Diet in reflux-esophagitis - nutrition, recipes, an approximate menu, mineral water, what can you eat?

Few people know how to eat properly with reflux esophagitis. This ailment is characterized by an inflammatory process on the mucosa of the esophagus as a result of ejection of the contents of the stomach back into the esophagus.

Patients with reflux esophagitis always care about the question: what diet is relevant in the treatment of this disease? What recipes are most harmless? And what kind of nutrition will benefit the body?

Nutrition for reflux esophagitis

Doctors say that in order to cope with the disease, it is necessary to lose weight. For this purpose, each individual, the specialists develop an individual diet, the basic principles and rules of which are set out below.

It should be remembered that patients with reflux esophagitis should drink a glass of clean, cold water before each meal. Due to this technique, the concentration of stomach acid decreases.

In order to prevent the release of excess acid in the stomach, you can eat several slices of raw potatoes or a handful of hazelnuts before eating.

During a diet with reflux esophagitis, it is prohibited to drink any alcoholic beverages.

You should never eat at night. This bad habit should be forgotten for the entire period of treatment. This rule should be adhered to not only during the diet, but also after a cure so that there is no relapse.

After each meal it is recommended to take a walk in the fresh air. You can not take a horizontal position so that the gastric juice can not get into the esophagus.

Food during the diet with reflux-esophagitis must contain medicinal broths. So you need to eat tea before breakfast from the flowers of chamomile. It is able to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The best drink in the period of the therapeutic diet will be milk, a decoction of dogrose or compote of dried fruits.

Approximately six times a day you need to eat a person who treats reflux esophagitis. Dietary dishes recommend to drink non-carbonated mineral water, weakly boiled tea or juice. The ideal option after all will be mineral water, as it contains a complex of useful substances.

It is advisable to use lean recipes, with the use of various cereals.

In the exemplary menu with reflux esophagitis must necessarily include sour-milk products. They normalize the motility of the digestive organs.

To reduce the already frequent manifestations of heartburn can be by adding fruit to the diet. Bananas, plums, pears, peaches are considered to be allowed. They need to eat on an empty stomach, before breakfast.

During the treatment of reflux esophagitis it is necessary to exclude fatty, salty, sweet, smoked products from the diet menu.

Recommended dishes and recipes for reflux esophagitis

To ensure that nutrition during the treatment of reflux esophagitis was balanced and correct, you need to eat a variety of foods and dishes. In the daily diet must necessarily include the first dishes. It can be vegetable soups-puree or light vegetable broth.

What can you eat for the second? Garnish can be porridge on the water, mashed potatoes without oil, boiled pasta, which can be filled with vegetable oil. A delicious and healthy supplement will be low-fat meat: chicken, rabbit or fish.

Variety of vegetables and greens will help to diversify the diet. They can be eaten in any form in unlimited quantities. But it should be remembered that onions, garlic, beans and tomatoes are prohibited.

For this dessert, this therapeutic diet allows for the use of a little jelly, marmalade or berries. Recipes of meals should be agreed with the attending physician.

Sample menu for reflux esophagitis

To cure the disease, an approximate weekly menu is developed, which the patient must adhere to:

  • Breakfast: milk powder with dried fruit and herbal tea with a slice of pastille or marmalade.
  • Second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese and fruit compote.
  • Lunch: vegetable broth with meat, boiled pasta with steam omelette and rose hips tincture, you can use a little biscuits for dessert.
  • Snack: baked fruit and tea.
  • Dinner: fish, steamed with vegetable salad or mashed potatoes. Fruit compote.
  • You can drink low-fat kefir before bedtime.

All recipes for reflux-esophagitis can be supplemented with herbs. It is also recommended, during the period of dietary nutrition, to drink non-carbonated mineral water.

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