Drugs for improving hearing: tablets, drops, vitamins, mood Sytina

Living organisms are endowed with an amazing, complex ability, which is represented by hearing. The sounds of our environment, the voices of other people are accessible to us through the interaction of the auditory system, which includes the external, middle, inner ear.

Hearing loss usually manifests itself with varying strength, at different ages. The causes of hearing loss are also different, in some cases it is easy not only to fix them, but also to eliminate them. To easily eliminate the causes of hearing loss include infectious disease, the presence of sulfur inside the ear canal. In some cases, it is very difficult to diagnose a factor that affects the quality of the hearing.

BACKGROUND: Causes and factors

The most common causes that cause hearing loss can be:

  • age changes;
  • the impact of strong noise for a long time( music, roar of construction equipment, shooting, etc.);
  • trauma to the head, ear;
  • infectious lesions;
  • defects that are infectious, inherent in nature;
  • ototoksicheskoe influence of medicines, medical procedures( irradiation, chemotherapy, antibiotics).

Hearing loss can be triggered by various factors. Accordingly, specialists identify 2 types of hearing loss:

  1. Conductive. The development of hearing loss is affected by external ear pathologies( congenital defects of the ear canal, shells, obstruction of the ear canal, which could provoke earwax accumulations, foreign objects inside the organ).It can also be caused by disorders of the middle ear( otitis media, perforation of the tympanic membrane after traumas, otosclerosis, destruction of the auditory ossicle)
  2. Sensorine: This form of hearing loss is caused by the following factors: age changes in adults and elderly people, genetic disorders, Meniere's syndrome, head trauma, accompanied by a fracture of the temporal bone, kidney disease, the use of ototoxic drugs, prolonged exposure to noise, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, swelling of the auditory nerve, Infections( mumps, meningitis, influenza, syphilis)

Types of hearing loss


Before assigning the most appropriate treatment for hearing restoration, the specialist must prescribe a diagnostic pass, Diagnostic examination enables the doctor to pinpoint the hearing aid department in whichthere is a pathology that causes hearing loss

The most common diagnosis of patients with hearing loss is to perform such procedures:

  • impedance measurement;
  • fork tonal test;
  • threshold audiogram.

The doctor appoints the appropriate treatment only after receiving the results of the study. Let's take a closer look at each of the diagnostic methods:

Threshold audiometry. This diagnostic method provides data on the depth of hearing loss.

Camerontal test. Initially, the doctor applies a sound tuning fork to the center of the head. After that he is interested in the patient, which side of the vibration, the sound oscillation is heard more. Thus, the specialist determines the side of the lesion, the damage of conduction( through the air, along the bone).

Impedanceometry. Thanks to this method of diagnosis, a specialist assesses the condition of the middle ear. After all, it is this area of ​​the hearing aid that is responsible for the passage of sound aerial excitations.

Drugs for hearing improvement

There are a lot of ways to treat hearing loss. In the early stages of the disease, specialists usually prescribe various drugs that improve hearing. To more serious methods of therapy( external, internal devices), doctors turn when medicines do not have the proper effect.

To restore hearing, usually prescribe drugs from the following groups:

  • decongestants;
  • nootropics;
  • antihistamines;
  • antibiotics;
  • vitamins of group B.

The most popular preparations for improvement of hearing

The most effective means of

Specialists always prescribe the most effective drugs for eliminating hearing problems. Any drug should be prescribed only by doctors. Especially cautious to taking any medication should be treated in the therapy of children, the elderly.

The most effective drugs that a doctor can assign to a patient after conducting a diagnosis can be:

  • Acoustics. This drug contains a lot of chemical compounds that help saturate the cells of the auricles with oxygen, increase the tone of the vessels, improve blood circulation, normalize heat exchange inside the cells.
  • "Acoustin".The composition of the drug has many natural components, the work of which is aimed at normalizing the work of the hearing aid. Glycine, included in the composition, promotes the establishment of metabolic processes within the brain cells. Ginkgo biloba helps to increase the tone of blood vessels. Clover, dioscore is destroyed by atherosclerotic plaques, which are the cause of circulatory disorders in the area of ​​the auricles.
  • "Orthomol Audio".This medicine specialist writes out if there are special indications, which are the presence of very severe pain inside the ears. He perfectly copes with the pain, removes inflammation, stimulates blood circulation.

Reviews about Acustic in our video:

Inexpensive drugs

The above medicines do have a strong effect, but their cost is too expensive for many patients. There are drugs, the cost of which is much lower. The main thing is that they have quite a good effect in the therapy of hearing loss. The action of cheaper medications is aimed at:

  • improving blood circulation inside the organs of hearing, brain;
  • normalization of blood circulation.

Among the inexpensive effective drugs we note:

  • "Tanakan".
  • "Cerebrolysin".
  • "Vinpocetine".
  • "Glycine".
  • «Nootropil».

To activate the process of cell repair, the doctor can prescribe "Nilogrin", "Cavinton".Thanks to their reception, all the necessary microelements are delivered to the tissues.

When the hearing loss is triggered by the presence of a sulfur plug inside the ear, the doctor prescribes the following drugs:

  • Vaxol.
  • "A-Cerumen".
  • "Remo-Vaks".


Many drugs released in the form of drops can be used to improve hearing:

  • "Otipax".
  • "Anauran".
  • "Отинум".
  • "Candybiotic".
  • "Sophradex".
  • "Ciprofloxacin".
  • "A-Cerenum".
  • "Combined Duo".

Nastro Sytina

The mood is represented by verbally formulated "creative" thoughts about oneself. They are considered to be the most important, the main way to heal and improve a person. The essence of the mood of Sytin, known to many academicians, lies in verbally-emotional emotional management of the state.

After reading Sysin's mood, the person receives information, then the brain sends an impulse to the necessary system of the organism, in which the mechanism of recovery starts. Academician believes that people often themselves are the creators of their diseases. Accordingly, a positive attitude will help to eliminate various diseases of organs and body systems.

Sytin's mood for hearing improvement:

What else will the doctor recommend

In addition to nootropic drugs, a specialist can also prescribe B vitamins. To restore hearing, tablets are prescribed, which include:

  • thiamine( B1);
  • cyanocobalamin( B12);
  • pyridoxine( B6).

The above vitamins have a positive effect on the cells of the nervous system. Such vitamins are the central medication in the therapy of neuritis. Mix of the above vitamins is contained in such medicines:

  • "Milgamma".
  • "Milgamma compositum".
  • Benfotiamine.

The timing of treatment is usually determined by a specialist, he also sets the dosage of the drug.

Physiotherapy and hardware medicine

The doctor appoints the following procedures in addition to drug treatment:

  • ear blowing according to Politzer;
  • physiotherapy;
  • hyperbaric oxygenation;
  • breathing exercises;
  • massage.


Thanks to modern medicine, almost all cases of hearing loss can be corrected. In some cases, surgery can only help - stapedectomy with stapedoplasty. Its essence lies in the removal of the staple plate immured inside the oval window using a laser.

In its place put a prosthesis or a titanium implant. This operation was performed in the treatment of otosclerosis. To treat purulent otitis media, tympanoplasty is used. It was also possible to restore the chain of auditory ossicles, the tympanic membrane.


Thanks to modern medicine and technology, it is possible to restore the damaged hearing. Many hearing impaired people were able to hear the sounds of the environment. Elimination of the cause of hearing loss is more effective in the early detection of a problem.

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