Whether it is possible to drink alcohol at a prostatitis: influence of alcohol and consequences of combination

Prostatitis is quite widespread among the male population. About half of 40-50-year-old men suffer from this pathology due to hypodynamic life, malnutrition, untreated sexual infections, etc. In case of a low-quality therapeutic approach, prostatitis from an acute form is easily re-qualified as a chronic one. One of the mandatory conditions in the treatment of inflammatory pathologies of the prostate gland is the refusal to drink alcohol. But how does alcohol affect the prostate?

Prostatitis and alcohol

The use of any type of alcohol in prostatitis is highly undesirable, since an additional adverse effect appears on the weakened pathology, with the consequences of which it is necessary to fight. In addition, alcohol abuse is one of the provoking factors of prostatitis.

Alcohol can be one of the causes of destructive changes in the prostate. There are several explanations for this:

  1. In case of prostatic processes, the normal functioning of the gland is disrupted, and alcohol has an additional chemical effect that significantly worsens the course and causes an exacerbation of chronic prostatitis;
  2. Prostatitis, as a rule, is closely related to stagnant low-toxicity phenomena. When alcohol is consumed, there is an increase in blood flow, however, its outflow remains at the same level, which only worsens the general condition of the patient and increases the volume of stagnation;
  3. Alcohol has a vasodilating effect, however, in small vessels it provokes spasms, which leads to their obstruction. As a result, drainage of the prostate gland worsens, complicating the course of prostatitis;
  4. Due to intoxication, the body's immune defense is significantly reduced, which only complicates the general condition of the body and provokes worsening of the prostatic picture;
  5. When a prostatic aggravation occurs, the patient is shown drugs that are not compatible with alcohol, for example, with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial drugs.

Therefore, prostatitis with alcohol is not combined under any circumstances.

Effect of alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks during the time in the body have time to inflict irreparable damage on all systems. Suffers digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and genitourinary system, including and prostate gland.

Negative influence is exerted not only by strong alcohol, but also by low-alcohol drinks, for example:

  • Energy, tonics or cocktails. These drinks are considered to be the most dangerous for the prostate gland, because in their composition there is a mass of chemical additives and taste enhancers that provoke an exacerbation of chronic prostatitis and intensification of its signs;
  • Beer. The basis of this drink is hops, which slows the functioning of testicles( or testicles), phytoestrogens, which have a negative effect on prostatic activity, and alcohol, aggravating the condition of the prostate;
  • Home-made wines. In such drinks, fusel oils remain, which also have a negative effect on the prostate gland, as well as alcohol, which exacerbates and intensifies the manifestation of symptoms of prostatitis.

In addition to the negative impact on the prostate, alcohol affects the entire reproductive system of a man, contributing to:

  1. Sperm loosen;
  2. Disturbance of cellular metabolism;
  3. Change in the consistency of sperm;
  4. Disorders of hormonal performance;
  5. Violation of the nervous system and vascular activity.

Alcohol intensively destroys the liver cells, which negatively affects the hormonal production of androgens, and, hence, on the sexual functions of men. Deficiency of androgens and secretion disorders provoke stagnant processes and contribute to inflammation of the prostate.

Consequences of combining

Prostate plays a leading role in the genital and sexual functions of men, because it produces a special secret that provides normal life to spermatozoa. If a man already suffers from chronic prostatitis and at the same time risks drinking alcohol, then this can provoke an exacerbation of the pathology.


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On the development of an exacerbation indicate symptoms like:

  • Soreness and burning sensations in the perineum, rectum and waist;
  • Pain sensations in the urethra;
  • Mucus discharge from the urethra;
  • Defecation causing intense pain;
  • A man is often disturbed by false urination;
  • Erectile function is oppressed, there is pain in the penis during sexual intercourse, often premature ejaculation occurs.

Along with specific symptoms, men are also concerned about manifestations such as weakness, hyperthermia, sleep disorders, irritability and excessive fatigue, psychological disorders.

If a man is at the stage of treatment of prostatitis and while abusing alcohol, the pathology acquires a negative dynamics. With prostatitis usually prescribed antibiotic therapy, in which alcohol is categorically contraindicated. Some antibiotics are neutralized by alcohol, while others, reacting with it, can lead to irreversible and dangerous consequences.

Is it possible to drink this way?

In general, you can not drink alcohol with prostatitis categorically, especially if you exacerbate the chronic form of pathology. It has been scientifically proven that alcohol can provoke the onset, aggravation and deterioration of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.

Undoubtedly, if in a period of persistent remission a man drinks a small amount of alcohol like a mug of beer or a glass of wine, nothing terrible will happen, the course of chronic prostatitis will not be complicated, however, such relief is permissible only once and only with medical permission.

If the patient is in the acute phase of prostatitis, when active antibiotic therapy and other medications are prescribed, then alcohol is excluded categorically, that is, any alcohol drinks can not be drunk. After drinking alcohol at this stage, you can start exacerbating the pathology. In addition, alcohol will significantly push the recovery.

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