Diet with ascites of the abdominal cavity, nutrition with hydrocele

Diet with ascites Since hydrocephalus is not an independent disease, but a complication of the primary pathology, a diet with ascites is prescribed taking into account the causes and mechanisms of its occurrence. It must be prescribed along with medication. With the help of diet alone it is difficult to achieve recovery, but proper nutrition with ascites of the abdominal cavity helps to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient.

There are general rules that should be adhered to by all those diagnosed with ascites.

  • The most important of them is a complete rejection of salt and products that can hold fluid inside the body.
  • Another diet with ascites of the abdominal cavity requires completely to refuse baking pastry and fresh white bread. There are allowed only slightly stale flour products, cooked from wholemeal.
  • Frozen food falls under the complete prohibition.
  • It is necessary to completely forget about fatty grades of fish and meat, about canned food, smoked products, sausages and instant
  • Unnecessarily consuming fatty dairy products, therefore, whole milk and cottage cheese are completely excluded from the daily diet.
  • It is not necessary to be nourished with ascites anything acidic, salty, spicy and spicy. All this causes a strong thirst, and the norms of water consumption with this diagnosis are extremely limited( it is allowed to drink only 700 ml per day).
  • All legumes, mushroom soups, fat meat broths, borsch are completely excluded.
  • You can not eat sorrel, radish, cabbage, mushrooms, garlic, onions and turnips from vegetables with hydrocele.
  • Patients with ascites can not eat sweets.
  • It is not recommended to drink coffee, cocoa and carbonated drinks.
  • Under the ban in the diet all kinds of fats and vegetable margarines

What is allowed in nutrition with ascites?

Nutrition with ascites The therapeutic diet for abdominal ascites should be balanced. The diet should be compiled in such a way that it contains both proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But in this case, it is necessary to give preference only to vegetable fats and complex carbohydrates( vegetables and granular cereals, oatmeal, millet and buckwheat).When cirrhosis is recommended to focus on protein foods. What is allowed to eat with ascites:

  • Meat of rabbit, turkey and chicken without skin, cooked for a couple, it is permissible and chopped meat of calf.
  • Allowed in a diet with ascites and vegetable soups, based on fennel, marjoram and parsley, their consistency should be turned into puree.
  • It is possible to include non-fat fish, baked in an oven without salt or cooked on steam, in the diet during abdominal edema.
  • Three times a week, doctors recommend to include egg yolk omelettes, prepared without the use of yolk, in the food for ascites.
  • Porridges are prepared exclusively on water, milk is allowed to be added, in a ratio of 3x1.
  • You can eat jams, marshmallows and fruit jellies from sweets.
  • Benefits are able to bring peanuts and hazelnuts, you can eat walnuts. All this is allowed to mix with natural honey.
  • Pomegranate juice, mixed with water and dried fruits, has a good strengthening effect, so they must also be included in the patient's diet.
  • During the diet, juices and drinks with potassium-sparing and diuretic properties are shown, so it is necessary to drink pumpkin or carrot juice, infusions made from figs or dried apricots, tea from leaves of odorous currant, birch sap.

General recommendations in the diet for ascites

Diet with ascites of the abdominal cavity What else should you know to those who are prescribed a diet for hydrocephalus? It is necessary to completely reconsider your regimen, to eat better often six times a day in small portions. Fractional food should be as balanced as possible, but it is better to subject fruits and vegetables to minimal heat treatment. Raw sugar is allowed only sweet fruit, but it is better to add them to desserts that need to be cooked in the oven.

To the table it is important to serve exclusively warm dishes, very hot and very cold dishes are forbidden. The correct diet in ascites completely eliminates the use of alcohol, the patient is advised to completely give up smoking. Pauses between meals should not be more than three hours. Fasting and overeating is unacceptable.

Proper nutrition in ascites helps to improve the patient's condition, slow down the rapid progression of the disease. It is useful not only to follow a diet, but also to do self-massage of the stomach. Preliminarily, any vegetable oil is rubbed into the skin, and then the whole abdominal wall is massaged in a circular motion.

The described diet with ascites of the abdominal cavity is aimed at preventing the formation of edema and the retention of excess water in the body. What is this for? In order to avoid a significant deterioration in the general condition and the disease that provoked abdominal edema.

The correct diet for ascites of the abdominal cavity can be varied and tasty, but you do not need to develop the menu yourself. Therapeutic diet is described in detail in the diet "Table No. 10".After its termination it is useful to pass to a diet № 10а.

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