The best and effective remedies for pinworms( enterobiosis) for adults and children, the strongest, disinfection and disinfection

One of the most common helminthiases is enterobiosis. In most cases, children aged 2 to 10 years become patients. This is due to the games on the sand, with pets. At the same time, the kids forget to wash their hands before they sit down at the table.

As soon as the first signs of helminthiosis show up, you should seek help from a specialist who will diagnose and tell you what the best tool for pinworms can help in this or that situation.

It should be known that such a parasite as a pinworm does not tolerate sunlight. It is for this reason, the disease is much less common in regions with hot climatic conditions.

Selection of

pinworms Once the diagnosis has confirmed a helminthic invasion, the doctor prescribes to the patient a good effective remedy for pinworms. Medications are selected individually, as some people may have intolerance of certain elements. Also, the choice of medication may depend on the number of helminths in the body.

How to choose the most effective remedy for pinworms? At the moment, a huge assortment of drugs can be found at pharmacies, but doctors prefer to choose from the following list of medicines:

  • Decaris. Due to its structure, the drug is able to paralyze the nervous system of an adult worm. After this, the parasite will be removed naturally from the body within the next 24 hours. This drug from pinworms in adults with an overdose can cause the appearance of vomiting, abdominal cramps, headache, convulsions and dizziness;
  • Pirantele. This remedy for pinworm can be used to treat children. The only thing that is recommended to remember is that it is better to give the drug under the supervision of doctors until 6 months. The advantage of the drug is that it acts on the worm at any phase of its development. In case of an overdose, the patient experiences nausea, vomiting, defecation, fever, insomnia and hallucinations;
  • Wormil. This powerful remedy for pinworms refers to broad-spectrum drugs that can affect 14 species of helminths. If you do not follow the instructions, the patient may experience an overdose. In this case, hallucinations appear, the skin becomes orange, and speech disorder is also observed. To normalize the patient's health, it is recommended to do a gastric lavage;
  • Zentel. The drug is able to disrupt the transport of glucose into the body of the worm, resulting in the death of the helminth. This agent from pinworms is available in the form of tablets and suspensions. The advantage of the drug is that it can be prescribed not only to adults, but also to babies. Taking medicine for worms, you should remember about a possible overdose;
  • Mebendazole. A similar remedy for pinworms can cause side effects in children, if not follow the instructions. Medication is also contraindicated in pregnant women. Due to its composition, at the same time as taking the medication it is not necessary to use laxatives. Mebendazole is one of the most effective means of pinworms in adults.

If helminthiasis occurs in toddlers, it is recommended to visit a pediatrician, since an independent choice of medications can lead to complications.

Means for pinworms in children

Parents should be aware that treating children is practically the same as treating adults. The difficulty lies only in the choice of medicines. It is best if an effective remedy for pinworms in children is chosen so that the baby's body quickly cleanses. Many doctors prefer to appoint a child Pirantel.

For the treatment to be faster, many parents prefer to combine traditional medicine with folk recipes. After adult worms are eliminated, treatment should be repeated after 2 weeks. During this period, larvae will appear from the eggs. If you do not get rid of them, there will be a second infection with helminthiasis. Even a good remedy for pinworms will not save the child from illness at a time.

It is recommended not to let the sick child into the kindergarten, and also to warn about the illness of the tutor. One of the parents will have to be near the baby, despite the fact that the disease is not serious. It should be remembered that with enterobiosis, doctors do not open a hospital sheet, which will negatively affect work.

Regardless of which agent has been prescribed for enterobiasis by a specialist, even if it is the best, it is recommended to perform the treatment of the room in order to liquidate the larvae trapped in the external environment. In this case, it is possible to prevent the infection of other family members.

Disinfection agents for enterobiasis

Treatment can be ineffective if the room in which the patients are ill is not treated. This is particularly true for pre-school institutions. You should buy disinfectants used for enterobiosis. After that it is recommended to make the surface treatment of furniture and air.

In order to make the treatment it is necessary to spray the room and then wipe it with disinfection-disinfection agents recommended for helminthiasis. Once the hard surfaces are finished, you need to go to soft furniture. For its processing, you can use a vacuum cleaner. The processed furniture should be transferred to the storeroom for 2-3 days.

Do not forget about linen and clothes. These things are recommended to boil in 2% aqueous solution of soda ash for 2 minutes. You can also use 2% soap and soda solution, as this is the best tool for fighting pinworms.

Kids constantly play with toys, so they can also have eggs of parasites. They are recommended to be treated with a hot 2% soap-soda solution. The temperature of the solution should not be below 80 degrees. This effective remedy against pinworms will quickly eliminate the eggs of the parasite from the toys.

Do not forget about the feces, because they can contain not only the adult specimens of the parasite, but also its eggs. After the baby empties the intestine, it is recommended to carry out disinfection with special preparations.

One should be careful when choosing the strongest tool from pinworms. Some substances can affect the body of even an adult, so before using them, you should read the instructions.

Means for the prevention of pinworms

No matter how effective the products from pinworms for adults, it is better not to allow infection with enterobiasis. To do this, it is sufficient to follow simple rules:

  • It is necessary to remember the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Vegetables and fruits should be consumed only after treatment with hot water;
  • Fish and meat should be thoroughly cooked;
  • Wet cleaning in the room, should be held at least once a week.

Compliance with these simple rules will reduce the likelihood of the appearance of pinworm in the body. Some doctors advise as prophylactic purposes, once every six months to take adults the most effective remedy for pinworms. Thus, even the emerging parasites will be eliminated.

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