What are the consequences of extensive brain stroke and recovery predictions?

1 What happens with

? A stroke can affect one of the hemispheres, which will lead to some consequences.

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Damage to the right hemisphere:

  • memory is broken, while voice functions can be stored;
  • is paralyzed on the left side of the body or face;
  • the patient is depressed.

Features of left hemisphere lesion:

  • speech functions are violated;
  • is paralyzed on the right side of the body or face;
  • characteristic disorders in the psyche;
  • violation in thinking.

Sometimes the disease affects only certain areas of the hemisphere, and only some of the signs are observed. For example, if Broca's center is affected, then the patient can speak without any problems, but making long sentences is difficult.

2 The chances of recovering

Making a forecast, always always take into account the area of ​​the defeat. In the case of an extensive stroke, the predictions will be disappointing, since a significant area of ​​the brain is affected. Also taken into account the general condition of the body, the presence of any disease. Statistics are as follows:

  • in 25% of cases, this disease ends in a lethal outcome, the patient dies in 3-4 weeks;
  • in 60% of extensive ischemic stroke results in disability;
  • in 40% of cases the patient completely gets rid of any signs, with the restoration can take more than a year, and the improvement of the condition appears only after 6 months;
  • 70% of stroke survivors survive to the second year, 30% live more than 5 years.

It is worth noting that if you resent a repeated attack of an extensive stroke, there is no chance of saving life. Survival after a recurrence of a local stroke is 30%.

There is such a variety of this disease, as iscular ischemic stroke. This form is most dangerous, as the blockage occurs inside the bundle of nerves. There are practically no chances to survive with this form. After an attack, such signs as a violation of the work of all senses, the heart, one of the forms of paralysis are observed.

3 Comedy offensive

In case of coma, the prognosis will be disappointing, since the opportunity to completely restore the body appears only in rare cases. In this case the brain gets irreversible damage. A coma may occur instantly, but in 25% of cases this condition occurs because of untimely or incorrect first aid during an attack.

Statistics show that after 4 months of stay in a coma, the chances of a partially restored function fall by 15%.

If the patient is in a coma, he needs constant care. Since the brain loses its ability not only to think, but to control such vital functions as breathing and palpitations.

If the patient's age is more than 65 years, there was a second attack, there are no reactions, then the ability to survive after the onset of unconsciousness is practically absent.

4 Consequences of the disease

If the clogging of the vessels could be eliminated and the person did not fall into a coma, the disease can result in such consequences:

  • weakness, loss of orientation in space:
  • paralysis of one of the sides of the body, in some cases there is a possibility of complete paralysis;
  • problems with speech function, especially if the patient underwent left-sided ischemic stroke;
  • problems with thinking, namely with the perception of information and the presentation of thoughts;
  • local amnesia;
  • loss of concentration;
  • improper work of the senses.

If the patient has undergone a major stroke, the consequences in individual situations will not be completely eliminated.

5 Rehabilitation after a disease

After the patient has had a stroke, the most important stage begins - recovery. At this stage, it is necessary to provide the patient with better conditions, in order for the brain to recover as soon as possible. Close it is necessary to gain endurance, since the stroke leads a person into the vegetative state for a long time, and the recovery period is very difficult to predict, and in some cases impossible.


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If the patient is in a coma, then it is necessary that specialists provide the necessary medical treatment, that is, doctors must administer drugs that make blood more fluid. It is necessary to maintain the functions of the respiratory system and heart. The room in which the patient is located must be sterile.

It is necessary to regularly hold gymnastics and turn a person every 3 hours, in order to avoid the occurrence of pressure sores. If the patient begins to experience any painful sensations, the painkiller should be taken only with the permission of the attending physician.

Rehabilitation of the body can take a lot of time, but can not be less than 3 months, as a rule, a person recovers within one year. To achieve the best effect, you need to regularly hold physiotherapy, do gymnastics, in order to strengthen the results of physiotherapy. It is necessary to observe proper nutrition. At the initial stage, the patient should be given only liquid food and only gradually add other foods to the diet. If a person has had a stroke, then any food containing a large amount of cholesterol, for example eggs, mayonnaise, is contraindicated. It is necessary to limit the consumption of sweet and savory products. Undoubtedly, a person who has suffered a stroke should give up all bad habits.

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If the patient's condition allows, then it can be sent to a sanatorium treatment, where the person will be surrounded by specialists. This will help the fastest recovery. It is necessary to monitor the patient's condition, you can create a kind of medical map, where to enter all the indicators.

Immediately after the attack, of course, the patient should lie in bed, but at this stage, too long to stay is not necessary. Since the longer the muscles will be without exercise, the more difficult it is to restore the physical form. Because after some time, depending on the condition, usually from one to three months, the patient should try to independently move.

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