Acipol from constipation in adults and children

All laxatives, which are prescribed for constipation, have different effects. Some absorb the water that is inside the digestive tract, swell and create a volume that irritates the walls of the intestine and stimulates the impulse signal, which spurs up the motor function. Others contain salts that retard the water needed to soften the stool. Third( prebiotics) contribute to the restoration of useful intestinal microflora. This group of drugs acts gently and effectively, which is why they are most often prescribed for the treatment of constipation. Both adults and children are advised to take Acipol, a medicine that perfectly adjusts the correct balance between the conditionally pathogenic environment and normal intestinal microflora for the treatment of fecal blockages. Its basis is a soluble polysaccharide, lactobacilli and kefir fungi.

Correct reception of Atsipol with constipation helps to increase local immunity. After the course of reception, the whole body heals. It is noted that treatment with Acipolus constipation in adults and children markedly improves the clinic of allergic diseases. And this is an additional advantage of using the described laxative.

When is Acipol prescribed for constipation?

The use of this drug is extensive. It is prescribed if it is diagnosed:

  1. Dysbacteriosis.
  2. Acute intestinal infection.
  3. Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Inflammatory processes that occur inside the large intestine.

Acipol - a rapid laxative, it is prescribed in the presence of acute or chronic constipation. The remedy is absolutely safe, if the application strictly complies with the attached instructions, therefore it can be taken not only by adults, but also by children from 3 months and older.

Features of the use of Acipole with constipation

The dosage of the preparation is detailed on the liner sheet. It is forbidden to exceed it. The active substance is sealed in capsules. Adult patients drink them whole, breastmilk children the powder dissolves in breast milk. Sometimes Acipol is sold in vials. In this case, the package is opened, and then water is added to the inside of the vial. The amount of water is calculated by the formula( teaspoon per dose).The number of doses in the vial is indicated in the instructions. Dry powder dissolves quickly, within a few minutes, after which a homogeneous, cloudy white mixture is formed.

For young children, Acipol with constipation, as already mentioned above, can be given starting from the age of three months. To treat stool delay, five doses dissolve in breast milk, the resulting amount is divided into three doses and given to the nursing baby right through the meal.

Since at the base of Acipole fungi are present, before using it for constipation, it is necessary to carefully study the state of the package and the storage time. If the integrity of the package is violated, if there is no marking on it, such a drug should not be taken. You can not use Acipol in the treatment of constipation, when the shape of the capsule is damaged, when the shelf life of the drug is over, when the rules for storing the medicine have been violated.

Before starting a course of treatment, it is useful to get acquainted with existing contraindications. Even with prolonged use, no dangerous side effects were identified. But adults and children should not use Acipol when there is individual intolerance to individual components of the chemical formula. Specialists note that this is a very qualitative probiotic, so even a significant overdose in treatment does not threaten anything. When treating constipation with Acipole, a child and an adult will easily suffer even a prolonged course of treatment.

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