Dezomorphine dependence: signs, consequences, harm, photo and video

Narcotic drugs were created with one single goal - to reduce the pain syndrome in cancer patients. But, unfortunately, this group of medicines began to be used for other purposes. The main representative of opioid analgesics is morphine, which has a strong analgesic effect due to decreased excitation of painful centers. In order to increase this effect, scientists conducted a series of experiments, as a result of which dezomorphine was created. However, in medical practice, it was not properly used because of its side effects.

Desomorphine dependence

Dezomorphine is a morphine modified in structure, which was first obtained in the late 1930s. In a series of experiments scientists have created several such substances. But the greatest hopes were placed on dezomorfin, t.he showed the greatest analgesic effect for a minimum of time during the experiments on animals.

However, subsequent tests showed that the duration of analgesic effect of this active substance is insignificant( 2-4 hours).If we talk about how much desomorphine is kept in the urine, then the numbers grow significantly to 2-3 days. In this case, the strongest dependence begins to form after only a few uses.


Crocodile addicts are mostly young people. But because of the high toxicity of the narcotic substance, their life lasts no more than 2 years.

This is due to the fact that the drug includes many toxic substances, heavy metal particles and many others. All of them have irreparable effect on the walls of the vessels, causing inflammation, blockage and necrosis.

More harm is added by an insurmountable addiction, which forces the addict to make further injections. In addition, the repeated dose can not cause the previous sensations, because of which it is required to increase it. The dependence is directly related to the strongest abstinence syndrome, which disappears only after receiving a dose.

In the photo, the consequences of using desomorfin

The effect and sensations of

The main effect is the appearance of euphoria. The person feels easy and free, there are no worries and cares, there is no hunger and thirst. Often there is a loss of ability to reason, pulls to sleep. The reason for this is the excitation of opioid receptors in the nervous system and in peripheral tissues.

Signs of use

Signs that give out the crocodile addict:

  • odor of iodine;
  • on the arms and legs, bruises, bruises, ulceration are noticeable;
  • narrow pupils;
  • untidy, drained appearance;
  • in neglected cases, the skin on the limbs becomes brown, flaky;
  • in addicts with experience may be amputated some limbs.

Consequences of

The components of desomorphine have a toxic effect first directly on the vessels where the drug was injected. Then it spreads through the circulatory system and is delivered to all organs. Thus abscesses and necrosis begin in all vital organs( liver, spleen, etc.) and tissues.

Treatment of an addict is possible if the use of desomorphine lasted no more than 1, maximum 2 months. If the time does not begin therapy, the processes of decay and dying will no longer be reversible. In this case, only supportive treatment is carried out.

The video shows the consequences of using desomorphin for two months:

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