Red dots and spots in pancreatitis( pancreas disease)

The appearance of red dots on the body of a patient suffering from pancreatitis, gastroenterologists are associated with a sharp exacerbation of the disease. As a rule, similar rashes appear, first of all, on the back, stomach and chest( in rare cases - on the neck and extremities).Red dots in pancreatitis are called Tuzhilin's symptom. The first way to diagnose the causes of the appearance of points is pressure. If you lightly press one of the points it does not turn pale, then the patient has an exacerbation of the inflammatory processes in the pancreas.

The more the disease progresses, the more points appear on the patient's body. This symptom does not refer to unconditional signs of pancreatitis, since rashes can also occur in other diseases( eg, diseases of the vascular system).In order to determine the nature of redness, the patient needs to go to the gastroenterology department, where an experienced specialist, using special diagnostic methods and tests, will determine whether the appearance of red dots is associated with an exacerbation of the pancreas.

Spots in pancreatitis

One of the signs of progressive acute pancreatitis is small round spots of red color, the main clusters of which are observed on the patient's torso. Such rashes do not discolour when palpated by their gastroenterologist, which is one of the first symptoms of an exacerbation of the pancreas.

Red spots in pancreatitis are irregular phenomena, therefore it is possible to explain their true nature only after a diagnostic examination of internal organs in the gastroenterological department. Any inconveniences to the patient such rashes do not deliver, however cause psychological discomfort, which is extremely undesirable in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is for this reason that the attending physician should pay special attention to patients with similar problems.

Spots appear mainly in the late stages of pancreatitis, however, it is possible that rashes can manifest themselves at the very beginning of the disease. More detailed information on such a problem can be given only by a specialist.

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