What to do if the ear is put in at home

Sensation of the ear is quite unpleasant for any person. It seems that it does not hurt, nor is it fatal, but terribly disturbed and annoyed by the feeling that something is stuck inside and does not come out.

And if you do not know how to get rid of it, then you can suffer a long time with this trouble. As they say, the one who is forewarned is armed. So let's find out what to do at home if the ear has laid down. In addition, we will also consider the possible causes of this condition.

What happens when the ears are stuffy?

Ear structure is quite complicated. So, the eustachian( auditory) tube is a channel that is connected with the nasopharynx and with the middle ear and is designed to equalize the pressure in the middle ear. But if for some reason the Eustachian tube closes, the pressure in the middle ear does not have the ability to adapt to changes in environmental pressure.

Because of this, the eardrum seems to bend inward, which leads to what lays the ears.

Symptoms of

Consider symptoms of congestion in the ears, in accordance with concomitant diseases:

  1. Otitis -( purulent discharge, headache, ear pain, body temperature increase);
  2. Turboote, eustachyte -( swallowing of saliva causes pain in the ear, worsening of hearing, tinnitus);
  3. Vascular diseases -( irregular, rapid heartbeat, sudden changes in body position, simultaneous obstruction of both ears);
  4. Failures in the functioning of the auditory nerve - progressive progressive deterioration of hearing.

Depending on the cause of the stuffiness of the ear, what to do at home will have significant differences.

Reasons for ear congestion

Currently, this problem has been given sufficient attention and it is determined that there are a number of reasons that can cause obstruction of the ear canals.

The following are the main and most common of them:

  1. The cold is the first and the main reason why a person can lay one or both ears. Most likely, the infectious process is either at the peak of its development or has given post-painful complications.
  2. If you have only one ear left or right, the cause of this phenomenon may be hidden behind the sulfur plug .When the ear does not hurt, but there is a feeling of pressure, congestion, and also unpleasant itching, it is necessary to check the ear canal.
  3. Lays the ears due to of increased pressure in elevators, during air travel or when immersed in depth. In this case, the ear does not hurt, but simply creates an unpleasant sensation, and in some cases, ringing of the ear.
  4. Ejaculation can occur as a result of diseases that occur in the human body. It can be Miniera syndrome, middle ear cyst, neurinoma, sinusitis, otitis media of the middle ear.
  5. It also happens that after bathing or after shower lays an ear - this is due to the ingress of moisture into the ear canal. The foreign liquid can easily go out, hindering the hearing for a very short period of time, but there are also more complex circumstances under similar conditions.

In connection with the existing close connection between the nasopharynx and the ear canal, the resulting obstruction of the ears requires an integrated approach to treatment. Among the wide variety of therapeutic methods used to get rid of ear congestion, the most common is the use of medications. Their appointment depends on the identified cause of zolozhennosti ear.

What to do with a laid-in ear at home

Do you know what to do with a pawned ear and how quickly to get rid of this problem at home? It should be noted immediately that without a true reason for this phenomenon, it will be difficult to eliminate it. Ejaculation of the ear can occur both against the background of ordinary water ingress and a serious inflammatory process. Therefore, it is better to solve this issue with a specialist.

In some cases, from the problem of zalozhennosti and pain in the ears will help traditional medicine:

  1. If there are no special drops for the ears, you can moisten the cotton swab in the tincture of calendula, chamomile or eucalyptus .These herbs have both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
  2. Rinse well raspberry roots , clean and grind. Take two tablespoons of roots( crushed) and pour boiling water( 1 liter), wrap and let it brew for 12 hours. Take the received tincture 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks.
  3. In each ear, drip a few drops of onion juice or garlic : they are excellent natural antibiotics.
  4. Pinch your nose and try to exhale through it .The crunched cotton inside the ear will mean that the pressure has returned to normal.
  5. In the old days, from the stuffiness of the ear, they were disposed of as follows: they took a clean piece of material, dipped it in warm melted butter and put it in your ear for the night.

Has put an ear: what to do? It is necessary to fight the cause, not just its consequences. Treatment with folk remedies does not cancel a compulsory visit to a doctor.

How to treat blocked ears for a cold

With a cold, the mucous membrane develops, which causes the Eustachian tube to narrow and even clog up completely. Thus, the pressure in the middle ear can not adapt to the air pressure from the outside and becomes permanent. In this case, the tympanic membrane begins to bend inward, which is why the ears become stuffy with a cold.

In treating the obstruction of the ear against a cold, the doctor usually appoints, along with anti-cold and antibacterial drugs:

  • drops for the ears( Anauran, Otipax, Otium, Sofrax, etc.);
  • ointment( Oxycorta, Hydrocortisone)
  • solutions based on sea salt for washing the nasal sinuses( eg, Rivanol);
  • phytosoles for the ears( Reamed, Tentorium, etc.);
  • therapeutic compresses on the parotid zone.

In order to facilitate your condition before visiting a doctor, you can use some simple techniques. For example, grip the nostrils with your fingers and exhale through the nose with a strain. This procedure helps to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.

What to do if the ear is poured in the cause of increased pressure

When the atmospheric pressure suddenly changes dramatically, our internal pressure behind it does not keep up. This is what happens during takeoff or landing of an airplane, on rides, accompanied by ascents and descents or while using an elevator.

To get rid of the stuffiness at this time, use one of the following methods:

  1. Make some strong swallowing movements, straining the larynx. During one of these sips, the hearing should be restored.
  2. Try chewing on the chewing gum.
  3. Several times in a row, yawn broadly and sharply.

If the ear is poured precisely because of the pressure drop, then as a result of the redistribution of pressure, the load on the ears will decrease.

What should I do with a blocked ear due to sulfur plug?

If the ear is planted from sulfur plug, the treatment should be to safely remove it. In no case should you use sharp objects - the risk of damaging the eardrum is extremely large.

When a visit to a doctor is postponed for objective reasons, and ears become blocked, and causes discomfort, use hydrogen peroxide( 3%).Drip 2-3 drops into the ear, after a few minutes the excess dissolves and flows out. After that, clean the ear with a cotton swab.

If these tips did not help, contact your doctor for an otolaryngologist. Better and more professional specialist sulfur plug, no one will remove. It's fast, reliable and does not hurt at all.

What should I do if I put my ear in water?

The problem is usually solved by yourself. It's enough just to open your mouth wide or jump on one leg. No wonder many people do this, even in advertisements and films. But this is perhaps the most innocuous option for the development of the situation. All can develop and not so simply.

In some cases, the feeling of stuffiness does not go away, but on the contrary, it intensifies. Here you need to act quickly and with the help of a specialist. If the problem is not rectified in time, an inflammation of the middle ear can develop.

To which doctor to apply

If there is an obstruction of an ear and thus the head always hurts, then the trip to the hospital should not be postponed until later. To establish the exact cause of this condition and determine the further steps in the treatment of ear pain, first you need to go to the otolaryngologist( ENT).Having studied the condition of the ear, the doctor, if necessary, will redirect the patient to another specialist.

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