Zilt: instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients, analogues, price

Zilt refers to drugs that reduce the formation of blood clots in the arteries and other aggregation properties of red blood platelets. And today we will consider the indications for the use of Zilt tablets, its instruction, analogues, reviews of doctors, patients and the price of it in pharmacies.

Features of the preparation


Clopidogrel is the main component of the tablet form of Zilt. According to the international classifier, the active substance is coded with the designation "113665-84-2". By chemical composition is an acetate derivative with pyrimidine substituents and second-level radicals of sulfur-containing and methyl content.

For the purpose of shaping and dissolving tablets in the digestive tract, auxiliary substances are added to the formulation: castor oil, crystalline lactose, gelatinized starch, cellulose in the form of microcrystals, macrogol 6000. To form a soluble gastric juice shell, propanediol, titanium oxide, red oxideiron, hypromellose, talc.

Dosage forms

Zilt is available in a single dosage form - tablets. The tablets are covered with a pink color, weighing 0.1 g. In one blister, 7 tablets are packaged. The number of blisters differs in a carton: from 2 to 12.

The price of Zilte varies depending on the number of tablets in the package. The price in ZILTA online pharmacies No. 14( 2 blisters) starts at 530 rubles. The drug number 84( 12 tablets) will cost 2105 rubles.

The Russian pharmaceutical company that produces Zilt - "CRKA".The drug, found on the Russian pharmaceutical market, is also found in Slovenian production.

Pharmacological action of

  • The active substance of Zilt interferes with the aggregation properties of platelets by inhibiting the binding of their receptor apparatus to adenosidiphosphate.
  • The opposite, activating effect, is made on the formation of a glycoprotein complex. The duration of suppression of platelet aggregation under the influence of Zilt is lifelong for cells. Due to the short life cycle of platelets( 7-10 days), drug action ends with their deaths, the new dosage is only required during the formation of new platelets, when increasing the aggregation properties of platelets.
  • The aggregation effect when taking the drug is different in patients due to the different individual enzymatic composition of the CYP 450 isoenzyme. The induced aggregation of blood platelets increases after admission to 5-7 days. Aggregation degree after taking 1 tablet reaches 50%( + - 10%).The initial parameters of bleeding and aggregation of blood platelets are returned 5 days after the drug is used.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is based on reducing the likelihood of complications after severe atherosclerotic vessels. The terminal, coronary and cerebral arteries affected by atherosclerosis are the most dangerous. Primary Pharmacodynamics

time at which the therapeutic effect is found when using 4 Zilta tablets is 120 minutes. The degree of aggregation reaches 40% at this time. Increasing the degree of aggregation to 60% is detected after a daily intake of 1 tablet of Zilt. For 10 days, the maximum degree of aggregation, corresponding to the life span of platelets, is found.


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The opinion of doctors. .. & gt; & gt;

Zilt has the ability to have a low concentration in the free state, which confirms its high degree of bioavailability with high absorption capacity. Binding in the protein complex is 95-98%.


Metabolic disintegration of Zilt is done in the liver. Excretion of the intermediate compound of the half-life - the derivative of carbolic acid - is produced by the kidneys and intestines( approximately in equal parts).The metabolic product is found in the intestine after 5 hours after a single and multiple doses.

The half-life is 8 hours. The level of the derivative of carbolic acid during clearance in patients in the period of severe renal diseases is lower than during the course of diseases of moderate severity.


Zilt is indicated for use during prophylactic measures to reduce thrombus formation in individuals with occlusive pathology of terminal arteries, as well as after infarction and stroke crises.

Indications for the use of the drug are also atrial fibrillation in adult contingent patients and acute coronary syndrome. Therapeutic actions are combined with the intake of acetylsalicylic acid.

Next, the instruction for the drug Zilt will be considered.

Instruction for use

  • Patients with cardiovascular pathologies take 1 tablet per day by oral route. Attachments to food intake in tablets do not.
  • Patients who underwent ischemic stroke receive 1 tablet a day for six months.
  • With acute myocardial infarction, Zilt is recommended for admission for 25 days.
  • Patients suffering from coronary syndrome have a different therapeutic regimen: the first day of treatment is taken at a loading dose of 300 mg. In the following days, Zilte is taken in a standard dose: 75 mg per day. For older people, the loading dose is not recommended for use.


  • Fertility and breast-feeding women, children under 18 years of age are excluded from the list of patients for use by Zilt.
  • Any vascular disruption, hepatic and renal insufficiency, a tendency to bleeding, open wounds are contraindications for the use of Zilt.
  • Auxiliary substance Zilt, lactose, is not the basis for taking the drug to people with congenital deficiency of lactase, individual lactose intolerance, impaired glucose absorption and galactose.
  • Caution is used by Zilt patients after surgery, neoplasms in the lungs, tuberculosis, gastritis and ulcerous conditions of the stomach and duodenal mucosa.

Side effects of

Adverse events with taking the drug are noted infrequently. Sometimes there are:

  • allergic reactions resembling the symptoms of influenza;
  • dyspnea, rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis;
  • pain and circling in the head;
  • heart palpitations;
  • discomfort and abdominal pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting;
  • inflammatory reactions of the urinary tract;
  • bleeding and hemoptysis;
  • exacerbation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Special instructions

During the scheduled operation, Zilt is canceled from use for one week. During the reception of Zilt it is necessary to carry out constant monitoring of hematological parameters: the concentration of platelets, hepatic enzymes. After ischemic strokes, the drug is taken by the "waiting method" after 7 days.


Now let's talk about reviews about the drug Zilt. Reduction of aggregation properties of platelets, according to doctors and patients, is indisputable.

However, among patients there are frequent complaints of side effects with subsequent withdrawal of the drug. It is important to remember that it is unacceptable to prescribe and cancel the medicine yourself!

Zild and its analogues

The closest analogue of Zilt is the drug, which is an active ingredient - Clopidogrel. Similar drugs for action: Trombone, Tiklopedin, Atherokard, etc.

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