Thistle oil: application for the liver

Milk thistle is a plant that many people know as a weed. However, this prickly plant has a useful composition and its properties are widely used for medical purposes. Effectively it is for the liver and pancreas. The pharmaceutical industry produces the milk thistle oil, an application for the liver, which we will consider today.

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Use for liver from oil of milk thistle

WhatThe same benefit for the liver of this remedy? Milk thistle can stimulate the production of such an important substance as glutathione, and regulate its level. The latter is a block of amino acids that help in the removal of free radicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body. This substance is effectively assigned for chemical, radiation poisoning.

Silymarin, which is part of the drug, can increase the production of bile, and also increase its outflow. In addition, this substance detoxifies toxins.

Chlorophyll stimulates the growth and regeneration of cells, thereby rejuvenating the liver. In addition, oil is effectively used in cases of alcohol dependence. The drug helps to restore the cells affected by alcohol and is able to stop the disease. In some cases, the milk thistle is effective for hepatitis B and C.

So, the medicine on the liver has the following effects:

  1. Relieves tenderness, colic, detoxifies.
  2. Stimulates the protective properties of the body.
  3. Eliminates inflammation.
  4. Promotes regeneration of the cells of the organ.
  5. Stimulates the synthesis of enzymes, resulting in improved membrane performance.

Important! The thistle oil normalizes the functionality of the liver, and also prevents its destruction.

There is an opinion that this medication reduces the risk of oncological pathologies.

How to take to treat

The medication is available in liquid form and in the form of capsules. Consider how to drink milk thistle oil in each of the forms in liver diseases?

Method of application of the liquid form

The drug in liquid form can be used as a medicine or as an additive in the preparation of dishes. Recommended single dose: a teaspoonful. Take should be with eating 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment up to 2 months. After such therapy, you need to do a small break for 2-4 weeks. After a break, if necessary, treatment can be repeated.

Instructions for use in capsules

Drug capsules are much more convenient to use. Capsules contain the same medicinal composition. The gelatinous membrane dissolves and is digested completely in the intestine. The course of treatment with capsules is 1-1.5 months. Recommended single dose - 4 pcs.take with food three times a day. If necessary, the course of therapy can be repeated after a short break.

Cleaning the liver with oil

In order to restore functionality, in order to prevent liver disease, it is recommended to clean the organ with this medication. Consider the most common recipes.

Recipe No. 1

Grind 50-100 g of plant seeds and mix the resulting powder with 70 g of milk thistle. The mixture should be stored in the refrigerator. Eat 1 teaspoon after eating three times a day.

Warning! Intestinal cleansing, severe sweating and weight loss may be observed.

Recipe # 2

Grind in a coffee grinder 100 g of seed, 5-10 g of burdock root and the same amount of dill. The resulting powder pour 70 g of oil. The product is stored in the refrigerator. Use after meals 3 times a day for 1 tsp.

Important! The duration of treatment is individually determined by the doctor.

The liver is an organ that performs very important functions in the human body. Therefore, he needs support. Baking cleansing is an effective method, helping to restore the functionality of the body.

The medicinal composition of the drug

The value of the product is determined by the vitamins that make up its composition. B vitamins, vitamins D, E, and also K are present. In addition, the medicine contains useful micro- and macro elements: manganese, aluminum, copper, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc, selenium, chromium and boron, phosphorus, etc.

The main active ingredients are flavonolignanes and flavonoids. Neohydrocarpin, silibin, silidianin, and also silicystrin are quite important substances for the body. In addition to the above components, the medicament contains biogenic amines( tyramine and histamine), chlorophyll, as well as silymarin and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The price of the medicine depends primarily on the producers.

Oil properties - what else heals

This medication is characterized by the following properties:

  • choleretic;
  • anti-sclerotic;
  • is bactericidal;
  • is hepatoprotective.

Medicine widely uses this drug to remove toxins after alcohol intoxication, poisoning. In addition, this drug is effectively appointed in case of liver pathologies. Thistle oil is also prescribed for the treatment of enterocolitis and cholecystitis, prostatitis and hemorrhoids, stomatitis and peptic ulcer, cirrhosis and other pathologies.

Attention! The healing properties of the milk thistle are preserved, since the product is produced by a cold-pressing method.

The drug has the following effect:

  • normalizes blood pressure, promotes the synthesis of insulin;
  • regulates the amount of sugar in the blood;
  • removes inflammation of the liver, speeds up the process of bile secretion;
  • controls hormonal balance;
  • normalizes the functionality of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and sexual systems;
  • treats gastritis, ulcers and constipation, helps to eliminate toxins;
  • affects blood clotting;
  • strengthens the immune system, activates the activity of the brain;
  • cleanses the skin of rashes, as well as inflammation.

The medication protects the skin from early aging.

Important! Milk thistle oil for external use does not harm the body.

This substance is applied to the skin with ulcers and burns, bedsores and eczema. The medicinal property of the medication has found its purpose in gynecology. It can be used for urethritis, as well as prostate adenoma.

This therapeutic drug, with prolonged use, effectively acts on the internal organs and does not provoke cancer.

Harm of a milk thistle oil

Despite its useful properties, the medicament also has some contraindications. The drug is not prescribed in the following cases:

  • for mental disorders;
  • for allergies or personal intolerance to any of the constituent components;
  • for exacerbations of heart diseases;
  • for pancreatitis and pathologies of biliary tract;
  • in the case where there are any diseases of the digestive organs.

With care, prescribe oil during pregnancy, lactation.

Important! It is forbidden to take medication for children under 3 years.

Oil from milk thistle is a unique remedy for the liver. It is used to treat many diseases of the body, for its purification, and also for the prevention. It is not recommended to use the medication without consulting a doctor, as it has some contraindications.

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