same time, vomiting on the background of nausea leads to the formation of the PDGN.

To get rid of this intrusive gastroduodenitis symptom, experts advise you to do the following:

  • Stop physical activities and exercise;
  • Increase the flow of fresh air, at the same time, if possible, with nausea it is better to go out into the street;
  • The position of the body should be taken as comfortable as possible, while lying on the back, you should turn your head to the side, so that when you vomit do not aspirate the lungs with vomit;
  • Relieve respiratory tract from chains and scarves, especially when you feel a lump in your throat;
  • To use medicines for nausea, and first to bring to the nose cotton wool soaked in ammonia.

Belching with gastroduodenitis

Belching with gastroduodenitis Belching is the instantaneous release of gas into the oral cavity from the esophagus and stomach, sometimes accompanied by a portion of their contents. Most often this symptom is formed in case of stomach and duodenal ulcers. Belching is also observed in diseases of other organs.

In order to get rid of eructations with gastroduodenitis, gastroenterologists are advised to begin with the therapy of the underlying ailment, which provoked its appearance. In any case, from their diet will have to remove the products, leading to the formation of swelling, soda and difficult to digest food. In the case of hypersecretion of gastric juice, doctors prescribe antacids.

Heartburn with gastroduodenitis

Heartburn with gastroduodenitis This unpleasant burning sensation behind the breastbone and epigastric region can spread to the neck area and the upper epigastric zone. In general, heartburn can last about five minutes. The eternal companion of gastroduodenitis can appear after some time after eating and physical activity.

The usual remedy for heartburn is a glass of plain water and taking antacid medicines. If frequent manifestation of this attack should consult a gastroenterologist.

Whom in the throat with gastroduodenitis

Whisk in the throat with gastroduodenitis Many patients have experienced an unpleasant sensation of coma, in which it is difficult to breathe and swallow. Usually such a state with gastroduodenitis passes quickly enough, but there are several ways to get rid of this condition:

  • Changing the diet of the patient - excluding coffee, carbonated drinks and chocolate;
  • Weight stabilization;
  • Compliance with the diet, implying a ban on eating later than three hours before bedtime;
  • Drug therapy for coma in the throat - it means improvement in motor and acidity.

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