Bananas with pancreatitis, is it possible to eat( eat) with chronic inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, why not?

Bananas with pancreatitis and cholecystitis by doctors, including gastroenterologists, are not prohibited. Pediatricians believe that these fruits can be eaten even by children. The pancreas irritates them insignificantly, however, it is necessary to limit reception of these fruits, both during the day, and during the week. It is recommended to eat bananas for breakfast. Restrictions, and rigid, concern the exacerbation cycles. At this time, you can not all, without exception, fruit. Thus, the question: "Can bananas be given in pancreatitis?", There is a definite positive answer. The pancreas of a child and an adult with this fruit will cope. Some general rules should be remembered:

  • fruits should be ground, passed through a sieve, chopped, chopped
  • to cook them better for a couple, in the oven
  • more than one( any) fruit a day should not be eaten.
  • it is necessary to know precisely the list of prohibited products and understand whythey are prohibited by
  • medications that will help ease the exacerbation of accidental use of prohibited products

Bananas can be eaten with chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis by decorating a small amount of cake. The diagnosis is put forever, therefore, to refuse from delicious dishes completely is unreal. It is only necessary to accurately calculate the possible damage to the body from each ingredient. The pancreas will normally cope with the cake made according to the recipe:

  • a dilute gelatin is mixed with yoghurt( half liter)
  • in the form lay out layers of biscuits, bananas( they take two for the whole cake), cookies, peaches( also a pair of fruits), pouring each layerthe above mixture
  • top is decorated with the remaining fruit
  • cake is placed in the refrigerator for half an hour - an hour

Pancreas banana is processed in the state, therefore, both juice and fresh fruit are allowed in any diets. You can mix them with other permitted fruits and berries, for example, strawberries. Decoctions and compotes can be drunk daily, the fruits are recommended to grind in any way before or after cooking. Juice contains carbohydrates, it satisfies hunger well without excessive banana strain of the pancreas. There are many recipes in which this fruit is present. Thus, patients receive another allowed fruit in addition to the available.

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