Growing polyp, how fast( how much) grows, why grows?

Polyps of the digestive organs, diagnosed recently more and more not only in the elderly, but also in those who are young enough, tend to become strongly growing and degenerate into a malignant tumor.

To avoid this terrible consequence, larger polyps should be urgently removed. And small, in order to avoid their further development, cauterize.

Polyps can be completely eliminated only if they are found at the very beginning of development and have had timely therapy. But when these growing pathological defects of the digestive organs are in a neglected state, and also their mucosal presence( polyposis) is observed, eliminating the pathology completely becomes much more difficult. Often it is necessary to remove and that part of the organ on which these neoplasms are located.

How quickly grow polyps?

The growth of these tumorous, benign neoplasms up to a certain time, is caused by several factors. The main among them are the following:

  • Some infectious and inflammatory diseases, diagnosed in both digestive organs and throughout the body;
  • Damage to the walls of the digestive tract, having a mechanical character;
  • Surgery performed on the stomach or intestines;
  • Hereditary factor.

Also on such patients question: "How quickly polyps grow and how many of them can be formed in one organ?", It can be answered that the number and rate of increase in the sizes of these tumors, and besides the tendency to their degeneration into cancer, a significantinfluenced by poor environmental conditions and the psychological mood of a person. In adverse circumstances, the number of defects can be multiple, causing such a dangerous disease as polyposis, and an increase in size is very fast.

Growing polyp in the gastrointestinal tract in almost all cases leads to oncology. It is believed that the pathological increase in these benign neoplasms occurs very rapidly, approximately 2 mm per year. This is a very dangerous sign, since even the slightest delay with their removal can lead to irreversible consequences.

When patients who have this pathology is diagnosed, the question arises as to how rapidly the polyps grow and how long it can take before their malignancy, it should be noted that often their increase in size is not observed for a sufficiently long time. Usually, as long as a person does not have a stressful situation, which usually provokes the accelerated development of this new growth.

The pathological condition of the blood vessels also has a significant influence on the rate of development of the polyp. This can be as a varicose veins, located in the internal organs, and atherosclerosis in the vessels of the brain. In addition, a large role in this process in diverticular disease has been demonstrated.

Why growing polyps are dangerous?

While this neoplasm has small dimensions, they have almost no harmful effect on the human body. But since the beginning of its increase, it is beginning to cause serious problems to the patient:

  • Growing polyps that have reached a significant size, as well as large clusters of them, can cover the narrow passages that are found in the digestive organs. In this case, the patient begins to feel signs of obstruction in the intestine or esophagus, as well as paroxysmal pains;
  • The larger the neoplasm, the greater the mechanical damage from food being in the process of digestion, it gets. This usually causes significant internal bleeding;
  • The speed of her malignancy depends on the size of the pathology.

The greatest danger is represented by polyps in the intestine growing from its wall into the hollow lumen. The cause is usually chronic inflammation. The majority of both benign and malignant outgrowths of the large intestine is detected and removed using a device such as a colonoscope.

Used for these defects of the mucosa of the digestive organs and hormonal drugs that suppress the ability to increase in size in growing polyps. But in the case of this method of therapy, harm to the body is much more than good.

That's why in polyposis, medics use drugs that need to be applied directly to the polyp using a special sprinkler. This procedure is performed in conjunction with the taking of a certain medication inward. But the most effective for stopping the rapid growth of this tumor is complex treatment.

Also according to the claims of the majority of folk healers, the development of these growing tumors on the walls of the digestive organs, and their transformation into tumors, stops tea made from the viburnum.

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