Can I drink kvass in pancreatitis?

Kvass is a drink that is obtained from crusts of rye bread, as a result of the fermentation process. It perfectly quenches thirst, has a pleasant taste and a lot of useful substances. It contains:

  • Vitamin B1
  • A complex of amino acids that are very important for normal functioning of the body
  • The drink helps fight against dysbiosis by suppressing the reproduction of negative microflora
  • Raises immunity and tones up
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Helps digest food and improves digestibility of nutrients

All these indicators speakthat kvass is very useful, but is it possible to drink it with pancreatitis?

Doctors categorically forbid to drink a drink to people with this disease of the pancreas. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • In kvass contains a large amount of organic acids, which significantly increase acidity. Acid, in turn, activates the formation of pancreatic enzymes, which contribute to self-destruction of the pancreas during the period of illness.
  • Alcohol, even in microscopic doses, is contraindicated in pancreatitis, as it adversely affects the organ and aggravates the situation. In kvass contains a small percentage of alcohol and it is enough to provoke intoxication.
  • The drink contains carbon dioxide, which can cause bloating in people with pancreatitis.
  • The product has choleretic properties.

With the use of kvass of industrial production, the risk of loading on the inflamed organ increases due to the dyes, taste enhancers and sweeteners contained therein.

When a patient with pancreatitis is in a stage of persistent remission, doctors can drink a small amount of natural kvass. The amount of the product is selected individually, but even under such conditions the drink can provoke an exacerbation.

This drink is useful for healthy people, with the slightest manifestations of pancreatitis the drink can cause irreparable harm to the pancreas.

Doctors do not recommend drinking kvass in pancreatitis, and during a period of exacerbation the drink is strictly prohibited!

Very often patients neglect the recommendations of doctors. Such actions can lead to very serious consequences. Kvass can be replaced with other drinks that positively affect the pancreas and at the same time perfectly quench your thirst, for example, it is better to drink compote from dried pear fruits.

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