Cilantro: benefit and harm

Cilantro is a plant that is commonly used in cooking as a seasoning for various dishes, but due to the content of a large number of vitamins and other substances, it is able to influence the health of a person. It is worth knowing about the benefits and dangers of coriander, as it is commonly used, in which cases it is better to refuse such a seasoning.

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    The most correct name for this plant variety is coriander seed, coriander is the topherbaceous plants. This grass is a small thin stems and leaves that resemble parsley, also collected in umbrellas. Cilantro always has a distinctive peculiar spicy aroma, so you can distinguish seasoning not only in appearance, but in smell.

    Sometimes coriander is also called Chinese parsley, it was originally used exclusively in medicine, only then it turned into cooking. In this plant in large quantities contain substances that can significantly affect the state of human health.

    Where is it used?

    It is worthwhile to know what this plant is used for in medicine and cooking. This herb is used for various purposes, its antiseptic properties are known in medicine, it helps to remove the inflammatory process, it is a natural antibacterial agent. Therefore, the use of coriander in food has a positive effect on the state of the oral cavity.

    Also, cilantro in medicine is used to improve the digestive tract. This plant has a positive effect on the state of the digestive system, helps to combat various diseases that are accompanied by digestive disorders. However, it should be noted that to date, coriander is used for medicinal purposes only in folk medicine, it is not included in conservative medicines.

    Important! Cilantro should not be used to treat serious diseases, this plant can not be used for therapy.

    Much more widely used coriander in cooking. In what dishes do you use this plant? This seasoning can be used to prepare a variety of different dishes. Cilantro and its seeds have a pronounced spicy taste and smell, most often they are used for cooking dishes from meat and fish.

    In addition, fresh cilantro can be added in its pure form into various salads, it will look like parsley, only the fragrance will be more pronounced. Seeds of coriander can also be added to pastries, they are usually used in making Borodino bread, other spicy bakery products.

    How many calories are in cilantro?

    This seasoning contains very few calories, caloric content per 100 grams - 3 kcal, which allows using coriander during the diet, it will not affect weight loss. In addition, coriander normalizes metabolic processes in the body, positively affecting the metabolism in diets. The better the digestive tract works, the better and faster the weight will decrease, and the effort will need to be much less.

    Benefits of coriander

    Coriander contains a huge number of different vitamins and trace elements, which, with constant intake, can improve the state of the immune system, the work of the digestive tract. In addition, the condition of the oral cavity improves, because coriander kills a variety of pathogens harmful microorganisms.

    1. For men, coriander can be useful in that it improves blood circulation in the body as a whole, including in the pelvic organs. Therefore, this seasoning in the diet contributes to the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
    2. For the same reason, this plant is useful for women, if you exclude the period of bearing a child, in which eating coriander is undesirable.
    3. The use of coriander seasoning is also expressed in a positive effect on the circulatory system. The substances contained in coriander help to restore the normal functioning of the circulatory system, normalize the indices of blood pressure and pulse, especially if before they were reduced.
    4. In addition, this seasoning promotes simple and rapid assimilation of heavy food. That's why it is so well combined with meat dishes, it promotes the best absorption of such products.
    5. Also, coriander helps to better absorb alcoholic beverages, intoxication is slower and easier than normal. In general, the positive effect on the digestive tract is extremely pronounced.

    Important! It is recommended to use this seasoning when losing weight, with cilantro diets helps to avoid beriberi, improve the digestive tract.

    It is worth knowing about the benefits of yogurt with cilantro. This mixture has a very positive effect on the digestive tract, this drink can be dietary. You need to grind a small amount of fresh greens, mix with a glass of yogurt. Kefir is better to take with low fat content, so that it is digested best. Such a drink in the evenings will help restore normal digestion, contribute to early weight loss with diets.

    Also, coriander helps to avoid stagnation in the intestines, it provokes the normal operation of intestinal motility. When using this seasoning reduces the likelihood of constipation, other disorders of the digestive system.


    The benefits of honey from coriander are also very noticeable. Honey on the basis of this herb has a pronounced positive effect on immunity, in addition, it is especially useful for various colds. Honey is advised to eat with milk for various diseases of the nasopharynx, respiratory tract, this combination will help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease, improve the overall condition.

    However, it is worth remembering that this green has its own contraindications. Use cilantro and coriander seeds should be rational, you should not eat them constantly in large quantities, despite all the useful properties. In large quantities, this spice will be harmful, not useful.

    In general, this plant acquires harmful properties when you abuse coriander or coriander. If there are too many of them, the probability of a negative reaction of the body increases. At one time it is recommended to eat no more than thirty five grams of the plant, no more than four grams of coriander. It is worth remembering that many spices are good only in moderation. You also need to know the contraindications, in some cases coriander is completely banned.

    Benefits and Harms of Cilantro in Pregnancy

    When nursing a child, coriander can be eaten in small amounts. It is useful for the immunity of a pregnant woman, however, because of the stimulation of the circulatory system, the probability of miscarriage and other problems in bearing is increased. Therefore, during pregnancy, the consumption of spices should be limited, like fresh leaves, so the seeds of coriander.


    In the first place, in addition to pregnancy, contraindications include individual intolerance. If an allergic reaction occurs, rashes on the skin, other signs of allergy, from the use of coriander and coriander should be urgently discarded.

    Also, do not use this seasoning for severe heart and vascular disease, with severe hypertension, tachycardia, because coriander stimulates the functioning of the circulatory and nervous system. Also, the permanent use of coriander may lead to a negative effect on the work of the heart.

    It is also advised not to eat coriander or coriander for severe digestive tract diseases. It is necessary to avoid this plant with gastritis, other similar pathologies, when the stomach is particularly susceptible to various irritants. Do not eat this seasoning for diarrhea and other similar disorders of the intestine. Cilantro can provoke their intensification.

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