How to get rid of ascaris at home, the rapid release of ascariasis in a child folk remedies

How to get rid of ascarids? Despite the fact that modern medicine has long had high-effective methods of fighting ascarids, as well as new-generation drugs, worms continue to be a problem for many adults and children. That's why the question of how to quickly get rid of ascaris at home, continues to be popular. The simplest and most popular method that helps to prevent the development of infestation is the prevention of invasions. You can not eat dirty food, you can not drink water from the tap. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap every time you visit the toilet and play with animals. Anyone who ignores elementary rules will necessarily encounter the described problem.

Despite a huge assortment of synthetic drugs, many prefer to act in the old fashion. Solving the question of how to get rid of ascarids at home, they rely on grandmother's recipes. The most popular of them are transmitted from hand to hand, so home recipes from parasites are well known. The most effective medications for a child and an adult

can be easily prepared independently at home. Here are three of the simplest and most effective means of what folk medicine has.

How to get rid of garlic ascarid?

How to get rid of ascarids at home? To quickly get rid of ascarids, you can make a tincture on garlic. Five cloves of garlic are rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting gruel is poured into a glass of milk. The garlic-milk mixture is cooked on fire for ten minutes, and then insists in a dark place for about an hour. There are two treatment options using this medication, prepared at home:

  • The first involves taking the tincture inside( a glass four times a day for a week).
  • The second involves the use of tinctures in the form of enemas at night once a day for a week. For an adult, the volume of the enema is 200 ml, for children the dose is halved.

Similar to garlic attack, ascarids can not withstand and will necessarily leave the human body. Getting rid of ascarids in this way can not happen quickly, so you'll have to be patient.

How to get rid of ascarids with pumpkin seeds?

Getting rid of Ascaris Simple pumpkin seeds can also help get rid of worm-ascaris at home. They have a unique composition, it is he who provides effective disposal of parasites. Help to fight with ascarids helps one single component - a substance called cucurbitin. It helps to kill parasites in the intestines of a child and an adult. Its maximum concentration is not in the center of the kernel of the grain, but in a thin film separating the peel from the grain core. That is why, in order to squeeze the best pumpkin seeds, it is necessary to take an unrefined seed for the preparation of medicines.

Experienced herbalists, telling how to get rid of ascarids by folk remedies at home, are advised to write down the following recipe:

If the medicine is prepared for an adult person, 300 grams of uncooked pumpkin seeds are taken( for a child the dose is reduced by half).They need to fall asleep in a coffee grinder and grind into a powder. The powder in proportions 1 to 1 is mixed with the boiled water cooled to room temperature. To improve the taste, it is permissible to add a spoonful of liquid honey to the mixture. The medicine is taken as follows: it is eaten all in the morning, always on an empty stomach. It is necessary to eat very slowly, trying to maximize the process. Three hours after the medicine prepared at home, you need to drink any salt laxative, after half an hour to do a cleansing enema( it is appropriate to combine the first recipe).As practice shows, such a folk remedy is very effective, but it should be used on weekends, when it is possible to spend all day at home. Getting rid of worms with pumpkin seeds is possible only with strict adherence to the recommendations listed above.

Delivering Ascarids by Tansy

How to get rid of ascarids in a child? Tansy is the most proven natural remedy that helps to get rid of both ascarids and pinworms simultaneously. You can also prepare a medicine from this plant in two ways.

Method number 1.To prepare tinctures for ingestion, take a tablespoon of flowers and pour a glass of freshly boiled water. The container is then closed with a lid, the infusion is infused for four hours, then the infusion is drunk a little( a couple of sips) half an hour before meals four times a day.

Method number 2.To get rid of worm-ascaris and the preparation of enema, 100 ml of water, heated to 60 degrees Celsius, is taken, a table spoon of tansy seeds is dipped into it. All this is insisted for three hours, and then filtered and refueled in an enema. It is put up for the night. The course of treatment is a week.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get an answer to the question how to get rid of askarids at home. Having chosen the right medicine, you can try to get rid of the worms yourself.

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