Black cumin: Photo

Black cumin is a plant, the seeds of which are used as seasonings and for making oils, which are often used in cooking and folk medicine. To be able to determine this plant in appearance, choose the most useful right seeds, it is worth looking at the photo of black cumin and get acquainted with its detailed description.

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Black cumin- a two-year-old plant, sometimes reaching a meter in height. Its seeds are used for different purposes, from adding to food as a spice before treatment with the help of seeds. You can even try to grow this plant yourself, if there is a dacha, it is unpretentious, it's quite easy to take care of it.

Cumin - photo

Cumin - low plant, usually up to one meter in height, ends in a small "umbrella".This plant has a fairly strong root, reminiscent of the spindle, the stem is smooth, the next leaves are placed from the root to the top, they are becoming smaller to the top of the plant. The stem is formed in the second year of plant life, each shoot has one inflorescence. The whole part of the caraway is seen on the photo of the plant.

Cumin flowers are small enough, white, consist of five petals. The fetus is the fruit of this plant, at the end of ripening it breaks into two halves, the stem by that time almost completely dries up and turns brown. Blooms this plant throughout the summer, the fruits begin to form closer to the fall in the second year of plant life.

Grain, black cumin seeds are small, up to several centimeters in length, elongated black granules, somewhat resembling rice. It is worth looking at the photos of the seeds, so that it is clear how exactly the grain should look.

What color is the oil of black cumin?

The color of the oil based on seeds is dark brown, saturated. Draft at the bottom of the bubble should not be, although sometimes unscrupulous sellers assure that his presence is normal.

Oil must be stored and sold in a container of dark glass, it must not be exposed to sunlight. Store the oil in a dark cool place, tightly clog after use, so that its useful properties are preserved.

Where the

grows The seasoning is common in the European part of Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus. This plant is extremely unpretentious, it can grow even on roadsides. However, it is worth noting that it is best to grow in a warm climate well prepared for this soil.

Important! However, it is not necessary to collect a plant growing near roads, dumps, large enterprises and factories. In the plant, various heavy metals and harmful substances are easily accumulated.

Cultivation of

In the presence of a summer house and a prepared greenhouse, seasoning can begin to grow independently, this plant is unpretentious. However, it should be taken into account that it is possible to collect the seeds only in the second year of growth, when the fruits of the plant finally appear. Caraway seeds reproduce by seed method.

The better the quality of soil and fertilizer, the better, but the plant can safely grow and develop even under minimally favorable conditions. The soil must be moist, so it is best to plant the crop in the spring. In this case, cumin normally tolerates the cold, for the winter it should not be closed.

Before sowing seeds are advised to soak in water for several days, as they germinate quite slowly. When the seeds germinate, they must be dried before the final sowing. When sowing, they should be sealed by 2 to 4 centimeters in dug up soil, shoots should be waiting after a few weeks.

Care of planting is simple, if the shoots are thick, they should be thinned after the appearance of the first leaflets. Subsequently, the soil should be regularly loosened and watered abundantly, cumin loves moisture. We also need to remove the weeds in time.

Important! Specialists at the same time advise to buy ready-made dried seeds or oil, cooked on their basis, it is often difficult to treat the plant at home.

Application of

For use in cooking and medicine only dried seeds are suitable, they are based on the production of some folk remedies, oils used everywhere, adding them to food. Seeds have a spicy taste, slightly bitter, resemble fennel or dill.

Similar to the properties of caraway seeds, an even more common seasoning. There is no special difference between the two species, but specialists in traditional medicine often note that the useful properties of black cumin are much more pronounced.

Important! Even the use of seeds for cooking on an ongoing basis will allow us to notice the positive effect of caraway on the body. Especially often seasoning is added to pastries to give a spicy taste and aroma, to dishes made from meat and vegetables.

Cumin oil is also used in cosmetology. It is believed that the oil positively affects the growth and texture of the hair, improves their condition, gives a healthy shine. Therefore, based on it, various useful masks are made.

Useful properties and contraindications

The substances contained in this plant allow it to be used in medicine, cumin and oil based on it have tonic, immunity-strengthening and body-building properties. Cumin is used to treat various diseases for several thousand years.

Most often it is used for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This plant improves the functioning of the intestines, helps to reduce increased gas production, remove swelling, accelerate metabolism and digest food. Caraway seeds are used for intestinal disorders, atony of the stomach and a number of other diseases.

In nursing mothers, cumin helps to increase the amount of milk, the seasoning stimulates its production. In this case, in comparison with many other means used for this purpose, cumin is almost completely safe with rational use.

Cumin oil helps improve the skin condition in many diseases. It is advised to use in psoriasis, it helps reduce peeling and strengthens the immune system. Some specialists in traditional medicine argue that with the help of caraway, you can even treat cancer, but this can be attributed, rather, to the exaggeration of the possibilities of folk medicine.

However, the seasoning has its own contraindications. It should not be taken during pregnancy, since essential oils and other seasoning elements can stimulate generic activity. Also, do not use oil and seasoning for allergies, hypersensitivity.

Otherwise, caraway seeds can be used almost without restrictions, it is an extremely useful and affordable seasoning.

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