General blood test( UAC) with pancreatitis, leukocytes, ESR

Patients with chronic pancreatitis regularly examine saliva, feces, urine, blood, internal organs. These tests( analyzes) are part of the treatment, the blood is examined in different ways. A general blood test( OAB in pancreatitis) is necessary for the detection of antigen and inflammation. Enzymes can be increased only with exacerbations, with inflammations doctors observe an increase in leukocytes( ten or more times).The norm of healthy people is considered to be their blood content at the level of 8.5 - 4 billion per liter. Detailed information on the overall level of content of individual components is given below.

At the time of attack, leukocytes in pancreatitis increase in 68% of patients, diagnosis is not associated with complex methods, does not require expensive equipment, therefore, it is often used. The rate of ESR in pancreatitis is the second important indicator. Sedation of erythrocytes within 15 - 2 millimeters per hour is considered normal in the analyzes, the disease increases this index by half( severe course of the disease).The rate of ESR increases with metastases, tumors( neglected).

A single general blood test( OAB in pancreatitis) is never considered, all indicators are examined by specialists in dynamics, supplemented by other studies( saliva, urine, feces).Included in the general analysis is the calculation of ICSU, MCH, hemoglobin( which can increase up to 50%).The body is dehydrated during vomiting accompanying an attack, therefore, the blood becomes thick. Reduced hemoglobin and erythrocytes in the analysis only when vomiting this substance, bleeding inside the intestine( stomach).The red blood component is less susceptible to changes than white blood.

From the onset of an exacerbation to the onset of improvement, leukocytes in pancreatitis are increased, the formula shifts to the left before the onset of remission. If the disease is combined with colitis, enteritis, hepatitis, neutrophils appear. The parameter of the rate of ESR in pancreatitis is similar to the previous one, it starts to decrease earlier, one day after the attack, it does not happen in all patients. Very rarely in the analyzes, there is zazinopenia( with low immunity), leukopenia occurs more often( leukocytes decrease on the periphery).

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