Treatment of sea buckthorn oil in colitis

Traditional medicine of a large number of countries uses sea buckthorn oil, which is an effective medicinal product. It is obtained from juice and berry pulp. It is worth noting that such a folk remedy for colitis has long been recognized and official medicine.

Sea buckthorn oil for colitis is used because it carries a large number of different nutrients, and also has regenerating properties for accelerated healing of the intestinal cavity. The high content of vitamins of group C, E, P provides an opportunity for treatment and elimination of inflammatory processes.

Because of the content of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, the body can be saturated with missing nutrients responsible for the possibility of rapid recovery. Sea buckthorn oil in colitis is also prescribed for treatment, because it has antimicrobial activity.

To prepare this medication at home, the most dark, oily fraction of the juice that carefully floats on its surface is carefully collected. It is perfectly stored in the refrigerator.

The berries are squeezed out of the juice and settled in a cool place. The necessary tool will start to float, and it must be periodically removed. Such sea-buckthorn oil used in colitis is the most qualitative.

The cake, left after pressing the juice, is poured with vegetable oil and insisted, while it is separated by conventional pressing. The mixture is more light and less qualitative.

From berries juice is obtained, and cake is dried, crushed in a coffee grinder, olive oil is poured in, and insisted for several weeks. Then it must pass through filtration, and storage is allowed in a glass jar of dark color.

Sea buckthorn oil for colitis is taken by 1 teaspoon several times a day inward before eating. It is worth noting that with diarrhea such a folk remedy is not worth using.

If you mix sea buckthorn oil and plant seeds, then a unique laxative is given in colitis. For 250 ml of decoction of seeds, add 1 tablespoon of oil and apply inside. The action will begin after 8-10 hours.

It is worth remembering that before taking such a folk remedy in colitis, it will not be superfluous to go through a consultation with a specialist who will prompt a couple of effective means for curing the disease.

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