Why with a very severe headache, tablets can not help

1 Causes of a headache

If the symptom of "headache" manifests itself regularly at a high frequency, then it is necessary to find out the cause of the pain. The reasons for this state are numerous. Taking medication may not have any effect, because it does not eliminate, and sometimes aggravates the cause of the agonizing condition.

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The condition described by the words "headache" is not a disease, but an alarm signal that indicates problems in some body system. Such pain can be caused by a variety of problem states. Accordingly, the head hurts differently: with varying intensity, localization and duration.

The factors that cause a headache can be the following:

  1. Stresses, nervous and physical overloads, agitation, the emergence of conflict situations, frequent suppression of emotions. In this case, pain can cause vasoconstriction.
  2. Abuse of alcoholic beverages, smoking.
  3. Cold or various types of infectious diseases( eg, influenza, sinusitis).
  4. The phenomenon of rheumatism in the neck or upper spine.
  5. Change in blood pressure( increase or decrease).
  6. Allergic reactions to certain foods, poisoning.
  7. Frequent eye overload.
  8. Exposure to a number of medications.
  9. A number of other reasons: too dry air, meteorological dependence, etc.

Some of these reasons can not be overlooked. Poisoning or stuffiness in the room are episodes, coping with which is sometimes easy. And this is a way to get rid of the agonizing state. But in the event that your head hurts every day, and the pills do not help or their effect is short-lived, you should consult a specialist. Sometimes a doctor can recommend to undergo an examination, because the cause of this condition can be a serious illness. But even if the factor causing pain is not so dangerous, drugs can not take off the attack simply because they do not correspond to the real problem.

In addition, sometimes the head hurts because of the drugs themselves. Studies of doctors in many countries around the world have shown that about 20% of patients' complaints with headache complaints are treated with the abolition of analgesic drugs. Such symptoms appear after taking some other types of medications, for example hormonal drugs."Drug" form of the disease is experienced as a very strong pain that tortures a person for a long time and increases with any kind of stress. The cessation of uncontrolled intake of funds not designated by the doctor is an effective and simple method of cure.

2 Recommendations for treatment of

The next step, relieving from regular situations, when the head hurts, and pills do not help, can become a normalization of the way of life. Lack of physical activity, constant stress, emotional strain, insecurity or irritation, any kind of fatigue - such causes cause pain. After analyzing the circumstances leading to the pain lasting several days, you can see this relationship. Measures that allow to cope with the problem qualitatively are as follows: to avoid disturbances( sometimes, sedatives or antidepressants help, but not analgesics), to qualitatively and correctly eat, to support the body with vitamins. Overeating in this case is as harmful as starvation. A good undertaking will be to reduce the amount of strong coffee and tea, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, quit smoking.

If severe pain affects a person more than one day - this may be a symptom of an infectious disease. Thus, it can manifest sinusitis, viral infections. Analgesics in such cases bring a very brief relief( about 30 minutes), then the pain returns. Tonsillitis, sinusitis, and frontal causes an increase in pressure on the skull as a consequence of blockage of the nasal sinuses. This is the cause of painful sensations. You can get rid of suffering only by curing the underlying disease.


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Migraines are a serious condition in which an attack lasts for several hours, and sometimes more than one day. Migraines do not cover the entire head, often half of the face or one hemisphere pulsates. It is preceded by sensations that can be caught and remembered: closedness, unwillingness to communicate, irritation arising from bright light or loud noises.

Sometimes, sudden attacks of nausea or vomiting occur. If migraine attacks are constant, taking analgesics is often useless. The appointment of medications and other methods of treatment in this case must be entrusted to the doctor. A detailed examination is necessary to determine the nature of the disease and the way it is controlled.

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A very common phenomenon is the problem caused by blood pressure jumps. This can lead to dizziness, migraine and even to strokes. Do not neglect such symptoms. It is necessary to seek the help of specialists. A treatment should be aimed at solving the underlying problem. Drugs change the pressure upward or downward. This gives an opportunity to cope with the first sign of the disease - a migraine. People suffering from pressure drops should be carefully monitored, and regular medication prescribed by the doctor, stabilizing blood pressure indicators.

3 What else is used?

There are a number of alternative medicamentous treatments for ways to get rid of the disease. This can be a massage or traditional medicine. A doctor-osteopath helps to remove spasmodic manifestations, which caused unpleasant sensations, restores the correct position of vertebrae and other organs. In some cases, physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed( for example, with sinusitis), reflexology or manual therapy of the head. Such "events" can take quite a long time - from a few days to months. The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease.

The second method( folk recipes) often has both symptomatic and preventive effects. Chamomile broth is used as a sedative or antiseptic. You can find tips on how to cure the disease with honey, garlic or bee venom. But nevertheless the method of treatment is better coordinated with the doctor-neuropathologist( or other expert) who should receive all information about the history of the disease, its manifestations, take into account the features of the physical condition and age. Before visiting a doctor, it is necessary to conduct your own "research" well: write down for some time( more than a month) in which cases an attack occurred, which preceded it, how much it lasted. It is important to note the location of unpleasant sensations. It is recommended to record what tablets and how much the patient took. Thus, it is possible to create conditions for correct diagnosis.

In many cases, the doctor can prescribe additional examinations to clarify the diagnosis: echoencephalography, ultrasound of blood flow in the main vessels of the brain, and examination of their tone.

One of the most informative and modern methods in this case can be considered computed tomography. Its use allows the timely detection of a large number of serious diseases.

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