Surgery of acute pancreatitis, surgery( surgical treatment)

Surgery is very in demand in the treatment of acute pancreatitis, especially in recent times. If more recently, with severe forms of pancreatitis, the patient simply did not survive to the development of purulent processes and complications caused by necrotic changes in the pancreas. That modern technologies and methods of treatment of the acute form of a pancreatitis, even at a serious condition of the patient allows to deduce from a shock of patients with extensive necrotic lesions.

In this case, surgical intervention is a necessary procedure, which is provided by the scheme of treatment of a patient with acute form of pancreatitis. Basically, it is justified in cases where all previously used methods of treatment were not effective and could not stop the process of decomposition of the pancreas. Sometimes surgical intervention is used as a form of diagnosis, if necessary additional studies to determine the treatment regimen. For diagnosis, this type of surgery, such as laparotomy, is used. This operation is performed after the introduction of an anesthetic, such as novocaine. During the operation, the abdominal cavity is dissected, to provide drainage of the pancreas or the administration of medications to it, according to the doctor's indications.

Closed-type operations are more preferable for pancreatitis patients, which allow preserving the aseptic decomposition process and preventing the spread of purulent formations further.

Some types of removal of dead tissue are done in a blunt way, without bleeding, other types of surgery are performed in an acute way. If some parts of the pancreas are affected during the development of acute pancreatitis, then surgical treatment in the form of sequestrectomy( a blunt type of operation to remove the affected part of the gland) or necrectomy( surgery to remove the gland within the blood supply system, by acute route) is justified. In the course of this type of surgery, such as necroctomy, it is important to carefully treat bleeding vessels. Also, during treatment, sometimes such an operation as resection is performed, with the removal of that part of the pancreas that is prone to decay.

For the treatment, it is very important to diagnose the presence of irreversible necrotic processes in the pancreas in a patient with an acute form of pancreatitis.

After all, in some cases, the possibilities of modern surgery and surgery - this is the only chance not just for treatment, but for life for a patient suffering from an acute form of pancreatitis.

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