Death from acute pancreatic pancreatitis, mortality( death), is it fatal, can you die, who died?

Over the past ten years, mortality from pancreatitis has increased significantly, or more precisely, from its acute form. In the case of development of necrotic acute pancreatitis, in almost 40% of cases, the disease ends in a lethal outcome. This is due to the fact that this pathology is very difficult to predict and multivariate.

As a rule, both women and men die from pancreatitis. In this case, the lethal outcome occurs mainly in the first week of the disease. In this case, a mixed or hemorrhagic form of pancreatosis is diagnosed, accompanied by total pancreatic damage.

Death from pancreatitis can be ascertained in the following cases:

1. If the structure of pancreatic cells and tissues changes( alterations);

2. In the case of the formation of necrotic foci and the appearance of exudate;

3. With reactive changes in the foci of pancreatic necrosis.

As a rule, the time interval of death in these cases ranges from several hours to several days( less often up to a month).

The pancreas is an organ that secretes a very aggressive digestive juice that is able to digest any protein( including its own insides).

Nature provides a digestive process, in which pancreatic juice enters the duodenum, where it is mixed with other substances. If for some reason pancreatic juice does not reach the duodenum but remains in its own ducts, self-digestion of the pancreatic gland, which in medical practice is called pancreatosis, can occur. Thus, death from pancreatitis often occurs when the pancreatic duct is blocked.

The main factors that cause death from pancreatitis are malnutrition( very oily and spicy food, as well as eating foods that contain preservatives), cholelithiasis, alcoholism, and persistent stress. It is the chronic stressful situations and nervous overstrains that cause spasms that inhibit the processes of digestion of food, resulting in various pathologies.

Death from pancreatitis can provoke and so-called "sokonnaya" food, ie, a combination of very acute and very fatty foods, plus significant doses of alcohol. Also, lethal outcome can occur as a result of a very strong impact in the solar plexus, resulting in a contusion of the pancreatic gland with the subsequent development of pancreatitis.

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