Bee Products

The products of beekeeping since ancient times have been used by man for the healing of multiple ailments. Bee products are a unique natural remedy. Honey and propolis, bee venom and royal jelly, perga and wax are products of longevity, strengthening and restoring health.

Honey honey

Honey is a unique dietary and curative and prophylactic product containing more than 300 substances. The main component of honey is fructose and glucose. In addition to carbohydrates, it includes enzymes, a complex of vitamins, flower pollen, mineral salts, organic acids( folic and apple, ascorbic and oxalic, lactic and citric).

Honey is able to accumulate latent chemical energy, which changes under extreme conditions into a muscular one. It stops the development of the bacterial flora, destroying pathogenic microbes, exciting all sorts of diseases, including the ailments of the pancreas.


Wax is a special secret produced in the wax glands of worker bees. Free acids, esters, chrysin, carbohydrates, terpenes, propolis, cholesterol, minerals, pollen and resins are found in the wax. The human body is not able to absorb the wax that has got into the stomach, therefore it is transformed into an elastic fine lubricant, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

Bee venom

Bee venom is an invaluable therapeutic preparation containing proteins and peptides, minerals and organic acids, histamine and amino acids, substances not deciphered by scientists.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly - royal jelly, which feeds on the queen bee, is singled out by young worker bees-nurses. It contains enzymes, amino acids, glycopeptides, acetylcholine, gamma globulin, pterins, nucleic acids, fats, vitamins and other useful substances that are over 400.

Royal jelly refers to powerful immunomodulating agents. It promotes the stimulation of metabolism, improves brain function, has an antiviral effect, improves the proper functioning of digestion.


Bees, processing pollen grains and resinous substances of natural origin, collected from the inflorescences of medicinal plants, produce propolis - a kind of bee glue. Its composition is enriched with plant balsams and resins, tannins and essential oils, pollen and wax.

In addition, it found mineral elements and organic substances, vitamins and organic acids. Thanks to the biologically active components of propolis, which has a pronounced analgesic, antimicrobial, wound-healing effect, accelerating the regeneration of damaged and inflamed tissues, it is successfully used in the treatment, restoration and strengthening of the pancreas and other digestive organs.


Perga - "bee bread" or flower pollen. As a matter of fact, perg is a protein bee's food. In addition to pollen, it includes floral nectar and secret secreted by salivary glands of bees, protein substances, carbohydrates, enzymes and a mass of other useful substances. It is endowed with a powerful antimicrobial effect.

Perga strengthens the immune system, has a positive effect on hematopoiesis, accelerates the healing of wounds, the restoration of damaged tissues of the inflamed pancreas.

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