Respiratory arrhythmia in children and adults: ECG, phases, symptoms

Arrhythmias have different forms. They differ in the factors that trigger them and possible consequences. If a child has seen this phenomenon, most often, there is no cause for concern. In the case of prerequisites for arrhythmia, a person of a more mature age should be examined.

Features of the

Disease Heart irregularity associated with respiratory movements is called respiratory arrhythmia. Inhaling causes an increase in the frequency of pulsations, and on exhalation the work of the heart slows down. This phenomenon - the change in the number of pulsations depending on the flowing phase of the respiratory cycle is often found in people of young age.

  • In children and adolescents, this kind of arrhythmia is sometimes found only during a physical examination, because the phenomenon does not cause discomfort and runs unnoticed for a person. Often in adolescents and children there are episodes of sinus respiratory arrhythmia, detected on the ECG.
  • In adults, arrhythmia associated with bre
    athing may be a signal - a prerequisite for visiting a doctor to check health. It is not excluded that the arrhythmia is initiated by diseases that have not yet been diagnosed. For adults, respiratory arrhythmia is rare.
  • In the perinatal period there may be a violation of the rhythm of the heart, which refers to the form of respiratory arrhythmia. Then the child that will be born will have an arrhythmia of the heart of an innate character. There is an opinion that preterm infants are prone to respiratory arrhythmia.

The following video contains information about the features of the respiratory arrhythmia:


Species of the violation are encountered:

  • Congenital form - when a child fails for various reasons, which leads to the appearance of a respiratory arrhythmia in the fetus.
  • Acquired arrhythmia appears as a consequence of other illnesses or age-related loads.

You will find out about the symptoms and causes of the phases of respiratory arrhythmia further.

Causes of

respiratory arrhythmia Congenital forms of respiratory arrhythmia appear as a result of a failure in the formation of systems. The perinatal period in a person's life lays the foundation of his health. Therefore, prospective mothers should carefully follow the doctor's instructions and be under his supervision.

At a young age respiratory arrhythmia experts explain the age factor and do not refer to pathology. Over time, this phenomenon passes by itself.


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The opinion of doctors. .. & gt; & gt;

Violation of the rhythm in adults can cause such factors:

  • after nervous overload,
  • the use of certain drugs can cause a reaction of this kind,
  • during the recovery period after a serious illness, cardiac rhythm failures may appear;
  • as a consequence of tobacco smoking,
  • vegetovascular dystonia contributes to arrhythmia,
  • , the cause of arrhythmia can be a number of diseases:
    • circulatory problems,
    • disorders in the vertebral column,
    • rheumatic carditis,
    • disruptions in the endocrine system,
    • osteochondrosis,
    • neurosis.

Symptoms of

No significant symptoms are observed when the rhythm associated with breathing is disturbed. In most cases, patients generally do not notice this phenomenon.


In order to examine a patient, an expert hears complaints and complements his observations with research using instruments.

Two self-sufficient methods can provide comprehensive information to diagnose:

  • electrocardiography,
  • echocardiography.

These research methods can detect the presence of other diseases, if any.

Treatment of respiratory arrhythmia

Among other types of arrhythmias, this species is different in that at a young age it is considered normal and does not resort to treatment. Of course, this applies to cases where there is no hidden disease behind the arrhythmia.

In more mature age, arrhythmia still indicates that we need to find its cause. They treat a disease that initiates the failure of the rhythms of the heart. When the cause disappears - pathology, which causes arrhythmia, the latter immediately passes.

In the next video, an Israeli physician talks about how to cure cardiac arrhythmia:

Prevention of

The research on what factors trigger respiratory arrhythmia did not answer this question with a certain accuracy. It is known that heart health depends on the lifestyle of a person. Who wants to keep youth and vivacity up to deep selas follows simple rules.

It is necessary: ​​

  • to organize a night sleep, that it was full and in sufficient quantity;
  • outdoor exercise,
  • feasible physical activity,
  • positive attitude to the world,
  • diet, not overloading the heart, give up food:
    • fatty,
    • hot,
    • carbonated drinks,
    • very salty,
    • fried,
    • smoked,
    • stimulatingnervous system.

Try to consume:

  • food containing fiber, including fruits and vegetables;
  • enrich the diet with products that contain:
    • magnesium,
    • potassium,
    • calcium;
  • is useful to live according to the daily routine,
  • if the diagnosis revealed pathologies that triggered respiratory arrhythmia, it is important to treat them on time and to the end.

Through the control of one body system, the effect is obtained when the normalization of the other( cardiac) occurs.

About gymnastics during respiratory arrhythmia, the expert will explain in more detail the specialist in the following video:

Complications of

Heart rhythm disturbances in early and adolescence tend to pass with time and are not fraught with consequences. Nevertheless, it is better to check the nature of the arrhythmia and what causes it.

At a more adult age, depending on the depth of the problems that can lie behind the disorder, there are some consequences, but they are not associated with arrhythmia. The phenomenon of respiratory arrhythmia does not in itself carry any harmful changes in the body.


Rhythm sinus, respiratory arrhythmia. Respiratory arrhythmia is not dangerous to human health. At an early age, specialists generally do not consider this phenomenon to be a disease. When the adolescent ends with age-related phenomena, arrhythmia also disappears.

At a more mature age, respiratory arrhythmia is also not treated. However, they investigate the causes that caused the failure of the rhythm. The prognosis depends on these possible diseases. It is important how serious they are and whether they are amenable to treatment.

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