Dryness and acid in the mouth with constipation, white tongue, weakness

Long constipation, which occurs in patients more often, can have external manifestations - it is dryness in the mouth and the appearance in the language of a thick white coating. Why do dry mouth and white tongue appear during constipation, and can it be possible to get rid of these signs in a short time? This question is of concern to many who are faced with this problem. Before you start looking for ways to solve it, you need to understand the reasons that trigger the appearance of these signs. Most often, experts note the fact that chronic stool delays cause intoxication of the body. The result of poisoning, provoked by the decomposition of stagnant in the intestinal feces, and become dry mouth. Constipation that caused its appearance, can have any cause of occurrence. The white scurf, characteristic of this pathological dysfunction of the digestive organs, is always in the middle of the tongue. Also, general weakness and acid in the mouth are characteristic of constipation in chronic form. All these symptoms indicate the poisoning of the body with toxic substances released by decomposing calves.

How can we cope with the dryness in the mouth appearing during constipation and other negative signs? Experts advise to get rid of unpleasant manifestations, first of all, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. After the stool becomes regular, the symptomatology, which indicates the poisoning of the body with toxins, will disappear. In order to stop chronic constipation accompanied by dryness, it is recommended to take the following actions as the basis of therapy:

  • Correct the regimen and diet. In order that it does not cause long delays in acts of defecation, it is necessary to exclude from use those products that cause constipation or act irritatingly on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs;
  • To reduce dryness in the mouth and promote softening of stool can also increase the drinking regime;
  • To cleanse the body of toxins that settled on the walls of the intestines as a result of prolonged constipation, you can cleanse enemas once a month. This will also contribute to the elimination of such an accompanying chronic stool chair delay, like dry mouth.

The only thing to remember about this is the refusal of frequent admission without the recommendation of a specialist of medicinal laxatives. Unpleasant signs associated with digestive problems, with the help of their elimination is unlikely to happen, since uncontrolled reception usually causes an increase in negative symptoms.

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