Diet for pancreatic pain, nourishment for a pancreatitis attack

An attack of pancreatitis is similar to a stroke in the area "under the spoon".The patient immediately needs rest in a lying position, dishes with ice. He will be vomiting, shivering, diarrhea will begin. The doctor is obligatory, the diet after an attack of pancreatitis begins only from the third day. Early intake of food will exacerbate, a couple of days, all organs rest from digesting( splitting) of proteins and carbohydrates, fats. Analgesics are used selectively, some can harm. Admission:

  • platyphilin with papaverine one tablet
  • baralgin
  • no-spawn
  • enzyme substitutes-creon, mezim, almagel
  • diclofenac will reduce inflammation
  • octreotide in the form of a dropper is used for chronic pancreatitis
  • pancreatin while eating three tablets
  • festal withcimetidine three times a day

When the pancreas is sore, tests are taken to detect the activity of the amylase of the gland, the subsequent diet only allows to slow down the progression. Power is applied sparing( mechanical and chemical).Pancreatitis is often cured by folk methods, speed and high efficiency is distinguished by the following recipe:

  • three sheets of golden mustache( two for 15 and one 25 cm) are cut with a knife and boiled in 700 g of water for a quarter of an hour.
  • the broth settles for eight hours, after which it is stored in the refrigeratorany period of
  • , the dose selection in each case is individual( about fifty grams), it is necessary to combine with the diet during remission and with an attack of pancreatitis
  • , a doctor's consultation is mandatory, especially if the organ that is treated with
  • m three times a day for half an hour before meals heated for a couple of broths
  • the term of the course is a month, in 70% the cure of the pancreas is complete, which is confirmed by the examination of the gland

The most common is another dietary supplement in cases of pancreatic problems:

  • for this gland diet allows kefirand buckwheat, which are used here
  • the proportion of the recipe - a glass of buckwheat for a glass of yogurt
  • the croup is soaked in liquid from the evening
  • is drunk for two meals the next day, combining with the
  • diet, each reception is considered to be fullOne meal lasts two weeks, counting two weeks from an attack of pancreatitis

The pancreas in this case is cured, only in combination with the subsequent course of treatment with the tincture of the root of barberry( three times a day for a month for 10 days root) and three weeks of oatmeal diet( a glass of scrolled oats brewed in a liter of water for 10 minutes, eaten half an hour before lunch).All this can not be used, if the organ hurts, the procedure is possible only in remission.

Mineral water "Borjomi", "Esentuki" of the seventeenth and fourth numbers, jelly and a little liquid porridge - the whole diets for pancreatic pain. This lasts four days, after which the diet begins to add a little to the food new dishes and foods. The fifth diet for pain is not used, hunger is the best doctor of the pancreas during the entire period of an attack of pancreatitis. The organism itself becomes indifferent to nutrition, while the inflamed and irritated organ hurts. Pancreatitis is diagnosed if it hurts soon after taking fatty foods, and the pain can be constant and in the form of seizures.

Only after half a month after the disappearance of pain in the pancreas, nutrition begins, which will then be used for the gland permanently. This diet is eternal, allowing, with the right approach about the attacks of pancreatitis to forget completely. The chronic form easily arises, even at the first attack, therefore if symptoms of pancreatitis are present:

  • hurts the stomach( drilling or girdling)
  • nauseates and tears the bile
  • hurts under the left rib

It should immediately put ice on and give up any food waiting for the doctor to arrive. Many painkillers in this case are dangerous, therefore, take medicine very carefully. Gastroenterologist recommended food begins two weeks after the attack of pancreatitis, it is very important to know the patient's tolerance of dairy products, without which the pancreas can not digest porridge, the iron can use the enzymes of some fruits( kiwi, avocados) that help food processing to prevent pain.

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