Drops from intestinal dysbiosis

The natural physiological state of the intestinal microflora can be disturbed by unfavorable external factors, for example, due to antibiotic treatment, irradiation, surgery in the gastrointestinal tract, improper or unusual diet and other conditions. Drops with dysbacteriosis are not always prescribed, however, for those who have encountered such drugs, it is worth knowing about some of their features.

Drops with dysbacteriosis help to regulate the balance in the microflora and normalize its composition. Due to the fact that the products contain the products of the exchange of the normal state of the microflora, they can contribute to the recovery process in the intestinal cavity by a biological way, so that the physiological and biological functionality of the mucosa is preserved.

Drops also have the property of restoring normal acidity in the organs of the digestive tract, regardless of what acid indicator is increased or decreased.

Due to the acceleration of the normal state of symbionts under the influence of droplets, it is possible to normalize the natural vitamin synthesis, as well as to ensure the recovery processes of the damaged intestinal microflora, if the dysbacteriosis was caused by infection.

These kinds of drugs for adults are prescribed for 40-60 drops several times a day. Children are recommended to take up to 20-40 drops several times a day. Breasts are prescribed a course of treatment with dysbiosis for 15-30 drops several times a day. If the condition improves, the initial daily dosage is reduced by half.

The drug should be consumed inside before or during meals, diluting in sufficient amounts of water.

Drops with intestinal dysbacteriosis usually do not cause side effects, however, some patients experienced constipation or diarrhea, a rash on the skin, itching or urticaria. Such drugs are well tolerated by people of different age categories.

Drug use in dysbacteriosis is contraindicated if there is an increased sensitivity to the constituents of the drug.

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