What if the worms in a child and an adult at home?

Worms are the lowest class of worms that live and reproduce in the human body. They get there by contamination in different ways - from humans, from animals and through soil. According to statistics, almost every third person on the planet is the owner of a parasitic infection.

Helminths are divided into three main classes:

  • roundworms
  • tapeworms
  • flukes

The type of worms should be considered in order to choose the right way to do what. Not all helminths are equally sensitive to different methods of traditional medicine. A similar situation develops with respect to pharmacological preparations. Therefore, in order to select the optimal medicinal product, the doctor recommends to make a test for determining the type of parasites.

Before starting treatment( both traditional and folk methods), it is necessary to understand how the infection is caused by worms. The patient should do everything in order not to become infected with worms again. And the impact on risk factors is a very effective preventive method in this regard. These factors include:

  • dirty hands( this is the main condition for implementing the main ways of infection with worms);
  • work with earth without gloves( doing homework always follows in the means of protection);
  • insect bite( this factor is important for worms that have an intermediate host);
  • eating raw or poorly thermally processed fish or meat in the event that the worm larvae ripen in the body of the intermediate host( so making meat and fish salting is not recommended either in the home or in the industrial environment);
  • consumption of fruits and vegetables that were not immediately washed in a sufficient amount of running water( it is flowing, not standing, in which microorganisms and parasites proliferate uncontrolled);
  • close contact with domestic pets( this is a prerequisite for infection with ascarids);
  • direct contact with a sick person( therefore it is recommended to have a personal towel, washcloth and personal utensils).

What should I do if my worms start up in a person?

Currently, there are many preparations for the destruction of worms. You can start taking modern medicines( of course, only those prescribed by the doctor), and you can resort to traditional medicine. It will help to destroy parasites on their own at home. How to make your choice, it's up to you. You can start with folk treatment( if you hesitate to contact a specialist), and then by laboratory methods to evaluate its effectiveness. When an unsuccessful attempt to go to the parasitologist can not be avoided, and tragedy should not be made of this.

What if the child has worms? This problem often often worries parents. They hope to hear some kind of universal recipe. Mom and dad are worried about what can be done at home if the child has worms? There are many recipes for getting rid of worms. Consider several options:

  1. In a small saucepan pour water and add five to seven cloves of garlic, and bring to a boil. Then strain the broth and let it cool down on its own. Seven consecutive days, to do before going to sleep your child enemas from this broth. This procedure will help get rid of worms. However, resort to it is only if the child is older than 7-10 years. At an earlier age, these enemas can have an aggressive effect on the children's intestines, so do not recommend them.
  2. Grind one onion and garlic( 3 heads) with a knife, pour the resulting mixture with boiled water( warm) and leave for 15 minutes. Then strain and cook the broth with two liters of boiled water. In the finished solution squeeze out one spoonful of lemon juice. After the child descends "on the big" in a toilet, it is necessary to make an enema from this broth. This procedure helps to get rid of worms quickly. Do it three to four times at home.
  3. The following enema solution is done so. One large spoonful of tansy should be poured with boiling water, approximately 0.5 liters. Cool and strain through a fine sieve. An enema with such a solution is done once a day, no more.
  4. Peeled pumpkin seeds should be given to eat a child with green skin every day. If you want the worms to disappear completely, then you need to do this for 14 days. Also, this method is perfect as an effective measure of prevention against helminths, available at home.

What if the adult has worms? Let's consider some effective methods of getting rid of these parasites:

  1. You can make a decoction from the buckthorn. Spoon buckthorn pour freshly boiled water and put it to infuse( always covering it with something warm) for 2-3 hours. After filter the broth and drink one large spoon four times a day.
  2. In the process of getting rid of parasites, garlic enema will be useful - crush five to seven cloves of garlic in boiled water, cool and filter. Do it every day for a week.
  3. Mix in equal parts each of the herbs - centaury and wormwood. Take a spoonful of the resulting mixture, add to it 200 ml of water and boil for about 20 minutes. After self-cooling, strain and drink one glass of solution in the morning on an empty stomach, and also in the evening before going to bed. Take this solution for eight days. This will achieve the best result.
  4. Take equal parts of dried blueberry berries, elephant root high and tansy ordinary. Finely-finely chop and mix to make a mixture in the form of a powder. Make a decoction of approximately one st.a spoonful of powder for 200 ml. The present broth to take 15 ml( the equivalent of 1 large spoon), washed down with water. In this way it is necessary to be treated within a week.
  5. Enema of milk and garlic. One head of garlic is chopped and boiled in 200 ml of milk. Then the resulting solution is cooled and filtered. Make an enema and leave it as far as possible for the whole night. To surely get rid of worms, this "enema" treatment should be repeated for seven days in a row.
  6. Clean the pomegranate, peel and pour water, bring to a boil and let it brew. Cooled broth is recommended to use immediately after cooking for 60 minutes, distributing it for three or four meals. It is important not to eat at this time. After waiting 2.5 - 3 hours and take a laxative.
  7. Grind the onion and pour into a bottle. Pour the onion with alcohol and insist for ten days. Take in the morning and evening( before breakfast and dinner) for one spoonful.
  8. One teaspoon of herb wormwood brew with two glasses of boiling water. Cool and strain through a sieve. Take a decoction of 30 ml three times - four times a day, about 20 minutes before eating. This solution works well for the excretion of worms.
  9. Clean the green walnuts from the shell. Approximately three - four tablespoons of nuts pour boiling water, just received. Let it brew for about thirty minutes. Drink the broth throughout the day. Do not forget to take a laxative between the use of infusion of walnuts.
  10. Add 1 kg of fresh sorrel to 1000 ml of water and send to a water bath( approximately two hours).The resulting broth strain, adding to it 50 grams( but not more, since sweet is a good food for helminths) of granulated sugar. Put on the fire, where the mixture should be, until the excess liquid is evaporated( approximately 200 ml of decoction should remain).Drink the whole glass for a day, taking it every time two hours before eating.
  11. 45-50g tansies( this is about 3 large spoons) pour boiling water. Cool, then drain. Take the resulting solution at least three times a day in a spoonful.

Also to adults for prevention from the appearance of worms, it is recommended to eat a lot of red hot pepper. It well destroys all parasites at the expense of capsaicin contained in it. Children with a preventive goal are advised to eat plenty of fresh carrots.

And this is not all the folk ways to fight worms. Enumerate them endlessly. But do not forget that with any self-medication you need to constantly consult a doctor. It should be remembered that the earlier treatment begins, the less the organism will get harm from parasites. Using popular advice, it will be possible to forget about worms forever!

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