Recipes of dishes for patients with chronic and acute pancreatitis and a diet for pancreatic disease

The question of what kind of diet to observe in pancreatitis, to date, is relevant for many. And this is really important, because with acute or chronic pancreatic disease, you can eat only a limited list of foods. What delicious recipes are relevant for patients with pancreatitis?

What are delicious dietary meat recipes for pancreatitis?

It should be noted that in the chronic form of such a disease as pancreatitis, the diet is more loyal. And all because in this case it is possible to cook even a low-fat pork and cooked for a long time pork. Of course, for patients with this ailment, the abuse of meat dishes is highly undesirable, but you can periodically afford such a luxury, even following such a strict diet.

Delicious and healthy dietary meat recipe, which is especially popular with chronic pancreatic disease - beef with onions. What is important, cook it is not the slightest labor: finely chopped onion and beef alternately layers are poured into a pan. After that, you just need to fill them with water, bring to a boil and boil over low heat, for several hours. This recipe is also convenient because it can be combined with any side dishes, be it potatoes, cereals or pasta, and at the same time it does not contradict the principles of a diet in pancreatitis, and accordingly, it will not be difficult to observe it.

But with the acute form of this disease, food is subject to even more serious restrictions. So, only cooking low-fat meat dishes from chicken, beef and rabbit is allowed. You can also prefer dietary recipes based on a product such as beef tongue, the main thing is just to thoroughly clean its surface and boil this product well.

Which recipes of dietary dishes are suitable for patients with acute as well as chronic pancreatitis?

If you want, as well as a certain fantasy, to keep to a diet is not so difficult. Moreover, to cook delicious, but at the same time, dietary recipes that do not harm the pancreas, in fact, it is not so difficult. And if for patients with acute form of restriction on the allowed dishes are significant enough, then in chronic form, you can allow some liberties.

So, for example, with such a disease of the pancreas as a chronic pancreatitis, it is completely allowed such dishes as vinaigrette or similar vegetable salads. It's important not to forget, when cooking, to exclude cabbage from them, as well as legumes, because they can deliver a lot of unpleasant, and sometimes painful sensations.

Actual for patients with chronic pancreatitis and recipes for dietary meat salads, consisting of boiled meat and vegetables. If you want, you can add them with rusks and fill with a minimum amount of low-fat sour cream - it will be really tasty and even festive, and that's why it will diversify the usual menu and allow you to comply with the prescribed diet.

What delicious recipes of diet hot dishes are suitable for patients with acute pancreatitis?

Certainly, proper nutrition with pancreatitis is impossible without inclusion in the diet of hot dishes, such as soups and broths. However, they should also be prepared with particular care, bearing in mind that the recipes for fatty rich broths, in this case, will be strictly forbidden, not only when acute, but also in chronic form.

The most relevant in this case are recipes for dishes consisting of vegetables and cooked on meat broth. Also, soups can be supplemented with breadcrumbs of black bread, a small amount of grated hard cheese, finely chopped boiled egg and, of course, all kinds of greens.

What are the recipes of dishes from the test that are relevant for pancreatic disease?

For both chronic and acute pancreatitis, dishes made from dough are strictly prohibited. As, however, and fresh bread, rolls and others. Therefore, from pelmeni and vareniki, those who suffer from this pancreas disease will have to give up. And if in a chronic form, sometimes a minimum amount of such food is made, made according to special dietary recipes from low-fat meat and dough, which completely correspond to the prescribed diet, then in a sharp form, such food can be forgotten once and for all.

What are the delicious recipes of sauces for chronic pancreatitis?

It should be noted that sauces are allowed in a minimal amount and only natural, prepared according to traditional recipes, without any chemical impurities and additives. Finding these is often not so easy, but it is important to understand that otherwise, dieting can be complicated, and consequently, the condition of the pancreas can seriously deteriorate, and therefore it is better to either purchase suitable products in specialized stores, or to prepare saucesyourself. In this case, everything depends on the desire, the availability of free time and, of course, financial opportunities.

What to say, with pancreatitis, it is important to observe a strict enough diet, using for the preparation of delicious dishes only high-quality and dietary products and on special recipes without the use of fats. Only in this case, you can expect to soon forget about this disease of the pancreas and feel much better, allowing yourself to periodically favorite food.

Recipes of dietary dishes in pancreatitis and cholecystitis

With cholecystitis and pancreatitis, which is at an acute stage, the use of diet number 5 is recommended. Therefore, all recipes for dietary meals should be based on the following principles:

  • rejection of simple carbohydrates;
  • rejection of animal fats;
  • exception of spicy, spicy, salty;
  • rejection of chocolate;
  • meals five times a day in small portions;
  • daily food intake should not exceed three kilograms;
  • temperature control of cooked food( hot and cold can not be).

As you can see, these principles are not strict. There are many different recipes for dietary dishes. Pancreatitis and cholecystitis develop in many cases simultaneously. If the patient is diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, then in the first three days he will be prescribed therapeutic starvation.

Preparation of dietary dishes for inflammation of the pancreas

With inflammation of the pancreas, preferred cooking methods include cooking and steaming. You can also bake products, but excluding the addition of oil or other fats.

Preparation of dietary dishes for inflammation of the pancreas depends on the degree of complexity of the disease. When the chronic form of the disease worsens, all food should be liquid, semi-liquid, and also include carefully crushed products, which the doctor appoints for 1-2 months. At the stage of settled remission, when the patient feels relief, diet No. 5 is prescribed unprotected.

Dishes in a double boiler and multivark at pancreatitis.

The condition and health of anyone who suffers from inflammation of the pancreas, directly depends on the foods that he feeds on. It is very important when cooking to observe the correct technological process. For pancreatitis, the dishes are topical in a steamer or multivark. They allow you to save not only the consistency and color of foods, but also the vitamins and minerals contained in them.

It is not necessary to use special technologies for steaming. You can take a high pot, fill it with ¼ water and put a grate on the legs( so that it is above the water level).Put the food in the grate and cover it tightly. The cooking time depends on the specifics of the products.

Dishes in the multivark or steamer for pancreatitis are many: low-fat varieties of poultry( without skin, tendons), fish, steam cutlets, dumplings, semi-viscous cereals from oat, buckwheat, rice and semolina. Very tasty and healthy vegetables, steamed - zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes. Vegetables can be served in the form of mashed potatoes, steam pudding or soufflé.

First courses with pancreatitis

Liquid food is useful in this disease, as it satiates, but it does not load the digestive system. But the diet should completely exclude the following first:

  • soup, cooked on the basis of fish or meat broth;
  • borsch;
  • milk soup;
  • hot sauces;
  • tomato sauce;
  • mushroom soup.

In any form of the disease, all the first courses should be replaced with light soups. They can be boiled on water or vegetable broth, adding a small amount of pasta or cereals.

The second dishes with pancreatitis

There are a lot of options for second courses with pancreatitis. The main thing is steaming or boiled food. Heat treatment of the second must kill germs and harmful microorganisms, while preserving vitamins.

Second course options:

  • vegetable puree without spices and with a minimum amount of salt;
  • vegetable stew;
  • boiled lean chicken breast;
  • fish steamed;
  • low-fat varieties of poultry steamed;
  • salad with fresh vegetables;
  • at an easy stage of disease the doctor can resolve low-fat cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers or zucchini that are prepared without the addition of tomatoes.

Among foods that are not recommended for use in pancreatitis, you can call flour products, preservations( including domestic), sauces( ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream, marinades, etc.).

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