We treat the pancreas( pancreatitis disease), how and what to treat, whether it is possible to cure forever( completely), who is cured?

The best way to prevent pancreatic diseases is to prevent them. At the earliest stages of treatment, the patient is prescribed a strict diet, a special program for cleansing the body of harmful microelements and regular sessions of massage of the hypochondrium and abdominal region. If the above methods do not have a positive effect on the patient's health, specialists can recommend him to undergo a course of drug treatment( outpatient or inpatient).Drugs are selected individually, depending on the characteristics of the patient's body.

The most severe cases of pancreatic diseases require surgical intervention. Operations to restore the body are carried out with the help of special equipment, and to restore the patient after them an additional( preventive) course of treatment is used, combining both medicamental and "folk" methods of treatment. The latter implies the conduct of an active lifestyle, the use of all kinds of broths, sprays, etc.

How and what to treat pancreatitis?

The first step towards successful treatment of pancreatitis is to follow a strict diet. The patient is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and eat spicy and fatty foods. In addition to the diet, doctors prescribe patients a complex of painkillers and vitamins, as well as substitution therapy with enzymes. As a rule, in most cases, a conservative decision gives a positive result in a few weeks, but in some situations it may not be enough. Then specialists are forced to resort to surgical intervention in the patient's body, while applying to the use of special drainage and endoscopic equipment.

The rehabilitation period after the operation also requires the patient to comply with all the doctor's instructions and taking special medications aimed at stabilizing the internal organs and scar scarring. In addition, the recovering is recommended to undergo a massage of the lumbar region and abdomen, as well as give some attention to physical stress, which has a positive effect on the health of the pancreas.

Can pancreatitis be cured?

Qualitative elimination of symptoms of pancreatitis depends on the degree of neglect of the disease. If you find inflammation of the pancreas at an early stage and choose the right treatment, you can get rid of the disease once and for all. However, it must be remembered that in many cases the symptoms of the disease simply subside, which means that they can manifest themselves at any time.

In order to cure pancreatitis, one should stick to a certain lifestyle for many years. You can not drink alcohol, smoke, eat spicy and fatty foods, avoid stress. If you violate all these rules, the disease can return in an even more severe form and you can forget about its complete cure.

Thus, cure pancreatitis is completely possible only in the early stages of the disease and under the strict guidance of a doctor. Chronic forms of the disease are eliminated extremely rarely and then only as a result of using a complex set of procedures of a medicinal and surgical nature conducted in specialized clinics with the use of expensive innovative equipment.

Is pancreatitis completely cured?

In the treatment of pancreatitis it is difficult to say how successful it will be, and for how long the patient's pancreas will function normally. In general, complete elimination of the symptoms of the disease is possible, however, only for a certain period. In the realities of modern life it is practically impossible to adhere to a lifestyle that is necessary to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Constant stress, harmful food and bad ecology does not allow the weakened organism to come to the physical form, even if all the recommendations of the doctor are observed. That is why it is possible to cure pancreatitis completely only theoretically. In practice, it is unlikely to do this.

The only option to eliminate all the symptoms of the disease will be a surgical operation, but external attacks on internal organs will in itself sometimes lead to the occurrence of recurrent cases. In addition, the age-related factor interferes with full recovery: older people suffer from the return of the disease in 95% of cases.

How to cure pancreatitis forever?

According to modern medicine, getting rid of pancreatitis is forever impossible. As a rule, the complete elimination of its symptoms is replaced by a set of measures aimed at improving pancreatic functions including various sparing diets, massages, and the like. Drug therapy is recommended to be used only for a short time, since in the case of regular use of medications the work of other vital organs - liver, kidneys and heart - is disrupted.

Another option that you can try to use for complete cure of pancreatitis is surgical intervention. However, such a decision will lead to increased rigidity in monitoring the patient's health and significantly complicate his daily life. That's why experienced specialists recommend to resort to surgery only in especially severe cases of the course of the disease, and in others to manage the standard set of procedures developed by gastroenterology for the treatment of inflammatory processes occurring in the pancreas.

Is it possible to cure chronic pancreatitis?

Qualitative disposal of the patient from the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis is possible only when performing a complex series of gastrointestinal procedures, including both medicamental and surgical treatment. At the heart of getting rid of chronic pancreatic diseases is a timely diagnosis, aimed at identifying the causes and development of pancreatitis. On the basis of successfully conducted diagnostic studies, the doctor can more accurately identify the main foci of the disease and prescribe more effective treatment.

Surgical surgery is one of the most reliable ways to save a patient from a painful illness. Carrying out such a procedure significantly increases the chances of the patient for an early recovery and helps prevent the occurrence of possible relapses. An obligatory condition for getting rid of chronic pancreatitis is its prevention. If the patient will fulfill all the requirements of the attending physician, follow a strict diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, he can expect that pancreatitis will take a long, long time to complete. However, when a person reaches the elderly, in 95% of cases, a dangerous illness returns. Nevertheless, it is possible that in the future this problem will be eliminated.

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