Pain in worms, how does the stomach ache in children( children) and adults, can it be sick of pills, can helminths cause pain at night?

Helminths - parasites in the human body worms, are dangerous not only in terms of psychological comfort: "Horror! Someone lives in me! ".Helminthiasis is dangerous for its manifestations and complications. Settling in an organ, worms cause not only disruptions in his work, but also unpleasant sensations that significantly reduce the quality of life. It is especially worth considering to parents. If the stomach hurts in the child, worms can be the main cause of poor health. And the pain in the abdomen is not the only unpleasant sensation that a helminth carrier can experience.

Depending on the place of "settlement" of the worm, the pain associated with worms can be of a different nature. Rezi in the abdomen is accompanied by disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If you suspect a child of intestinal parasites, you need to know how the stomach aches with worms. A frequent symptom of helminthiasis is an intestinal disorder, which is manifested by constipation. If the worms reach large sizes or "gather into a ball", as shown in the photo, they can interfere with the patency of the intestine, thereby causing constipation. However, the picture can be completely opposite. Many intestinal worms secrete toxins in the process of vital activity, which cause a loose stool. Diarrhea in helminths may be preceded by abdominal pain. If children often have an unreasonable diarrhea, it is worth thinking about a visit to the doctor parasitologist.

In addition to the disorder of the stool, the stomach also hurts the child also because the manifestation of helminthiosis may be increased flatulence. Inflammation of the abdominal cavity can be regular and continue until adequate anthelminthic therapy is performed. Pain in the abdomen with worms can occur at any time of the day, but most often at night. Parasites at this time of day begin to carry out an active activity: to eat, lay eggs, and migrate. This causes a mechanical damage to the organ in which the worm lives. Therefore, at night pains in the abdomen with worms in a child are manifested most often.

Do not ignore abdominal pain with worms in adults. Helminths can affect the liver, causing hepatitis, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder, cholecystitis. Pain in worms can signal the occurrence of cysts containing fluid formations, the appearance of which provoked worms. Neoplasms are dangerous due to possible suppuration and rupture, leading to severe consequences: peritonitis, purulent pleurisy.

Abdominal pain is not the only worm symptoms. Parasitic worms can develop and live in a variety of human organs. With the penetration of helminths into the joint or muscle, local inflammation develops, manifested by reddening of the skin, strong painful sensations.

Sometimes pains with worms in the joints are perceived as symptoms of arthritis. Only special ultrasound, endoscopic and MRI diagnostics make it possible to determine the true culprit of the stiffness of movements and unpleasant sensations.

Treatment of abdominal pain in worms in children

Treatment of helminthiasis is prescribed by a parasitologist. Depending on the type of worm, you need to take certain medications that will prevent the further development of the disease. In this case, self-treatment blindly may not bring the desired results. Sometimes antihelminthic drugs are drunk to prevent disease. This is advisable, when the children from the environment of your son or daughter were discovered ascarids. Tablets from worms can cause nausea and pain in the abdominal cavity, but they are temporary and should be considered as side effects.

It is important to understand that tablets from worms are toxic - otherwise the worm will not kill. Therefore, it is necessary to take preparations against worms, especially children, after consulting a specialist.

Good prevention of parasitic disease is observance of personal hygiene, mandatory washing of hands after walking and before meals, heat treatment of food, expulsion of intestinal "inhabitants" in domestic animals.

It is important to understand that abdominal cramps of a permanent or episodic nature can be caused by a huge number of ailments. Do not focus on helminthiosis, as the only possible cause of pain. Do not self-medicate and diagnose "on the Internet."The possibilities of modern gastroenterology allow us to thoroughly study and "examine" each organ. Therefore, for any uncomfortable sensations, contact a specialized medical center and take a survey.

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