Berries and dried fruits with a stomach ulcer: grapes, sea buckthorn, cranberries, cranberries, dates, dried apricots

Forest and garden berries contain a storehouse of substances necessary for human health. But the dietary table, intended for people with GI disease, often restricts or completely prohibits their use. Why is this so, what berries are useful for a stomach ulcer?

Grapes, raisins with gastric ulcer

The chemical composition of fresh berries includes all the elements required for the body to fully develop.

  • Grapes strengthen the immune system;
  • Stimulates brain activity;
  • is an excellent prevention of stress;
  • Prevents oncological diseases;

But, despite the above advantages, grapes with gastric ulcer are limited in use during remission and are prohibited during exacerbation.

Nutritionists explain this by the fact that organic acids contained in berries can provoke a gastric disorder, flatulence, relapses of the disease.

Grapes are allowed in the following cases:

  • With prolonged remission, do not abuse the product;
  • If the berries are ripe and the variety is sweet;
  • Several peeled grapes can be eaten as a snack, without mixing them with other fruits, vegetables, dairy products;
  • Dried grapes( raisins) are allowed in the nutrition of the peptic ulcer. Before eating it or adding raisins to ready meals, it is necessary to rinse and soak in water.
  • In the diet menu, raisins with gastric ulcer are offered as a sweet treat for breakfast or snack. A handful of dried fruits perfectly suits as an independent snack.

Can sour berries be with an ulcer?

According to the content of medicinal biological substances wild-growing plants of cranberries and cranberries are one of the most useful berries with a sour taste.

Cranberry, as well as cowberry, with stomach ulcer is prohibited in the patient's diet, if the ailment has worsened.

Aromatic acidic berries taste stimulate secretion, irritating the walls of the stomach.

When the disease recedes, flowing from the acute phase to the chronic stage, the berries with sugar in small portions can be carefully introduced into the patient's diet.

It is important to remember that:

  • Not only cranberries, cranberries with ulcers, eaten fresh, but also thermally processed berries are capable of exciting digestive gastric glands. Therefore, sour curative berries with sugar, drinks and sweets, cooked from them - a treat that appears infrequently on the table of a peanut;
  • Cranberries, cranberries with stomach ulcers, berry jams, jams, fruit drinks, are allowed only for a full stomach;
  • If the cranberries are allowed in a limited quantity, then to prevent the onset of the disease, gastroenterologists are advised to drink at least two glasses of medicinal juice a day. Possessing a powerful antimicrobial effect, the berry drink prevents reproduction of H. pylori and prevents the appearance of the disease.

Sea buckthorn with stomach ulcer

Brightly orange berries growing on sprawling bushes are recognized as the only plant on Earth that contains so many vitamins and trace elements in its composition. Half a glass of berry drink a day can fill the daily requirement of the body in all the substances necessary for it.

Seabuckthorn with stomach ulcer promotes early healing of the mucous membrane, reducing the inflammatory process in the intestines and stomach. Therefore, in dietary nutrition with a low acidity of the stomach, any product from berries is shown: juice, sea-buckthorn infusion on water, syrup, oil.

Sea buckthorn is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Berry is able to irritate the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and pancreas.

Therefore, if peptic ulcer is aggravated with high acidity of the stomach, before you include products from sea buckthorn in the daily menu, you need to consult a gastroenterologist.

Dried fruits with stomach ulcer: dried apricots, dates, prunes

Dried fruits are energy-intensive nutritious food for the work of the digestive tract during the remission period, but the prohibited product in case of exacerbation.

  • Prunes with a stomach ulcer is better to choose dried. Smoked plums will act irritatingly on the mucous membranes of the body. Prunes are often used for making compotes, desserts. Pre-soaked in warm water dried fruit is added to the finished porridge.
  • The composition of dried apricots is rich in vitamins and plant fibers, cleansing the intestines and normalizing its work. Dried apricots with stomach ulcer are widely used in dietary cooking. This delicious fragrant dried fruit is added to cereals, desserts, is the basis of compotes, kissels. Dried apricots can easily replace high-calorie sweets, becoming a full snack or treat to tea.
  • Dates in the stomach ulcer are extremely healthy, but only if they are eaten in limited quantities, after removing the rough skin. The minerals, vitamins, vegetable fibers included in the dried fruit composition favorably influence both the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism. They are also an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antitumor product. Fruits can cause allergies. Patients prone to food allergies should exercise caution.
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