Changes, diseases( diseases) of the pancreas in a child, stall, tumors, cancer, malfunction, immaturity in children

One of the most urgent modern problems in gastroenterology, doctors call diagnostics and therapy of pancreatic changes in children. And every year the situation is only aggravated.

The most common ailment of this organ in childhood, according to statistics, is pancreatitis. Often, it has a persistent character and subsequently leads to endocrine insufficiency. At the initial phase, the disease is limited to the pancreas of the child. In case of untimely diagnosis, the whole organ of the child gradually changes.

In rare, most neglected stages, a similar change in the functioning of the pancreas can provoke a tumor of this organ. Most often, this disease affects adults. But, according to the results of recent anatomical studies, recently cases of the defeat of children with neoplastic diseases have become more frequent.

In addition to the described problems, it is not uncommon for children to see such a change in the functioning of the pancreas, as the underdevelopment of this organ. As a rule, this disorder is considered to be an age-related disorder. And when a certain stage in development is reached, it ceases.

Pancreatic diseases in children

As experts say, today every fifth child, there is a failure in the work of this body. Speaking the language of the man in the street, all ailments of the pancreas can be divided into congenital and acquired. And, those and other diseases, occur equally often. And often, congenital pathologies, subsequently provoke the further development of acquired diseases.

The most common congenital diseases are called maldevelopment of the body, traumatic injury, vice. Among the acquired diseases, the palm tree belongs to pancreatitis. Dysfunction of the pancreas of the child is also less common. By the way, very often, these two ailments are mistakenly identified. Much less often, in medical practice, there is such a serious change as a malignant tumor of this organ. Fortunately, most often the disease affects not a child, but an adult organism.

Pancreas rupture in a child

A similar condition in childhood, occurs as often as in adults. Disruption of the pancreas is especially dangerous, since the inflammation is concentrated not only in the indicated organ, but gradually spread throughout the body.

As a rule, such a state is observed in the child in the so-called transition phases, when there are changes in diet, vital activity, development of the organism. For example, when introducing artificial mixtures, during complementary feeding, vaccination, teething.

You can recognize this condition by the following features:

  • elevated temperature;
  • pale skin;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the left hypochondrium.

It is not necessary to try to kill yourself this condition in the child. This can only worsen the situation. You should immediately seek professional help from a specialist. And also to limit the intake of any food and liquid.

Tumors and pancreatic cancer in children

Perhaps the most severe change that a child can develop against this background is various types of tumors. The main factors that provoke them, experts call genetic predisposition, as well as chronic pancreatitis. Fortunately, cancer of the gland is diagnosed in children is extremely rare.

More than 80% of patients who have been diagnosed with this condition have reached the elderly or senile age.

Pancreas failure in a child

There are many factors that can provoke a malfunction in the work of this organ. The most common of these are:

  • viral diseases( influenza, mumps, and others);
  • ailments of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • taking medications;
  • power failure.

There is a malfunction in the pancreas, pains of various genesis in the upper abdomen, which, usually, several times a day are aggravated. There is also a decrease in appetite in children, nausea, vomiting, stools. It is not rare, there is increased salivation. If such a condition occurs, an immediate hospitalization of the child is required. The patient needs a bed rest, constant monitoring of the doctor, as well as strict adherence to a special menu.

Pancreas immaturity in children

Pancreatic immaturity is a fairly common phenomenon in childhood. It is due to the fact that the body produces an insufficient number of enzymes for the breakdown of food. When diagnosing this change, doctors prescribe the child the intake of special enzymes. As a rule, such a state is called age. And in most cases, when taking reduced enzymes, when the child reaches a certain age, passes by himself.

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