Nutrition for diseases of the pancreas, the correct food for inflammation

Numbered diets are created by the doctor-nutritionist Povzner for the purpose of safe nutrition with the most common violations of the functions of the organs of the human body. Diet number five is necessary for those whose pancreas produces enzymes for processing food, but does not remove them from the body completely. In this case, the patient feels discomfort, which doctors eliminate with the initial two-day hunger, and then with the right treatment and reasonable medical nutrition. There are folk methods that completely cure the disease.

Reusable meals with small doses in case of illness due to the fact that the pancreas must be loaded minimally, both chemical processing and mechanical grinding. For adult patients and children, the correct treatment table for this disease is as important as taking medication. Nutrition with pancreatic disease operates with caloric intake up to three thousand kilocalories at the time of remission with which the patient's iron is able to cope without exacerbation. The correct table should include only the permitted products, but when the disease is stopped for a long time, you can use it reasonably:

  • Doctor sausage
  • Beef fish of lean varieties( cod, cod, pike, trout)
  • Bananas( useful nutrition in the pancreas, especially, for breakfast)
  • Peeled tomatoes and peeled tomatoes( not more than half a vegetable a day)
  • Semolina in other dishes( usually sauces, casseroles)
  • Homemade cakes( in a multivark or oven)
  • (diluted, without pulp)

Proper nutrition in case of pancreatic disease allows to increase the quality of life, the following factors are especially dangerous for the patient:

  • Alcohol, smoking
  • Canned foods, fast food, baked goods, smoked foods, pickles
  • Oily, spicy food,meat with skin, streaks
  • Fruits and vegetables with coarse fiber that is easily visible in them visually in the form of white woody fibers

Rational treatment includes the intake of enzymes that help to process food,a pancreas bot. Includes a treatment table and an increase in the diet of liquids allowed for the disease:

  • Sugar-free beverages continuously, sweet in remission
  • Juices of non-acidic fruit that do not irritate the pancreas
  • Slight unsweetened tea with milk
  • Broths of herbs, fruits, vegetables

If the product when ingestedafter the appropriate culinary processing does not cause it to activate the isolation of enzymes, it is suitable for therapeutic nutrition of the patient. The diet of 5p has an option for overcoming the crisis and beyond exacerbation. The main differences between these options for the correct table in the treatment of the disease are as follows:

  • Caloric value one and a half thousand kilocalories and two and a half, respectively
  • Carbohydrates three hundred and four hundred grams, respectively
  • Fats sixty and one hundred twenty grams, respectively
  • Proteins eighty and one hundred twenty grams, respectively

If the pancreas regularly receives such medical nutrition, the iron experiences small loads, the substances are processed completely, the treatment is effective. The right food for the disease includes:

  • Puree of courgettes, pumpkins, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes, safe for disease
  • Puddings of minced meat and vegetables for a couple
  • Mousses, jelly, jam, kissel( stop the disease)
  • Mashed porridge without milk, usefulwith
  • disease Dry unsweetened biscuits
  • Mucous soup( great for proper treatment)
  • Biscuit, yesterday's bread

If the pancreas gets enough nutrition in remission, then, in addition to treatment, it supports the body intonus, allows you to avoid being overweight. The purpose of the treatment table for pancreatitis is the absence of inflammation, relapse of the disease.

Proper nutrition with inflammation of the pancreas

Patients with pancreatitis should not only refuse products that adversely affect the pancreas, but also change the way in which food is prepared. You can not fry food, this way of cooking should be completely ruled out. You need to boil or cook meals for a couple. Proper nutrition with inflammation of the pancreas includes boiled meat or fish - they do not bring trouble to the body. However, it is necessary to refrain from meat and fish broth, since they are the causative agents of gastric secretion. Dairy products with low acidity should be included in the daily diet. Fish, meat and dairy products are rich in proteins, their daily intake should be about 160 grams.

Foods with a high carbohydrate content should not exceed 350 grams. You can not eat foods that are easy to digest carbohydrates. In order that there is no mechanical irritation of the diseased organ, it is recommended to eat foods in a frayed form. Do not eat in hot or cold conditions. Food for the pancreas should be warm. In the stage of exacerbation, the load on the inflamed organ should be minimized as much as possible. Within two days, fasting with a six-time daily intake of a small amount of mineral water, tea or a rose hip broth is recommended.

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