Worms with dysbiosis

Worms are a frequent causative agent of dysbiosis. This is due to a variety of different causes, for example, a decrease in immunity or exposure to ecotoxins. If the dysbacteriosis is caused by worms, then there is a certain symptomatology and technique of treatment.

To symptoms of defeat of the intestinal cavity by worms, which causes the appearance of a dysbacteriosis, it is possible to attribute:

  • Weakness.
  • Sharp weight loss.
  • Unexplained weight gain and weight loss problems.
  • Headaches of unknown origin.
  • The occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Decreased level of immune defense.
  • Insomnia.

If as a cause of dysbacteriosis worms appear, then together with the normalization of the intestinal microflora, antiparasitic treatment is prescribed, its methods are:

  • Vegetarian diet. Its application is explained by the fact that the human intestine is sufficiently tortuous, as a result of which a large amount of energy is consumed for meat processing. In addition, it can not only not be digested, it also rot, which is an excellent soil for worms. That is why with dysbacteriosis the fecal mass has a putrefactive smell. It is also recommended to get rid of the consumption of cow's milk, sugar and flour. In the basis of a diet for dysbacteriosis caused by worms, the use of the vegetable origin of the products should be treated, which has been properly heat treated( cooking or steaming).
  • Increased immunity. In this case, medicament preparations will be prescribed that help the body in the fight not only with dysbiosis, but also with worms.
  • Phytotherapy. An irreplaceable remedy is wormwood. It can kill not only the parasites themselves, but also a large number of other pathogenic microorganisms. In order to not particularly feel its bitterness, it is necessary to take it in small doses. So, you need to hold a flower of wormwood in your mouth, and then swallow it. Repeat every 2 hours. Also, the use of tansy and yarrow is allowed, only at high dosages.
  • Treatment with enemas. When the worms die with dysbacteriosis, the release of toxins begins. Thus, the use of curative enemas for their chamomile, wormwood is permitted. It is worth noting that before the treatment enema, it is worthwhile to perform a purification.

If you noticed at least one of the above signs, you should immediately contact a specialist.

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