Are they taken to the army with gastroduodenitis( duodenitis)

It is very regrettable that, to date, our country can hardly proudly boast of which training system is applied to potential defenders. Common legends about the general's dacha and hazing are based on a fair amount of truth.

Whether taken to the army with gastroduodenitis, the question is very controversial, but urgent. Along with this, it is not at all surprising that future defenders of the Motherland have ideas from the school about how it is possible to liberate themselves from service in the army and fulfill their military duty relatively legally.

Of course, the first option is the presence of any diagnosis, which was put by a doctor earlier, and whether they take him into the army. Many people start to invent illnesses to themselves, to be unfit to endure the military adversity, because of poor health.

Predominantly as a typical disease in boys is gastroduodenitis. It can be found almost every third young man. The reason for this is poor nutrition, fast food, previously involving alcohol and smoking.

As it was noted, for the majority of young men and their parents, the issue of drafting an army with gastroduodenitis is not an idle one. It is worth giving an honest answer: they take this disease for service. Moreover, there have been cases when a person was taken to gastroduodenitis, and returned with an ulcer.

Deferment from conscription with gastroduodenitis

Certainly, any disease is always strictly individual. If the future defender is seriously ill and requires bed rest, he will receive a delay, but only until he begins to recover.

If the draftee had a complicated gastroduodenitis, then it would be realistic to prove that he was unfit for the army service. But if the disease is only at an early stage, and manifests only once a year, it is unlikely that the medical board will consider this a serious obstacle to recruitment.

To determine which disease is observed in the draftee, he will be sent for a survey. In the event that a young man has abdominal pain, then surely he will not only undergo a gastroduodenitis examination, but he will receive a proper course of treatment, after which he will again be called up.

It's sad, but often even those who are short of weight are sent to the army. So, very slender young people are sent to the hospital, where they are fed at a time for 2 servings, after they significantly improve, and they are again healthy conscripts.

It will be good if the boy is taken to a part where he will be treated well, and in case of an aggravation he can get timely medical help. The only true answer to the question "Do you take in the army with gastroduodenitis?" Is: bring it to an ulcer. Black humor? Certainly! However, you are definitely guaranteed exemption from military service.

Gastroduodenitis is unlikely to serve as a worthy reason not to join the army. Young people who have gastroduodenitis, which has a violation of secretory, acid-forming functionality with frequent exacerbation and malnutrition, when repeated and long-term hospitalization is required with ineffective treatment in a hospital, are unsuitable.

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