Honey and propolis with gastroduodenitis, treatment with tinctures and folk remedies

Most patients have a logical question: can gastroduodenitis be treated with honey and its derivatives? Traditional medicine knows many methods of treating this ailment by these means. Propolis - a unique product of beekeeping, is very popular due to the presence in the composition of a huge range of trace elements, vitamins and enzymes, which are mandatory for the normal functioning of the body, and in particular the gastrointestinal tract. Honey and propolis have a positive effect on all organs and increase the immune function.

Can honey with gastroduodenitis?

On the day of honey it is allowed to take up to four times, but not more than 150 g. It is used both in its original form and diluted with water. When gastroduodenitis should be considered that some of its varieties can lead to irritation of the stomach, so they are replaced by others.

When honey water is taken, an important value is taken to its temperature. Cold water will irritate the gastric mucosa, while warm water will promote rapid absorption and lowering of acidity. The duration of treatment with honey with gastroduodenitis is approximately two months.

When a honey treatment is performed, it is necessary to correctly determine the natural product.

Propolis with gastroduodenitis

Certainly, with gastroduodenitis treatment with propolis is the safest way. Usually this product is used in conjunction with herbs - mint, fennel, linden and licorice. Prepare such a decoction is easy enough. It is necessary to take all these ingredients in equal amounts and pour 600 ml of water. Then boil the broth for 20 minutes and leave to stand for about three hours. The next step is to add a mixture of propolis and honey. Take this broth 100 ml before eating for a couple of hours.

Treatment of gastroduodenitis is also effectively carried out due to propolis tincture. To make it, you need to grind this product well and add 1: 5 alcohol. The mixture of ingredients is insisted for two days in a dark place, and then the tincture is filtered and diluted with boiled water until the alcohol content is 30%.Use the drug a day three times 60 minutes before eating. The dose can be different, so if you take 20 drops, the therapy will last about three weeks, and if for 40 - then about two weeks.

Patients with high acidity with gastroduodenitis will benefit from a mixture of propolis and walnut milk. To get a nut milk, you need to boil 10 grams of crushed nuts in a glass of milk. In the finished liquid, dilute one teaspoon of honey and tincture( about 7 drops).The use of a mixture of 1/3 cup at a time can reduce acidity, as well as improve the general well-being of the patient. An additional effect of the remedy is the prevention of colds and improvement of well-being in hypertension.

So, is it possible to relieve pain with honey and tincture of propolis with gastroduodenitis? Of course yes! Patients note that the pain syndrome passes several days after receiving these funds. However, it must be remembered that gastroduodenitis therapy with beekeeping products is carried out only with the consent of the attending physician. Each method of therapy is different in its specificity, so the treatment of gastroduodenitis with honey gives an excellent result, if you select the drug for each patient individually. In this case, such ways of getting rid of the disease are considered the safest.

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