How quickly to sober up after a feast and in the morning after vodka or beer at home

Everybody knows about the influence of alcohol on organic structures, but still it is supposed to use alcohol at weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. This is not surprising, because alcoholic beverages can liberate and emotionally bring together the interlocutors. If alcohol is taken in small amounts, then it raises the emotional background, improves mood, relieves stress. Sometimes the circumstances are such that they need to sober up very urgently. Various methods of sobering will be presented below.

How quickly to sober up

Alcohol, penetrating into the human body, goes through two phases: resorption and elimination. In the process of resorption, alcohol concentration in the blood increases significantly, and when the elimination phase comes, the alcohol level drops. The speed of the onset of intoxication depends on the type of alcohol, its quantity and other factors.

If a person has a gastric ulcer, gastritis, enterocolitis and other factors that increase gastric permeability, contribute to a faster onset of intoxication.

The narcotic effect of alcohol leads to dulling of pain sensitivity, but at the same time, alcohol can provoke a state of deep coma. Therefore, do not try to cope with the pain with the help of alcoholic beverages.

From the point of view of medicine, intoxication is a kind of narcotic intoxication, the result of the influence of alcohol on the nervous system functions. Therefore, for urgent sobering it is necessary to take measures to minimize the impact of alcohol on the cerebral structures. In fact, sobering is considered to reduce the narcotic effect of alcohol with the subsequent removal of the latter from the tissues of the body.

The phases of alcohol intoxication

For a short period of time

There are some ways to achieve sobering after vodka or beer for a short period of time, and at the same time get rid of the fume. To bring a drunk person into a normal state for at least half an hour, you need to raise the tone of the nervous system structures.

For this you can use such methods:


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  1. Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth;
  2. Massage your ears or feet;
  3. Pouring cold water, cold shower;
  4. Wash with icy water, wipe the face with snow;
  5. Vomiting can be induced to clear the stomach of ethanol;
  6. You can drink a little sweet and hot strong tea or coffee, but before that you need to clear the stomach, because such drinks can enhance absorption of gastric mucosa.

More sobering occurs when a person consumes quickly absorbed and low-alcohol drinks. When using strong alcohol drinks for sobering it will take more time.

Intoxication develops as a result of the influence of alcohol on the brain, but brain activity plays an important role in this process. Therefore, cope with intoxication and further depression of consciousness can be through the intense work of the brain. Accordingly, another quick way to sober up is to start talking with a person on complex topics, ask him to solve an arithmetic task, a puzzle on logic or ingenuity.

For a long time

If there was a need to be sober not for half an hour, but for a long time in the morning, then it is necessary to resort to more serious measures. To quickly sober up after alcohol at home you need to cleanse the intestines more quickly. To do this, you can enter into the rectum three-fold enema in the form of 2 liters.water. Then it is recommended to wash the stomach, taking a minimum of 700 ml of water. Total for washing should be drunk at least 5 liters.liquid.

In addition, to speed up the withdrawal of liquor will help tools such as:

Diuretic and diuretics. From drugs drugs like Veroshpirona, but it is better to resort to folk techniques. To achieve a diuretic effect, you can drink a large amount of mineral water. Diuretic action has green tea, oats, watermelon, strawberry or strawberry, zucchini;
  • Bath. This method is suitable only for those people who have no problems with cardiac activity and do not suffer from hypertension;
  • Ethanol metabolites are more likely to be excreted from the body with increased oxygen consumption, which can be achieved by providing drunken access to fresh air;
  • If a person has a good physical training, then you can perform several intensive exercises that will cause intense sweating and double the pulse;
  • When the stomach is already washed, it is recommended to take ascorbic acid, and a little later, a solution of vitamin B₁( thiamine chloride - injection solution).Ideally, it is better to dissolve the drug in a 20% solution of glucose.
  • When the situation, which requires urgent sobering after the vodka, has passed, a person is recommended to rest. It is best to sleep at least 3-6 hours. If plans for the continuation of the feast are planned, then you need to wait until at least a day and only then you can use alcohol, otherwise you can provoke the strongest alcohol intoxication.
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    Features of sobering of men and women

    From the stomach into the bloodstream absorbed only a fifth of the alcohol consumed, but the remaining 80% penetrate into the blood from the intestinal tissues. In this case, alcoholic drinks affect the female and male body in different ways. For example, men develop psychoemotional disorders first, and then motor skills suffer, and in women, intoxication develops according to the reverse scenario.

    As for sobering, in men it usually comes much faster. Therefore, when trying to sober a woman will have to put much more effort, rather than achieve a similar result for a man.

    Harmful tips

    On the Internet, advice on what to do quickly sober up is common, but not all of them are useful and effective, and some may even threaten a person's health. For example, the reception of a very weak aqueous solution of ammonia inward. This method has no theoretical explanation. In addition, doctors can not confirm the presence or absence of a sobering effect from the use of such a solution.

    One thing is clear that even if an absolutely healthy person can not harm such a weak concentration of ammonia, then a patient with problems of the gastrointestinal tract can get ammonia taken inwards. Therefore, this method of sobering requires verification and is not recommended for carrying out in domestic conditions.

    How to sober up in the morning

    In order to not wake up with a heavy head and a complex of hangover symptoms in the morning after a feast, it is recommended to take the appropriate measures:

    • After coming home from the event, clean the stomach of the alcohol residues. You can do this by washing. To do this, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible, and then artificially induce vomiting;
    • After washing the stomach, it is recommended to take charcoal( 10 kg of weight - 1 tablet).In addition, to prevent a hangover, it is recommended to take coal every hour during a feast( 2 tablets);
    • Have a good snack during the celebration and do not start drinking alcohol on an empty stomach;
    • After awakening, the reception of the coal is worth repeating;
    • It is recommended to have breakfast, drink green tea with lemon, and, in general, after drinking, you need to drink plenty of liquid, for example, non-carbonated mineral water or tea.

    If you do and follow these preventive measures, then the next morning you will be able to avoid a hangover. You can lead a habitual way of life, and in some cases even drive.

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