Can Bobotik be constipated in newborns, does it help?

Very often when a newborn spasmodic colic occurs, pediatricians recommend using a drug such as Bobotik. From constipation, this drug is advised to be taken by both experts and experienced parents who have repeatedly encountered problems with the digestive tract in their children. This carminative drug with long stool delays can be useful because it helps quickly and effectively cope with the symptoms that the baby always accompanies this bowel dysfunction. Constipation from Bobotik in a newborn can be in the case when the parents allow an overdose of the drug, or violate the rules for taking this medication. Why do most pediatricians recommend taking this medication when a baby has unpleasant signs, colic and increased gas production, which are caused by disorders of stool and constipation?

  • The use of this medication helps to completely relieve the spasmodic pains and colic that occur in the child in the evenings;
  • The bobotik is produced in a very convenient pharmacological form in the form of droplets, the required number of which is easy to count. To add a medicine it is possible in warm water, breast milk or a mixture;
  • The components of the drug completely lack of sugar and all kinds of coloring additives. Bobotik helps from constipation to newborns almost without causing side effects, since its main component simethicone is excreted from the body in an unchanged form, and not dissolved in gastric juice, and is not absorbed by the children's gastrointestinal tract.

But, despite the obvious advantages of Bobotik, it should be taken only after consultation of the local specialist, and also observing the prescribed dosage for a specific child. This will prevent the occurrence of constipation. In addition, young parents should take into account that for children up to 28 days, the appointment of the drug is strictly not recommended, since its use at this age can be fraught with the development of pathological phenomena in the digestive tract. It must also be remembered that abuse of Bobotik leads to the development of the strongest allergic reactions and does not allow achieving the expected positive result. Do not give the drug and with intestinal obstruction accompanied by very strong constipation. Due to the contraindications available to the drug, self-treatment with the help of his child is unacceptable. Required mandatory specialist consultation.

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