Losterin: indications, instructions for use, contraindications, analogues, reviews

Among all the many drugs that eliminate skin irritations of a different nature, it is necessary to separately consider the preparation of the latest generation of Losterin: its balanced composition, ease of use and high degree of effectiveness have provided him with popularity after a short time from the moment of application. And a large number of positive reviews allows us to refer Losterin to nonhormonal drugs, which are successfully used in the treatment of even almost incurable lesions of the skin, such as psoriasis, eczema and lichen.

The main advantage of this drug, designed to eliminate the most obvious manifestations of skin diseases, is the absence of hormones in its composition. This ensures the absence of negative influence of Losterin on human health due to the lack of the addictive effect, which is characteristic for hormonal agents, as well as adversely affecting the healthy skin areas that the cream may fall into. This article will answer questions about such nuances as instruction on t

he application of Lotherin cream( ointment), its price, analogues and reviews about it.

Features of the drug

With the help of Losterin in a short time, you can achieve significant improvement in a variety of manifestations of skin diseases. A significant reduction in the characteristic symptoms, elimination of the root cause of the disease and long-term preservation of the result is the main advantages of the drug.

Without regard to the group of hormonal agents with pronounced regenerating properties, Losterin can be used both in monotherapy and in complex treatment. Strengthening the properties of the drug in the presence of other drugs makes it possible to obtain the desired result in the treatment. Even neglected conditions of skin lesions are amenable to improvement of the condition when exposed with Loterin.

Due to the availability of two forms of this product( cream and shampoo) on sale, the effectiveness of the effect is significantly increased: the symptoms of diseases both on the surface of the body and on the scalp are eliminated. After all, skin lesions manifest themselves as peeling, itching and burning of the skin in the head area. Joint use of these two dosage forms allows to achieve the best result due to more complete coverage of affected areas and elimination of the main symptoms of skin diseases.

Composition of Lasterin

The balance of the formulation of the drug determines its high efficiency;the multicomponent Losterin guarantees the possibility of influencing the symptoms of the disease, as well as eliminating the root cause of the disease.

The composition of the preparation, which is presented as a cream for external use, includes the following components:

  • desmaked naphthalene;
  • propylene glycol;
  • glyceryl;
  • extract of Sophora;
  • almond oil;
  • urea;
  • is stearyl alcohol.

The cream is in an aluminum tube and in a cardboard box, inside of which is an instruction with a detailed description of the method of using the drug. The volume of the tube is 75 ml.

Losterin shampoo has the following composition:

  • naphthalan;
  • natural purified oils( linseed, burdock, sunflower and almond oil);
  • extract of burdock root.

Shampoo is soft and does not spoil the hair, nourishing and moisturizing the skin on the head, which stimulates the process of hair growth. Therefore, along with the provision of therapeutic effects when using shampoo, there is a positive result in the condition of the hair.

Medicinal forms

  • The drug Losterin is on sale in the form of a cream , which is applied to the areas of the affected skin. Rubbing to start exposure is not required. It is enough to apply a small layer of cream, and begins its active absorption in the upper layer of the skin. The pronounced effect of the active components of the remedy begins already in 2-9 weeks after the start of the use of Loterin cream. The cost of Loterin cream is low, which ensures a high level of its purchase: the price of tuba ranges from 95 to 125 rubles.
  • The second medicinal form of the drug is shampoo, which also actively affects the affected areas, eliminating the peeling and feeling of tightness of the skin, its itching and burning. Due to the absence of aggressive components of the shampoo, Losterin hair wraps a lot of strength, faster growth is noted, and the symptoms of the underlying disease are eliminated.

Pharmacological action of

The non-hormonal preparation of the drug under consideration allows its use in the treatment of many skin lesions without side effects, as well as in combination with hormonal ointments and creams for external use. The action of the active substance begins immediately after the application of the cream on the surface of the affected skin.

The pharmacological effect of Loterin cream should be considered fast absorption and high efficiency. This is due to an elaborate composition with a high content of natural components.

Shampoo Losterin has an excellent effect on the scalp: relieves the symptoms of skin lesions, eliminates the itching of the skin.


Removing the dryness of the skin and its excessive peeling, the drug in any form treats it, eliminating the symptoms of skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis. Absorption of active ingredients in the skin gives a quick result: puffiness is removed, the dryness of the skin is reduced, the tissues acquire the necessary density and smoothness.


Natural oils, which are part of both dosage forms of the preparation, have a structure that is as close as possible to the structure of the skin, which allows to obtain a quick result due to the rapid absorption of the product. At the same time, the absence of negative effects on healthy areas of the skin ensures the possibility of using the drug without the risk of damage.

Derivation of degradation products is carried out with the help of kidneys that do not experience increased stress due to the small amount of by-products in the preparation.


The use of Losterin is indicated in various skin lesions, accompanied by the appearance of symptoms characteristic of such diseases: burning and itching of the skin, the appearance of excessive dryness, the appearance of small rashes, characteristic of eczema, and dry scales of the skin.

Indications for the use of losterol are as follows:

  • psoriasis;
  • dermatitis( atopic)
  • ichthyosis,
  • red and flat lichen;
  • eczema of various nature;
  • violation of the natural moisture of the skin, its excessive dryness.

Losterin shampoo perfectly copes with the manifestations of the following skin diseases:

  • head skin seborrhea;
  • excessive sebum secretion with dry hair;
  • hair deterioration - loss, dryness, fragility;
  • dandruff;
  • psoriasis;
  • furunculosis.

With high efficiency, the drug is suitable for the treatment of advanced skin lesions, eliminating symptoms, facilitating the patient's condition and prolonging the periods of remission.

Instruction for use

This substance can be used both separately and in a complex effect - so its effectiveness is even increased due to the properties of the products that are used together with Losterin.

  • The use of the drug is simple: cream should be applied several times a day on the damaged skin surface, trying to avoid getting the substance on the areas of healthy skin. To rub a cream it is not necessary, there will be enough its independent absorption. Also, not necessarily the application of a fixative bandage - the drug is quickly absorbed, leaving no oily traces on the skin.
  • Shampoo Losterin is applied to the scalp in the presence of diseases associated with the appearance of dry skin, dandruff, burning and itching. Shampoo is used as an ordinary means for washing your head, not more often 2-3 times a week.


  • In the presence of frequently emerging boils, inflammations on the skin, worsening of the kidneys and liver, the use of Losterin in any dosage form is not recommended.
  • Also, do not use it with increased sensitivity to any component of the product.

Side effects of

To side effects, which are manifested when using Losterin, include the aggravation of symptoms of skin diseases, the appearance of swelling of the skin and rashes on it, as well as redness, the appearance of hypersensitivity to mechanical stress.

Special instructions for

  • During the pregnancy of , as well as during the feeding of the newborn, the drug Losterin is not recommended: at this time the woman's body is particularly sensitive to any external influences, therefore, the treatment of the listed diseases should be carried out solely under the supervision of the doctor.
  • Early childhood also requires increased attention during the application of both cream and shampoo Losterin.

Interaction with other drugs

When combined with drugs that have a similar effect, the effectiveness of Losterol increases significantly. Therefore, to get the positive action as soon as possible, it is necessary to resort to complex treatment.

Below are reviews about Losterin for psoriasis and other ailments.


In the opinion of many patients suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, Losterin in both dosage forms perfectly copes with the main symptomatology of most of these diseases. The rapid absorption of cream into the skin, ease of use of shampoo and the possibility of their joint use provides the greatest effectiveness in the treatment of skin lesions.

The availability of cost allows purchasing this drug for almost every customer, and the availability of detailed instructions for use provides the possibility of drawing up the best treatment regimen.

For analogues of Losterin, which are cheaper or more expensive in Russia, we will tell below.


Drugs that have a similar therapeutic effect should be considered Lokoid, Elokom, Nizoral shampoo. All of them largely reduce the symptoms of most skin lesions, eliminating dry skin, itching, the appearance of dry scales.

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