How to strengthen nails at home

Women who like to constantly change manicure, often worried about the question of how to strengthen the nails after shellac or build-up. After all, any effects on the nail plates often spoil them, after the removal of varnishes, restoration and strengthening are required.

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Do not immediatelyrun for special means for nails, many curative trays and masks can be cooked at home using the products that are in the house of everyone. These recipes are quite simple, everyone can cope with them.

Strengthening the nails with iodine

The simplest recipe is strengthening iodine. This substance is suitable for those who are interested in how to strengthen thin nails. You can simply apply the usual pharmacy alcohol solution to the nail, this method is suitable if a single procedure is required. Otherwise, iodine can dry the nail plate too much, burn it.

Important! Traces of iodine can be removed from the fingers and nail plates with lemon juice a few hours after the procedure.

It is often recommended to add iodine to various masks and firming baths, where it can show all its healing properties without harm to the hands.

Bath with iodine and orange juice

You need to take half a glass of plain water, add half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. In the resulting solution add four drops of iodine, gently mix. Keep hands in the tub for about a quarter of an hour, then wipe and rub the moisturizer in the palm of your hand.

Mask on olive oil

This mask nourishes and nourishes the nails well. For one tablespoon of olive oil, you need three drops of iodine. Heat oil with a water bath, add iodine and mix. Put on your fingers, put on cotton gloves and go to sleep. The mask keeps for the whole dark time of the day. The procedure is carried out once a week.

Important! If iodine dries heavily the skin, these methods should be discarded.

Salt strengthening

Salt is the simplest helper in strengthening the nails. It should take sea salt, it includes a full range of useful minerals. After using salt, there should be no question how to strengthen soft, layered nails. This substance makes them strong and strong.

Important! Also salt is the prevention of fungus.

Simple salt bath

Take 2 tablespoons sea salt for 250 milliliters of warm water, carefully dilute. Hold for about twenty minutes. It is best to do this procedure at night, then after you need to lubricate your palms with a moisturizing cream and put on cotton gloves.

Bath with salt and iodine

Sea salt and iodine can be combined. You need to take one tablespoon of salt and three drops of iodine per 250 milliliters of warm water. Hands should be in the solution for about half an hour, then carefully wipe and spread with a moisturizer.

Important! Salt treatment is not recommended for dry skin.

Lemon Strengthening

Lemon is suitable for strengthening layered, thin nails. In addition, it bleaches yellowed nails, gently exfoliates the skin. The most convenient way is to simply cut the lemon into slices and apply them as a compress to the nails for fifteen minutes. Then gently rub the oil, which strengthens the nails, for example, olive.

Bath with lemon and salt

It is necessary to squeeze out the juice of one lemon, add a pinch of sea salt to it and mix it. In this mixture, hold your fingers for twenty minutes, then rinse the leftovers with water. If the skin of your hands is dry, you can apply your favorite cream after the procedure.

Strengthening onion peel

Nails can be strengthened even with onion husks. Usually this method is used to treat fungal diseases, if the nails are in a deplorable state, this remedy will quickly improve the situation.

It is necessary to brew a small amount of husks in hot water, leave to infuse. The solution should be quite strong. Keep hands in it for half an hour, after rinsing and spreading moisturizing cream.


Wax sealing - a medical manicure, you can do at home. On a water bath, a small amount of beeswax should be melt, when it becomes soft enough, it should be rubbed into the nail plates with neat massaging movements. This is one of the ways how to strengthen the week severely damaged by aesthetic procedures of the nails.

What should I eat to strengthen my nails?

In addition to local effects, it is important to strengthen the nails from the inside. To do this, you should follow a diet and, if possible, take vitamins and mineral complexes. For healthy nails, the following elements are necessarily needed:

  1. Vitamin A. It is found in vegetable and butter, oily fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese products. Vitamin A in an artificial form - Retinol, is sold in a pharmacy.
  2. Vitamin E. This element works in conjunction with vitamin A. It is found in nuts, seeds, cereals and cereals, beans.
  3. Calcium. To maintain the right amount of this element in the body, you need to eat more seafood, dairy products, spinach, figs.
  4. Iodine. This element is found in all seafood: sea fish, sea cabbage, marine animals - mollusks, mussels, squid. It is also found in mushrooms and pineapples.
  5. Magnesium. It is a lot of in nuts, seeds, dried fruits, bread from a flour of a rough grinding, sweet pepper.
  6. Vitamin C. Its a lot in brightly colored fruits, citrus, tomatoes. An additional artificial source of vitamin C is ascorbic acid.
  7. Iron. A large amount of this element is found in many berries, squash and cabbage.
  8. Fluoride. This element is found in seafood, grapefruit, onions, potatoes, eggs.
  9. Gelatin. This substance should be present in the diet in order to prevent brittleness and delamination of the nails. It is a lot of in marmalade, jellied dishes from meat and fish, holodtsah, jelly.

In general, the diet of a person who thinks how fast to strengthen the nails at home should be balanced and include all varieties of vitamins and beneficial microelements.

General recommendations

Any chemical or thermal effects destroy the nail plate, even if the necessary substances in the body are enough. Therefore, it is worth making significant breaks between the stains to allow the nails to recover. Always use moisturizers. To remove the varnish, the remedy should be chosen carefully so that there are no particularly aggressive components, for example acetone, in it.

Trust shellack, build-up or other complex methods should be only a qualified master, before the procedure it is worthwhile to soberly assess the condition of your nails.

If there are signs of serious damage to the nail plate, fungus or irritation appears, you should consult a dermatologist, since the problem can be much more serious than it seems.

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