How to treat acne on the face at home

Why is information about the treatment of acne on the face at home at home so relevant every year? Because, many people face this problem. If earlier acne was a scourge of adolescents, then today and adults suffer from rashes. The reason for this is improper nutrition, life in the city, constant stress, hormonal changes.

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Important! In addition, that acne on the face just spoils the appearance, they are also extremely dangerous. Rashes can be sore, itching. Often foci of inflammation spread further, affecting all the larger areas of the skin.

What to do to eliminate acne on the face

If you need a quick treatment for acne on the face at home, then without a comprehensive approach and obtaining certain

knowledge simply can not do. In no case pimples should not be squeezed out: you can only provoke inflammation. But how to act in a situation where there are pimples on the face and they interfere with normal life?

Determine the cause of

Eruptions on the face do not appear just like that. It will be necessary to find out exactly why the pimples appeared, then the fight will be comprehensive and effective. In addition to the age factor, the cause of formations is often a change in the hormonal background, malnutrition, disruption of the sebaceous glands, a state of prolonged stress and even the problems of internal organs.

Important! It is unlikely that you yourself can accurately determine the cause of this skin condition. So, be sure to make an appointment with an endocrinologist to find together the cause of the problem and the ways to fix it.

How to eliminate the causes of acne on the face:

  1. Wrong operation of the sebaceous glands is eliminated by restoring the water, air and vitamin balance of the skin.
  2. Problems in the endocrine system are eliminated by determining the exact pathology and disease. Disease should be treated under the supervision of a doctor.
  3. If the cause is food, then the diet should be changed drastically. Stop eating salty, smoked, stop frying foods. The proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet should be increased. Extremely useful fresh herbs.

Effective Traditional Medicine Recipes

Treatment for acne on the face at home in adolescents and adults is often done using traditional medicine recipes. Mixtures, decoctions and tinctures help to eliminate inflammation, relieve painful symptoms. If the exact causes of the rashes are determined, folk recipes often help also cope with these causes.

What will help with teenage pimples:

  1. Onion. It is used in a situation when a pimple starts to pick up, but can not break through. The bulb should be cleaned and baked in the oven. Then take one lobe and apply for the night to the affected area( fix the band-aid, gauze).
  2. Labrador tea berries( available from the pharmacy) .For a large spoonful of berries( finely chopped) pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. To insist 24 hours, and then once a day to take inside.
  3. Herbal decoction based on birch and nettle leaves , with the addition of burdock, the roots of the field dandelion. You will need to drink a decoction of 50 ml three times a day before meals. The broth perfectly removes inflammation.
  4. Ginger root .Clean 2-3 cm of ginger root, apply to the affected areas. Ginger pulls from the skin toxins, eliminates purulent discharge. The decoction of marigold can be safely used as lotion .Wiping is allowed up to 3-4 times a day. Dry flowers in a dessert spoon simply pour 0, 25 liters of boiling water, insist 30 minutes.
  5. Aloe juice should be squeezed out of the leaves of .Pre-ripped leaves for three days to keep in the refrigerator. Juice is also suitable for rubbing.

Folk recipes for the treatment of acne in adults

Of course, the treatment of acne on the face at home with the folk remedies listed above, can be conducted in adults. It is important to understand that the recipes described for teens are similar in the situation when the cause of the rashes is a change in the hormonal background. But, what to do in other cases?

Baking soda

Add a spoonful of water to a large spoonful of soda. Apply the mixture to the pimple for several minutes. Soda contributes to narrowing the pores, it eliminates the excessive fat content of the skin.

Green tea

Green leaf tea can be used for treatment. You will need to brew the drink, insist it and strain it. Then moisten the gauze in tea and apply it to the face. This mask reduces the number of bacteria and will not allow inflammation to spread to new areas of the skin.


You need to buy fresh lemon and cut it with rings. The rings should be applied to the affected areas for 5 minutes once a day. This folk recipe perfectly cleanses the face.

Egg protein

For home treatment for acne, you need only take home chicken eggs. In store eggs, there may not be those nutrient components that, when working on acne, can eliminate them. It will be necessary to separate the protein from the yolk, whisk to a foam and apply for 15 minutes on the face. This remedy perfectly removes grease.

Honey bees

Also in the treatment of acne on the face at home, bee honey is actively used. Thin layer of grease the face and leave for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Honey cures inflammation, kills harmful bacteria. It will help reduce the amount of acne.

Do not forget that when the problem is eliminated, it does not mean that you can again eat something horrible and do not care for the skin. It is necessary to use correct cosmetics, adhere to a healthy diet and just follow the status of your body.

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